The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 29 - Lost Bond

Henriette’s POV

“I am” I say. “You are friends with my cousin Philippa Anderson right?” Michael then asks me and I looked at him in shock. “How did you know?” I asked him in shock.

Please don’t tell me somebody figures out what we are doing...

“My little informant has told me my cousin since leaving the home, been with you girls earning the big bucks and carrying out justice in some form.” He whispers to my ear with a smirk that gotten me shaking in shock. It took me a while to get snapping out of cause honestly, I am so ready to get my arrested at the rate this goes.

“So where’s my little cousin?” He then asks me. “She’s in the room. Doctor just gave her something so she wouldn’t be up so soon.” I explained to him. “How long do I expect?” He then asks me. “So freaking demanding...don’t you even know the effects of your family’s power...” I think to myself though I did my best to respond to him politely.

“Of course! She will be awake in half a day.” I responded to him. “Half a-” He was in shock but I just pulled him with me into the hospital and into the ward which somehow got Margie, Auggie and Theodorie very worked up.

“Calm down calm down!” Michael was able to get back to his senses and immediately reassures them three. “He’s Michael Anderson, Philly’s cousin and the CEO of A Mille Feuille, that dessert shop.” I immediately try easing the tension by introducing Michael to the girls. “And Mr. Michael, this is Marguerite, Augusta and Theodora.” I introduced the girls back to Michael.

“A Mille Feuille is owned by the Anderson family?” Auggie looks at me in shock as Michael walks towards the bed and looks at Philly. “I will answer you later. Just keep quiet!” I whispered to her as Michael quietly takes Philly’s hand.

“I’m sorry Philly...I wish I wasn’t a coward for my passion of patisserie.” He tells her. “I don’t understand what the hell is going on” I said to the other whispering. “So do we” Margie tells me softly to the point Michael can’t even hear us.

As we leave the two alone outside, we are worried about what to do with the money since Philly is still hospitalised and the mission to deal with Margie’s half-brother has to proceed either ways. “We’ve already taken her money, we can’t give up halfway!” I reminded them.

“But Philly’s condition leaves us no chance of completing this mission.” Theodorie says to me. “Philly will wake up and recover, just take this as giving her a break.” Margie tells her off. “Alright if you insist on it.” Theodorie tells her.

“Then again, Philly will only be awake in half a day. I will stay here keeping eye on that lad head so make sure Philly can rest.” Margie says. “Be careful of your mouth Margie, people do come from a very good family.” Auggie reminds Margie.

“Does it look like I care whether he comes from a good family or no?!” Margie silently snaps back at Auggie. “Fine. Fine. You win.” Auggie says back to her. “Alright alright. You two cut it.” Theodorie and I managed to pull the two apart.

“Hey stop it okay?” I tell them before I took Theodorie and Auggie with me to Miss Rivera’s house so Margie can keep eye on Philly and her cousin.

“We three are on our own.” I reminded Theodorie and Auggie as we left the hospital. “Yeah but unless we be careful and be on top of our game, we are a screw loose on this one.” Auggie says to me with Theodorie agreeing.

“Good y’all know.” I said to them both as I showed them the way to Miss Rivera’s house. “I hate walkways.” Auggie commented. “Still we gotta get a head on, hopefully we don’t get a trap waiting for us this time.” Theodorie says.

It was a while before we got into Miss Rivera’s house. “Remember, be polite. “Theodorie tells Auggie and I. “We know.” We both tell her back as I got the bell pressing.

“Hola chicas! (Hello girls!)" She opened her door to us. "Hello" We greeted as she and her husband let us in. "Want some tequila? Want some pina colada?" She asks us. "No no sorry we don't drink." I reject and apologize to her. "Its cool! I should have been more mindful." She shyly says getting her husband to bring us some non-alcoholic fruit juices.

"How your little psychic friend of yours doing?" She then takes a seat asking us all. "Thank you for asking, she's doing fine." I said shyly before introducing Theodorie and Auggie to her by the code names. "Such a lovely group we have there~" She comments with a motherly like smile.

"And where's your leader?" Miss Rivera then asks. "As in Leader M?" Auggie asks back and she nods her head. "She's busy with Baby P at the moment so yeah..." I scratch my head shyly explaining. "Understandable. I can hear by all accounts she's a caring leader." Miss Rivera says.

"She IS a caring one. When isn't she caring?" Theodorie comments softly yet sarcastically which from the looks of it, Miss Rivera has no idea at all that Theodorie was being sarcastic. "So how we are going to deal with your brother-in-law now? We already had a first dirty ugly hand of what he is capable of." Auggie then proceeds with what we are needing to do.

"He is not somebody you can deal with a strike or two there Miss." Theodorie reminds Miss Rivera. "I know but certainly there is a way to deal with him and his ways!" Miss Rivera says digging her hand into her pillow sighing and grunting away.

"But think about it, if your sister finds out on how you are taking this revenge for her on her husband. What she is gonna think of you?"

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