The Price Of Revenge

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Zoe Manos

—> Head

The head of the Dames de Justice’s rival company Greckos. Unlike Dames de Justice, Greckos are engaged in criminal activities of any form including committing murder, money laundering, fraud and kidnapping, in the name of money.

Has multiple personality disorder after witnessing her mother Nikolina whom she is close to, taking her own life when she was very young by her own father Dimitris, causing her to split her personalities after every crime committed. This has ignited her sister Despina and her brother Nestor to try taking over Greckos and remove her from her position though they have failed with the prying eyes of Zoe’s secretary Irina.

Despina Manos-Dexter

—> Manager

A co-manager of Greckos along with her younger brother Nestor, the second child of the Manos family. Unlike Zoe, Despina is her father’s favourite but Dimitris gave Greckos to Zoe out of guilt as her illness was caused by him forcing their mother Nikolina to take her life years back, causing her and Nestor to plot constantly to take over Zoe’s position though

They have failed always because of Zoe’s secretary Irina.

Petty, ruthless and cruel, due to her constant failures to overtake her older sister, Despina always tries anything at any cost to improve Greckos and their reputation as a criminal organisation even to the extend of planning an accident some time back that kills Françoise, whose the sister of Marguerite and crippling Henriette’s leg. Unlike her, husband Michael Dexter is an illegitimate member of the British nobility living a very private and normal life.

Nestor Manos

—> Manager

A co-manager of Greckos along with his sister Despina to his older sister Zoe. He’s more closer to Despina than Zoe due to the age difference and the fact that he didn’t have much memory of his mother Nikolina as he was very young when Nikolina died at the hands of his father Dimitris.

Often a sidekick to his sister Despina without much opinion of his own to try overthrowing their older sister due to her illness but failed often due to the intervention of Zoe’s secretary Irina. Nestor was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 15 after hitting his head in a jousting accident. His illness not only makes he and Despina’s attempts difficult but also makes him an incapable on his own, often or not, being a lookout is all he knows. He is the son-in-law of Fransico Sullivan, his assistant manager.

Irina Zaimis

—> Secretary

Zoe’s secretary and the “eyes” to everything that is going on with Greckos. Irina was born to a life of crime as her parents were often or not jailed in and out of prison for petty crimes, leaving her and her sister Nika in the care of her grandparents and an abusive aunt.

It was not much known when she worked for Greckos but when the year Zoe was named the heir by her father Dimitris, her sister Nika have taken her own life due to school bullying and peer pressure which enable her to relate a lot well to Zoe and got the two close. Often or not, Irina always acts as the “eyes” and doesn’t like Despina and Nestor’s tricks to overthrow Zoe, always succeeding to stop whatever plots they have. Irina’s aunt Sondra was the ex-wife of Fransico who is Theodora’s abusive prospective husband and Irina herself is the cousin of Nestor's wife Eleanor.

Fransico Sullivan

—> Assistant Manager

His ex-wife Sondra is the aunt of Greckos secretary Irina and he is the father of Nestor's wife Eleanor, and owns a construction company. His originally violent temper have gone way worse after injuring himself in a riding accident following his divorce from Sondra which heavily caused his leg to ulcerate. He then believed in the rumours of his town about marrying young to re-live his energy which he begin seeking to marry Theodora who unfortunately escaped with the help of Marguerite whom he tries to harass in the girls' house just to get Theodora back to marry him.

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