The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 24 - The Unsettled Scores (Pt.4)

Philippa’s POV

We were at the back alley when Auggie and Theodorie are debating about how the back alley smells unusually of seafood when we heard a loud thud and it was Henria who collapsed to the floor.

"Lady Sammu! Lady Sammu!”

Theodorie immediately picked Henria up and tries waking her up. “Something is really odd about this place.” I said to everybody else and before we knew it, Auggie was the next to collapse and it was Margie who picked her up this time. “Stick to me Baby P.” Margie pulls my hand to her side and tightens it as we all are anxious to just quickly get out of the alley and get to Maddox Garden Street as fast as we could.

I don’t know if it was we headed out too quickly, but it didn’t take me long to faint from the smell as well.

I soon woke up being tied up along with the others in this really dark room and my head is still hurting from the smell. “Where am I?” I think to myself as I turned around to see the rest are still unconscious. I soon managed to move myself a little towards Margie. ”Leader M! Leader M!” I hit lightly with my hands trying to wake her up.

“She won’t wake up so soon breathing in so much of the concoction!”

I turned my head to an evil looking yet well-dressed man walking over. “W-Who a-are y-you?” I stuttered asking in fear. “You should recognise us by this.” He says taking out a flower I recognise the moment from his pocket.

“The white begonia? Blanca’s Mundo? Aren’t they the Spanish speaking people that held the car and Margie hostage previously?” I think to myself as soon as I recognise what the man took out of his pocket. “You seems to be a very smart little girl. Know some Spanish?” He then asks me.

“Soy conozco poca Español. (I know little Spanish.)” I replied in a hesitant tone. “Es realmente? Pareces saber más de lo que pensaba. (Is it really? You seem to know more than I thought.)” He laughs a little in an amused tone. “Mis habilidades nada son más que una casualidades. (My abilities are nothing more than a fluke.)” I said back to him, trying to keep my composure and sanity together.

“Como se esperabas de la Anderson familia~ (As expected from the Anderson family~)” He claps his hands laughing. “Tu sabe yo? Tu sabes quién soy? (You know me? You know who I am?)” I asked him. “Tu es el descendiente de ese héroe sífilis Victor Anderson. (You’re the descendant of that syphilis hero Victor Anderson.)” He says as if he is confident to score a full strike in his answer.

“Y si soy una sólo joven normales? (What if I’m just a normal young woman?)” I asked him back folding my arms. “Sólo una joven normales nunca hamas estará rondando a una rica herederas. (Only a normal young woman will never be around a wealthy heiress.)” He laughs telling me in a mocking tone. “A sí es? (Is it?)” I laughed at him saying.

“Uno mujer como tú ya puedes ser madre de los hijos de un hombre. Qué uno bonita mujer~ (A woman like you can already be a mother to a man’s children. What a pretty woman~)” He then said walking towards me with a big smirk on his face while bending down to my height and touching my face a little only to be kicked on the leg by Auggie who just woke up.

“OUCH! WHAT IS THAT FOR?!” He shouts rubbing his leg as Auggie shifts herself near me. “What do you think you are DOING?!” Auggie menacingly asks him. “Just having fun with your BABY here~” He responded back with a smirk to her.

Auggie then spits at his shirt scoffing. “OI!” He shouts taking a wet wipe from his pocket wiping it. “Having fun?! Why not call your boss and explain why the heck he is having 5 bundles of shrimp here!” She growls menacingly at his face that earned her a slap from him.


Auggie and I turned around to that evil brother walking with three more of his men behind him. “Algún días me pregunto si te mantuve por coquetear! (Someday I wonder if I kept you for flirting!)” The evil brother says to him. “Perdóname. (Pardon me.)” Chico bows down to him begging for his forgiveness.

“Corta la mierda y déjanos ir ahora! (Cut the crap and let us go now!)” I said to the evil brother. “Ahora? Sin tú líder? (Now? Without your leader?)” He laughs at me saying. “Soy es impresiona que este grupo no sólo tengo a mi hermana hablando español. (I’m impressed that this group not only has my sister speaking Spanish.)” He adds on.

“Lo siento mucho pero tú es payaso! (I’m sorry but you’re a clown!)” I laughed sarcastically saying to me. “ESTÁS CANSADO DE VIVIRO?! (ARE YOU TIRED OF LIVING?!)” He folded his arms shouting at me.

I just rolled my tongue at him and he immediately drawing his gun, confronting his gun at my head. “OI!!” Auggie shouted but immediately screamed in pain when a henchmen kicked her leg and it ended up causing her to fall hard.

“WOW! HEY!” She shouted when she fell and saw me being at gunpoint. “Seriomente, todos ustedes son realmente imbéciles pensando en conseguir lo imposible! (Seriously, you’re all really thinking about getting the impossible!)” He laughs still holding the gun at me.

“Yo crea que el que no debería estar diciendo esta eres TÚ! (I think the one who shouldn’t be saying this is YOU!)”

We soon turned to Margie getting up and removing the ropes off her angrily. “Estás despierto, hermana mio! (You’re awake, my sister!)” He says but little did he know it will be an ugly showdown.

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