The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 26 - Luck

Henriette’s POV

“Go and look for E R NOW!” Auggie tells me before she and Theodorie took off to follow Margie to the hospital, leaving me to scratch my head, following the current orders I received.

I soon find my way to the house. I knocked on the door. “DamJu! DamJu!” I said what Margie always says. The door was soon unlocked to a young looking lady. “You are?” She soon asked me.

"Lady Sammu of Dames de Justice.” I just showed her the letter and introduced myself. “I believed you are E R?” I asked her back. “Yeah E R is me! Welcome!” She softly invites me into her house.

“I am surprised to see you only, I always heard Dames de Justice never fails to come in a full group.” E R says to me as she locks the door while I was taking off my shoes. She soon invites me to the couch to have a seat while she gets me some drinks.

“Do you want any drinks Lady Sammu?” E R asks me as she goes into her kitchen. “It’s okay, I have my own water.” I said to her from the couch as I soon took out a bottle of lemonade I kept in my pocket and drink.

“We were actually having some hiccups on the way so I was asked to represent everybody here.” I explained before an older looking man comes out from the hallway. ”Eduarda! You have to really call the town office and investigate the stupid smell back in that alley!” He shouts into the kitchen with a heavy British accent.

“I know! Just piss off will you?!” She comes in telling him off before he went back to the room and approaches me by sitting beside me on the couch. “My apologises about my husband.” She says to me in a petite tone. “Nah nah don’t be!” I reassured her. “Did the smell affect you on the way?” She then asks me which got me thinking about how her brother-in-law was the one putting that smell to kidnap us.

“Can you speak Spanish?” I asked her. “Yes I’m Spanish!” She says back to me. “Tu cuñado fue el que activas el olor para secuestra nosotros. (Your brother-in-law was the one who activated the smell to kidnap us.)” I softly explained to her wondering what will her reaction will be.

“QUE?! (WHAT?!)” She jumps up in shock. “Qué el quiere de ustedes todos?! (What does he want from you all?!)” She asks me silently though still in shock from what I have told her personally. “No la sabia, pero quiere a mi líder muerto. (I didn’t know it, but he wants my leader dead.)” I tell her as honestly as I can.

“Tu líder? (Your leader?)” She asks me with some certainty which I nodded my head to. “Por qué? Qué pasó? (Why? What happened?)” She then asks me again as my mind begin to hesitate whether I should trust her or not. “What should I do? Oh no! What if she knows that her brother-in-law is somebody who will do anything for power including murdering his own sister?” I think to myself worrying and thinking about the various consequences of me whether to tell her or not.

“Personales asuntos. (Personal matters.)” I decided to explain briefly to her. “Esa es mala! (That’s bad!)” She responds with a slight gasp in shock. “Si, es mala. (Yes. It’s bad.)” I tell her not exaggerating the situation.

“But either way, good that you and your group already had a bloody vendetta against him.” She says back to me in English that got me in shock for a little. “But he’s your brother-in-law so why are you doing this to him?” I asked her feeling confused by what she is exactly up to.

"Lady Sammu.” She turns around looking at me in the eyes that got me looking at her back. “He maybe my brother-in-law but stand in my shoes, how can I be doing nothing and just watching him cheat on my sister with another or let’s shall say many many women.” She explains to me that got me freezing good for a while.

Theodora’s POV

It’s been a while since we got Philly into the hospital with no news from the surgery room or from Henria. “Shall we get Margie to call Henria?” Auggie suggests to me softly yet looking a little worried at the same time.

“Its best we do not.” I said back to Auggie. “Why?” Auggie asks me confused. “It may sounds a really fantastic idea however, if anything happens to Henria too, how do you want Margie to take the blow?” I explained to her. “True. I have under thought this whole thing.” She softly agrees.

“Can’t that Doctor Parmesan be quick?!” Auggie scratches her head after a good 10 minutes that got me giggling a little. ”Doctor Parma not Parmesan you foolish little one!” I softly giggled at her. “Are you too hungry for Parmesan cheese Auggie?!” I added on softly.

“Sorry” She softly apologized and it becomes from seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, for the doctor to come out that got Margie running over and asking. “How’s Philly? Just say please without any hesitant!” She ran to him asking and begging desperately. Though from the look of Dr. Parma’s face, I am worried if Margie will be able to withstand what’s going to happen next.

“I’m sorry Miss Delano.” Dr. Parma sighs apologizing to her. “W-What do you m-mean?” Margie looks at him confused but the doctor was silent for a good while. “SAY SOMETHING WILL YOU!” Margie shouts in despair at him that I have to pull her back and apologize to the doctor at the same time.

“I’m sorry to say this that even though the girl has survived the 20% chance of being shot twice at two different places, it is a miracle and the girl will have a good chance living on regardless.”

“W-What does that even mean?”

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