The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 23 - The Unsettled Scores (Pt.3)

Henriette’s POV

Philly reads out and I saw Margie turning ghost as we soon realise who that company belonged to. “It’s him...” Margie says in shock. “So this letter is written by somebody I supposed whose on his other half’s side?” I pointed out.

“I can’t believe he is married.” Margie gasped in shock. “But hey wouldn’t it be good to use this settling the feud between you and him?” Theodorie said to Margie but Margie ends up walking away to her room looking rather in disbelief.

“Did I say something wrong?” Theodorie asked Philly and I. “I don’t know.” Philly shook her head shrugging her shoulders. “So do I not know~” I also said before I went to Margie’s room knocking her door.

“Margie! Are you okay to talk?” I knocked the door asking softly. “Oh yeah sure!” She unusually opens the door slowly as I walked myself also slowly. “You alright?” I asked her walking in and sitting myself on her stool. “A-A little alright I supposed.” She says with a little shiver.

“Did Frannie told you anything regarding our brother?” Margie soon ask me. “No. Why?” I shook my head asking Margie back. “Okay never mind.” She tells me. “My good guesses is you’re taking the offer aren’t you?” I then asked her. “We will go to the Maddox Garden Street to hear her out tomorrow afternoon before I decide whether should I give him a good one or not.” She says looks firm and determined.

“Okay then.” I nodded my head understanding what she said. “And what do we all do now?” She then asked me. “Auggie is most likely still on the call and you are halfway to eating your dinner.” I said to her. “Want to finish up your dinner?” I then asked her.

“Sure sure.” She nods her head walking out with me. It didn’t take a while for her to finish her dinner as she is always a fast eater. Auggie soon came back with an envelope thicker than her shirt.

“What’s that?” Margie asks her. “The envelope is $500,000 from both Mr Orleans-Bourbon and Mr Gulliver.” Auggie tells her. “WHA-” I looked at her in shock. “Isn’t that meaning half a million dollars?!” I then asked her still in shock. “Yes it is.” She says to me.

“So we each get $100,000?” Auggie then asks us. “Master of the obvious!” Margie answers turning off the tap as she finishes washing the plate. “You need to head back to school for more Maths lessons Auggie!” Margie cheekily pinches Auggie’s nose as she puts down the envelope on the table.

Philly soon takes the envelope and starts counting the money diligently. “See here?!” Margie tells Auggie pointing at Philly counting the money. “Yes” Auggie nods her head before she also went for another serving of tonight’s dinner.

-The Next Day-


Theodorie and Auggie are arguing over whose to carry Philly. “My goodness! When will they ever grow up?” I think to myself facepalming as Philly and I watched the two arguing as many weird reasons on why they should be the one carrying Philly. Just when the argument looks like it is going to take forever and ever to stop...


Margie shouts and it got every one of us to stop what we are doing. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE EARLY IN THE MORNING?!” She asks shouting. “Theodorie and Auggie are arguing who is to carry me amongst them two.” Philly right away without any hesitation, answers Margie’s question.

“Imma carry you!” Margie soon decides to carry Philly as we all soon headed out for food before our mission to meet the E R that tipped us off. “The baby’s looking better than when she first joined us.” Theodorie comments pinching Philly’s cheeks as we are outside looking for food.

“She does eat better.” Auggie agrees with Theodorie nodding her head. “Of course with all the food given to me.” Philly giggles to them both that got us all giggling back at her. “Good to hear that you eat well with us.” I said to Philly ruffling her hair as Margie carries her tight.

“You know one day our baby will get really fragile from all the carrying~” Auggie giggles to Margie. “Says to one who is arguing with Theodorie about whose to carry the baby!” Margie sassed back that got us all laughing and giggling till we reached the Chinese eatery we haven’t frequented for a while.

However for me, I do personally find this awesome since this will be the first time Philly is eating with us at this place. How cool is that?

“你们大家来了! (You’re all here!)” The waitress greeted us happily. “是啊! 我们许久未见了,徐婶. (Yes! We haven’t seen you for a long time, Aunt Xu.)” Margie greets back. “既然你们来了,又添了位新人. 我这备了些新鲜的饺子. 免费请你们吃! (Now that you’re here, with a new rookie also. I have prepared some freshly made dumplings. Treating you guys for free!)” She tells us politely as always.

“饺子! 好极了! (Dumplings! Great!)” Philly cheers that got everybody stunned. “这姑娘可机灵极了! (This girl is very clever!)” The waitress happily ruffles Philly’s hair smiling. “在这里会讲华语的本就已经不多了, 你们5位可真是传奇啊~ (There are not many Chinese-speaking people here, you five are really legendary~)” She says to us as she led us to the table we usually sit in.

“就照着跟平时来的菜, 只是加饺子是吗? (Just follow the usual dishes, just add dumplings, right?)” The waitress asks us when we are all settled down. “是的. (That’s right.)” Theodorie tells her and just as the waitress was about to leave to get the food cooking, Margie stops her with her usual $200 tips. “She’s at it once again...” I facepalmed thinking as the waitress tries rejecting Margie’s huge service tip.

“我的天啊! 这未免也太多了吧...(Oh my God! That’s too much...)” She was gasping in so much shock that she tries to return Margie the money in which Margie just manages to convince her to just take the huge tip. “就收着吧, 徐婶. (Just take it, Aunt Xu.)" Margie says to her before the waitress kept the money and leaves us alone to get our order done.

"What's it Philly?" I asked Philly softly when Margie shortly after excuses herself to the restroom. "Does Margie know her?" She then whispers to my ear. "You mean the waitress?" I asked her again for clarification and she nods her head. "I will explain to you when we finished." I said softly before sitting her back down at her seat.

After finishing the food and paying for the bills, we were on our way to meet E R. I was adjusting Philly's gloves cause the ribbon was oddly loose. "I will get you new ones Baby P when we go back." Margie tells Philly patting her head.

With the help of some kind samaritans, we managed to find ourselves halfway there to Maddox Garden Street which we have to go through via some real shady back alley. "Is it just me or this place smells scallops?" Theodorie comments sniffling her nose.

"I don't remember back alleys smelling this good." Auggie tells her rubbing her nose. That was the last thing I remembered before everything went black around me.

Words: 1235

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