The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 21 - The Unsettled Scores (Pt. 1)

Augusta’s POV

“Hey yo! We also need lunch like y’all!” Theodorie hit the bit of the car seat she is sitting on, complaining about the traffic. “It doesn’t seems to be bad traffic Theodorie!” Philly says to her that we all see carefully, only to realise it isn’t bad traffic but a group of men dressing in white jumping out of the cars, surrounding us all.

“Oh my this colour is hurting my eyes!” Henria and I rubbed our eyes cause the many white shirts are unfortunately causing our eyes to get hurt combining with the heat and light from the sun.

Before we could begin asking any questions or what, Margie opened the door and guns are raised at her as she closed the door with the rest of us in it.

“What place are we living in?! Guns and guns and guns!” Henria comments softly scratching her head while Philly locks the car door with Auggie and I are thinking of how to get ourselves and Margie out of the situation.

Marguerite’s POV

I walked out of the car to a bunch of men in white jumping out and pointing their cars at me. As soon as my eyes recognised the white begonia on the cars, I already know who is the one that send all these minions.

“Deja de esconderte por dios! Enrique! (Stop hiding for god’s sake! Henri!)”

And like what I expected, Henri came out of the cars laughing like a Joker or even worse. “Tu risa es peora que Joker hermano mía! (Your laughter is worse than Joker my brother!)” I folded my arms saying to him. “A no mí interesa de mí risa, hermana mio! (I’m not interested in my laughter, my sister!)” He says back to me. “Qué tu quieres? (What do you want?)” I then asked tapping my foot and looking at my watch.

“Qué es lo que quiero? Es fácil para mí hablar de por qué te quiero muerto! (What do I want? It’s easy for me to talk about why I want you dead!)” He says. “Pero tú es mi hermana, por qué yo quiero mi hermana muerto? (But you’re my sister, why do I want my sister dead?)” He continues sighing. “Tú eres un payasa Enrique! (You’re a clown Henri!)” I scoffed at his crap.

“Lo siento mucho pero TÚ ERES! (I’m very sorry but YOU ARE!)” I shouted back at him as my voice raises by the minute that gets him jumping and pointing his gun at my head. “What a failure you are...” I think to myself laughing at his face.

“Qué tiene de divertido?! (What is so funny?!)” He asks in a loud manner getting more provoked. “Tú estupidez es graciosas! (Your stupidity is funny!)” I laughed in a rude manner saying. “Tú ganas pero la proximo vez, la victoria esta conmigo! (You win but next time, victory is with me!)” He puts down his gun giving up before gathering himself and his men leaving us alone.

I unlocked the car and get back in. “Is he really your brother?” Theodorie asked me as I started up the car again as soon as those begonia cars drove themselves away. “I wish he wasn’t my brother.” I said driving the car back to our place.

After we got back, I see the girls enjoying themselves as I drank my cup of tea. Suddenly a concussion hit me and everything went black.

When I woke up the next time, I find myself on the bed with a cold cloth on my forehead. “What happened?” I think to myself until my vision was much more clearer to find the rest looking at me worried. “What happened?” I think to myself rubbing my eyes trying to understand something.

“You fainted and hit your head on the table again.” Theodorie tells me worried until I realise it was one of those concussions I had again from the accident. “You seems really irritated by the presence of that brother of yours.” Philly says and I can tell right away that she has read my mind.

“You are right and it’s best I tell you about the relationship Enrique and I have.” I said to them all taking a deep breath to reveal my childhood days.


It was that fateful day my father discovered what happened to my mother through the evil hand of Henri’s mother, Anne to cover up her dirty secret of having an extramarital affair.

“Tú mujer vergonzosa! Cómo teis atreves a enviar a Magdalena a un pabellón psiquiátrico para encubrir tus malditas mentiras! HUH?! (You disgraceful woman! How dare you send Madeleine to a mental ward to cover up your damn lies! HUH?!)”

My father angrily threw the chair at Anne. “Mi señor, la situación no es así esta! (My lord, the situation is not like this!)” Anne tries to explain herself but my father isn’t having it. “Yo prefiero casarme con uno loca mujér que contigo! (I’ll rather marry a crazy woman than you!)” He went to her, telling her menacingly as he pulls her hair up.

“LARGA DE AQUÍ! (GET OUT OF HERE!)” He shouts pulling her hair out of the door and pushes her to the floor roughly as Henri was back from school that day. “Padre...que paso? (Father...What happened?)” He asked my father looking confused by the situation.

“Tu sacarán a ti y a tu perverso madre de aquí! Ustedes dos ya no son parte de esto familia! (You’ll get you and your wicked mother out of here! You two are no longer part of this family!)” He points his finger at Henri angrily as Henri helps Anne up. “LARGA DE AQUÍ! (GET OUT OF HERE!)” He shouts again angrily taking a stick and chases Henri and Anne out of the house like the keeper beating the dog to chase the herd of sheep back into their place.


"It's not your fault and you know it Margie!" Henria tells me. "You know what he is like so you just need to be better than him." She tells me. I can't help nodding my head to whatever I have told as I lay back down to get some more sleep.

Of course I will be much better than you...Henri Delano...

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