The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 25 - The Unsettled Scores (Pt.5)

Nobody’s POV

“WOW! HEY!” Augusta shouted when she fell and saw Philippa being held at gunpoint by Henri. “Seriomente, todos ustedes son realmente imbéciles pensando en conseguir lo imposible! (Seriously, you’re all really thinking about getting the impossible!)” He laughs still holding the gun at Philippa.

“Yo crea que el que no debería estar diciendo esta eres TÚ! (I think the one who shouldn’t be saying this is YOU!)”

They soon turned to Marguerite getting up and removing the ropes off her angrily. “Estás despierto, hermana mio! (You’re awake, my sister!)” Henri says but little did he know it will be an ugly showdown as she soon goes to him and dismantles the gun off Henri before shoving him down roughly to the floor.

“ESTÁS LOCO! (YOU’RE CRAZY!)” Henri shouts in pain holding his shoulder and shouting in pain. “Tu estás la loca una en lugar de mía. (You’re the crazy one instead of me.)” Marguerite tells him as the fight between them both resumes and both Philippa and Augusta have been freed of their ropes by Henriette and Theodora.

“Are you alright Auggie W?” Henriette and Theodora went to Augusta to untie her after freeing Philippa. “I-I am alright...” She says getting up with Theodora’s help while Henriette pulls Philippa near them so none of Henri’s henchmen have the chance of hurting them.

“What are they doing? Shall we get out of here?” Augusta asks in the midst of the chaos and her leg hurting. “We can’t leave Leader M behind dumbo!” Theodora tells her as c and Henri continue exchanging the guns and knives with one another.

“They are siblings regardless. This will end very bloody. I must stop them before it’s too late.” Philippa thinks to herself with the use of her powers, trying to find an appropriate time to intercede. Just as Henri gains the upper hand and once to shoot Marguerite with the gun, she jumps in and takes the bullets to her left arm and left leg that got everybody frantically screaming and shouting in shock.


Marguerite immediately catches Philippa in shock as soon as she took the shots and almost hit the ground. “Te dejar apagados por hoy! Nos vemos la próximo vez! (I’ll let you off for today! See you next time!)” Henri says to his half-sister who is still in shock, before walking off arrogantly with his henchmen.

“Baby P!! Baby P!!” Henriette tries shaking the wounded young girl, only for more blood to be out of the young girl’s wounds. “We better take her to the hospital fast.” Augusta says to Marguerite that got her coming back from the shock of seeing Philippa shot in front of her.

Doctor Parma...”

Marguerite mouths out in a raspy tone before carrying Philippa in her arms, running out of the place to the hospital as fast as she could with the others following from behind.

“How about the meeting with E R?” Augusta asks as she, Theodora and Henriette followed their leader from behind. It didn’t take a while for Theodora and Augusta to look at Henriette as they stopped for a while.

“W-What?” Henriette asks them both confused. “Remember the address?” Theodora asked her and she immediately nods her head. “Go and look for E R NOW!” Augusta tells Henriette before she and Theodora took off to follow Marguerite to the hospital, leaving Henriette scratching her head, following the current orders she received.

Greckos’ POV

“So Henri Delano that loser pants didn’t manage to finish off his battle with that annoying half-sister of his cause someone else got hurt instead?” Zoe asks Irina her secretary in a uncertain tone and manner as they went out for a walk after spending the usual long hours in the office.

“Yes Zoe. From that group Despina and Nestor have been working hard to take down.” Irina answers as quick as she ties her fallen shoelaces back on. “Wonder if it will bring more trouble? From what I heard, the girl that jump in and got injured is a member of the prominent Andersons.” She adds on to Zoe,

“Definitely if the Andersons decides to make hell in the public but its not like they can protect their people doing that.” Zoe says to Irina. “How?” Irina asks her. “How?” Zoe looks back at Irina the same way Irina does.

“Dames de Justice are morally defenders yes but no what they are doing are not lawful to the eyes of the laws here.” Zoe then explains in a cool and calm manner. “So they might be getting some jail time if they are spotted and revealed publicly?” Irina asked as if she starts understanding what Zoe is talking about.

“Yep.” Zoe nods her head with a wink. “Don’t mind me asking why only jail time?” Irina then asks her boss out of curiosity. “Oh well as compared to a big organisation like Greckos with what they do, Dames de Justice are only carrying out tasks with money being awarded.” Zoe explains again with a huge sigh. “So if we get discovered, you might be executed here cause you are the boss?!” Irina soon gasps in shock asking. “Yes” She nods her head again.

“Example for that case Despina started that killed Françoise Delano whom we just found out to be that loser pants’ sister too, even if I have no involvement in it, Despina can jolly well implicate me in and I can get charged with conspiracy to murder which still can get me the death penalty here.” Zoe explains. “No way. That’s not fair!” Irina starts whining.

“There might be one way you can escape the death penalty here!”

Both girls turned around to somebody familiar with the white hood. ”Eleanor...” Zoe mouths out in shock. “Yo cuz!” Irina happily waves her hand.

“I appreciate the gesture but how?”

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