The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 28 - Mystery Beyond Mystery

Henriette’s POV

While walking to the hospital, the words of E R, I mean Miss Rivera’s words, are constantly playing with my mind like a game of chess. Her desperation in making Margie’s brother pay for his ways to her sister, his own wife.


“He maybe my brother-in-law but stand in my shoes, how can I be doing nothing and just watching him cheat on my sister with another or let’s shall say many many women.” She explains to me that got me freezing good for a while.

“He’s a monster just like his mother now.” She adds on. “P-Pardon me?” I looked at her confused. “I’ll leave the story till another time.” She says before passing me the money and I excused myself out of her house so that I can pay Philly a visit.


“When did human mind become so complicated?” I think to myself until I realized I have knocked myself on the hospital glass door. “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” I winced in pain. “You need to watch where you going Miss before you might end up hitting yourself elsewhere.” The nurse at the door snarled at me. ”Keep your cool Hernia. Keep. Your. Cool.” I think to myself as I just walked in, register my visiting particular with much poise before I go asking for Philly so I can go visit the kid.

When I walked into the ward, Philly is on the bed with the oxygen mask over her nose and mouth with Auggie, Theodorie and Margie talking to her. “So how’s the meeting Henria?” Margie asked me the moment I closed the door.

“Alright. I even got the money.” I said taking out the envelope from my pocket and gave it to her. She soon took the envelope out and gasped in shock at the amount of money we’ve been given. “This 250 thousand is surely thick!” Auggie comments amazed at how thick the money stack is. “Thicker than the Louis Vuitton!” Theodorie softly adds onto what Auggie commented about the money.

“Shut up you two!” Margie tells them as I sat down beside Philly. “How are you feeling?” I ruffled her hair asking. “A-A little awful but not that much.” She says to me. “R-Really?” I asked her and she nods her head. “If you say so.” I smiled a little.

“Just rest. You really need it.” I tell her. Somehow, Philly soon fell asleep with Margie and the rest of us talking about what shall we do with the money.

“Split it?” Margie suggests. “Easy to split but how do we teach Henri a lesson? He maybe your brother but he shot Philly.” Theodorie reminds her. “Then you all pick.” She tells us. “You guys all teach him a lesson then since this suggestion is on the table.” She says walking off the room to presumably get some fresh air.

“Let’s do the usual rules since its us three!” Auggie says with a smile. “Tie them up and scare them with guns and a knife?” I ask. “Of course!” Auggie and Theodorie tells me. “But he has men around him, we all should know with the encounter with him.” I reminded them both.

“Then we should have backup.” Auggie says. “How about Henria take us to E R’s house and we can request for backup?” Theodorie suggests and we both immediately jumped in shock.

“Unless no.” She changes her answer. “That’s GENIUS!” Auggie tells her excitedly and little did I know the moment she said that, my eyes are looking at the nurse folding her arms looking pissed. “Mademoiselles. (Misses.)” She calls us

I go out of the room with her. She immediately went at my face the moment I closed the door. “Mind you guys are in the hospital and I tolerate ZERO NOISE as long as you’re in this floor where I take care OF THE WARDS!” She warns in the menacing way good enough to send the shivers.

“S-Sorry.” I stutter as I immediately go back to the room. “Sorry Henria.” Auggie and Theodorie apologized to me. “Lets keep it down.” I tell them. “But we surely can do this!” Theodorie tells us and as soon as we agreed, Margie comes back seemingly quiet. “We can.” I nodded. “So did you all came up with a plan?” Margie then asks us.

“We did.” I say explaining the plan. “Good but in terms for backup, I want to follow you three to E R’s house before having the whole plan executed.” She then nods her head saying. “You can do that.” We say. “Mmmm” Philly starts whining out of the blue the moment we agreed on the plan.

“Whats wrong?” I quietly ask Philly. She ends up whining again. “Pain?” I asked again quietly as Auggie immediately ran in with Dr. Parma to check on Philly which we soon realized the moment he opened her shirt that one of her gunshot wounds are bleeding again.

The doctor soon comes in. “I guess she is using too much of her powers thats why her wound reopened.” He says when he opened the shirt telling us. “Please don’t use your powers. Or try not to.” The doctor tells her. “Can’t you give her something to calm her down?” I nervously asked Dr. Parma.

“I can” he says grabbing out a needle. He inserted into the IV bag and Philly soon comes down. “She will be down for at least half a day.” He sighs saying. “HALF A DAY?!” We all looked at him in shock.

“Let her sleep or keep her awake in pain.” The doctor tells me. “Okay okay let her sleep!” Margie says and he soon walks off.

“Will she be okay?” Auggie asks us worried. “Hopefully.” I say. Soon I looked down the window and saw some people dressed in black, bodyguard-like. “They are not cops aren’t they?” I think to myself worried.

I leave the room and leave the building. I soon recognized a man that I saw in the newspaper a couple of times. “Mr. Michael Anderson?” I called out to the guy who came out of a white car. “You must be Lady Henriette Samuels of the Samuels family aren’t cha?” He chuckles asking back

“I am” i say. “You are friends with my cousin Philippa Anderson right?” He then asks me and I looked at him in shock. “How did you know?” I asked him in shock.

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