The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 22 - The Unsettled Scores (Pt. 2)

Theodora's POV

"Feeling better Margie?"

I asked Margie when she comes out for dinner. "Much better. Thanks." Margie says to me smiling which is a little unusual for me. "What's wrong?" She asks me. "Nothing." I shyly shook my head.

Hey don't find me weird but I rarely and I really mean it! RARELY SEEN MARGIE SMILE at times like this. It is so abnormal for me...

"You woman look like you have officially lost your mind some days." I said to Margie as she eats the dinner. "I mean I can't stay sane all the time yeah?" She says to me eating her food like she hasn't eaten for days. "Is Margie really alright?" I think to myself seeing how she is behaving.


Henria anxiously dragging Philly back from their walk, as she closes the door after pulling Philly in who looked as confused as we all do. "What happened Henria? What's the matter?" Auggie asks her rubbing her eyes. "I have some-AHHHHHHHH!" She was about to say something when she loses her balance and almost fell in which Margie was quick to catch on her.

"Relax girl!" Margie says as she helps Henria to the dining chair. "So what exactly happened?" I then asked Philly. "Nothing much really except some letters with our name on." Philly says whilst passing some letters from her back pocket to us while Henria passed the other half. To my utmost shock, all the letters are with our name "Dames de Justice" on it.

"A few of them looked real hella thick. Money?" Auggie points out shaking some of the letters that looked bigger than the rest. "It is most likely money." I said as Auggie's phone soon rang and she excuses herself to pick up a sudden call. "Okay the first one seems to be the main note." Philly says as she turned one of the top letters and opens to a letter from an unknown source.

"Hi! I am E R, an employee under Blanca's Mundo. I know of some things going on there that won't be really pleasing to my sister but her husband needs to be punished. He's been having affairs all over the world and even messed himself with that Greckos' manager Despina Manos-Dexter!

I know this sounds crazy but after finding out that she is the daughter-in-law of the Dexters. I can't help shivering for my sister on what is going to happened to her if she gets targeted by the Dexters because of that stupid ass husband of hers!"

"Whose the Dexters? They must be some big mugshot that E R whoever she is, seems to be pretty scared to her grave." Henria comments as she read out the letter. "They either must be some real big muffins that people will wanna mess with last." I said to Henria.

"Okay I think I remember something." Philly says before showing us a website that provides us some like really juicy information involving them bunch.

"The Dexters are of the British nobility, held in the highest regard after actor Joshua Dexter received the the title of Duke of Barr by Her Majesty in 1960."

I read out. "Which was not very long long ago thing but why would her Majesty loves an actor this much~" Margie commented as she looks through the rest of the letters. "Joshua Dexter though has a real nutcracker here though." I pointed to Margie as I continue reading out the article.

"His wife Bridgette Dexter is said to be barren after miscarrying five times and only having one daughter Laura Dexter. Hence, it didn't take another five years or so to have Michael Dexter who is said to the former actor's son through another woman not of the nobility nor the royalty nor the commoners."

"So if I got the message right, Michael Dexter's biological mother must be of some indecent background?" Henria then asks Philly in which she nods her head. "Okay cut the story short here. Henria continue!" Margie cuts everybody telling Henria to continue what was she reading from the bunch of letters Philly and herself gotten.

"I came from a Spanish family known for women with virtues. It is sad to see my younger sister having to bear with her husband's infidelity as they run the company together. I have tried disgracing my brother-in-law to the newspaper agencies but nothing is working even though his reputation have been spread across all of the industries.

I want your sincere help dealing with this as I heard many stories about how you all have dealt with such people and I, for all, give my utmost respect to you all.

Please do take my $250,000 offer! I'll forever be at your disposal if the deal is done.

- E R

Do look for me at this address tomorrow afternoon:

275 Maddox Garden Street 10

Level 13 Unit 17"

"Okay okay $250,000 to stuff your own brother-in-law for adultery? HAHAHAHA!" Henria laughs once she finishes reading the letter out to us until she was stopped by Philly. "What is wrong?" I asked as Henria stopped laughing and Philly shows us her phone again which got us realising what are we about to get ourselves into.

"Blanca Mundo is owned by Henri Delano that specialises in selling IT products around the world. One of the top IT companies in the world"

Philly reads out and I saw Margie turning ghost as we soon realise who that company belonged to. "It's him..." Margie says in shock. "So this letter is written by somebody I supposed whose on his other half's side?" Henria points out.

"I can't believe he is married." Margie gasped in shock. "But hey wouldn't it be good to use this settling the feud between you and him?" I said to Margie but Margie ends up walking away to her room looking rather in disbelief.

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