The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 27 - Miracle

Theodora’s POV

“I’m sorry Miss Delano.” Dr. Parma sighs apologizing to her. “W-What do you m-mean?” Margie looks at him confused but the doctor was silent for a good while. “SAY SOMETHING WILL YOU!” Margie shouts in despair at him that I have to pull her back and apologize to the doctor at the same time.

“I’m sorry to say this that even though the girl has survived the 20% chance of being shot twice at two different places, it is a miracle and the girl will have a good chance living on regardless.”

“W-What does that even mean?”

“That means she will live Miss Delano!” Dr. Parma laughed at her like laughing at a fool before leaving our sight laughing that got Margie really provoked which luckily Auggie and I managed to hold her back from doing anything stupid in such a public place like a hospital.

“Calm down Margie! Calm down!”

I said to her pulling her to a quiet corner along with Auggie. “Bloody sausages! He thinks this is something to crack a joke about? He is luckily he didn’t turn into a-” She was going to confront the doctor again when Auggie and I have to pull her back with us.

“Calm down Margie! Let’s just go and see Philly please!” Auggie pleaded softly with her that Margie just stopped pushing us away and stomped off to ask for Philly’s ward number in which we both soon followed behind.

“Remember very well not to disturb Philly when we’re in till she’s fully awake.”

Margie tells Auggie and I sternly while we’re at the door as she suddenly holds onto the door knob tight looking at us both with a serious look on her face.

“Come in”

Philly’s soft voice called us into the room. We opened the door to her lying down on the hospital bed awake but don’t look like the usual bubbly girl we know. “Thank goodness you’re okay! I am so sorry!” Margie repeatedly went to sit on the chair, repeatedly apologizing to Philly.

“Please don’t say so.”

Philly stopped her when Margie is about to apologize for the third time. “I am alive now am I?” Philly looks at Margie chuckling. “We are happy you are alive.” I said to Philly. “Yeah we all are.” Auggie says to her.

“Did that bad guy hurt any more people?” She then asks us and we all three shook our heads to her question. “Rest assured he will not be able to hurt anybody else anymore.” I tell her softly. “Good. Good.” She sighed in a huge relief nodding her head to what I have told her.

“So what shall we do now?” Margie then asks us. “I don’t but where’s Henria?” Philly suddenly asked us that caught us off guard for a little. “Sure the baby is an observant quick fella!” I think to myself as I got caught off-guard.

“Not to worry, she is just proceeding and representing us to meet E R.” I answered Philly. “Thank goodness.” She sighed in a huge relief though Margie soon looked at Auggie and I. “You both told her to proceed?” She asks us both and we both nodded our heads cause we all know too well, there is no such thing as lying to Margie.

Just as we are thinking and preparing for her to scream our heads off the window, she instead gave us a pat on our heads, ruffling our hair. “Good job!” She says softly to us before she turn to Philly, Auggie and I just look at each other confused.

“Are you thinking what am I thinking?” I whisper-ask her and she nods her head. “I know.” She whispers. “Do you want me to get you something Miracle Philly?” Margie asked Philly leaning forward to pinch her nose. “W-When did I become Miracle Philly? Is there a mistake Margie?” Philly chuckles in shock asking her back. “No mistake at all!” Margie responds back pinching her chubby cheeks before getting up to get some food for us all while instructing Auggie and I to watch over Philly.

Greckos’ POV

“Example for that case Despina started that killed Françoise Delano whom we just found out to be that loser pants’ sister too, even if I have no involvement in it, Despina can jolly well implicate me in and I can get charged with conspiracy to murder which still can get me the death penalty here.” Zoe explains. “No way. That’s not fair!” Irina starts whining.

“There might be one way you can escape the death penalty here!”

Both Zoe and Irina turned around to somebody familiar with the white hood. ”Eleanor...” Zoe mouths out in shock. “Yo cuz!” Irina happily waves her hand.

“I appreciate the gesture but how?”

Zoe asked Eleanor as Eleanor stood beside the two. “Remember the CCTVs that your sister and brother, my dear husband, have no access to?” Eleanor asked Zoe and she nods her head. “Only Irina and I have access to them.” Zoe responded nodding her head. “What’s with that Eleanor?” Zoe asked her sister-in-law back.

“Think about it Zoe.” Eleanor says to her. “There should be a way taking the death penalty off the table for something you never even do or instruct.” She then explained. “But we all know cuz, Despina committed the murder under nobody’s orders and under her own sadist pleasure.” Irina jumps in that got her glares from her cousin that she kept her mouth shut instantly for Eleanor to continue explaining.

“I know sending your own siblings to the gallows is never something fun.” Eleanor then continues explaining to Zoe. “But is it worth risking yourself over?” Eleanor finishes with the question for Zoe.

"So for Zoe to have any chance off the death penalty or even jail time, the CCTV footages can expose Despina's crimes and can even save her?" Irina then clarify with Eleanor.

"That's what I am trying to say you silly!"

With this, the two cousins then begin flicking the foreheads of one another, much to Zoe's annoyance and amusement.

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