The Price Of Revenge

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Blanca's Mundo

Henri Delano (CEO)

Henri Delano or known as Enrique Delano is the CEO of Blanca’s Mundo which is said to be named after the favourite colour his mother Anne, the first wife of his father whose disgraced and divorced after being discovered to have an affair and have thrown Madeleine, Françoise and Marguerite’s mother to the mental ward to destroy evidence of her affair that led to not only losing his rights to the Delano family assets La Puentes but also the deep cut in the relationship between him and his father.

He and Marguerite are always in estranged and bad terms because of the feud between their mothers and also the differences in personality, always feeling her poker face, cool-cat, calculated personality will never be compared to his daring and boldness.

He is known to be a casanova in the company despite being married long to his wife Rosa Rivera and has affairs with many of his clients including the married Despina Manos-Dexter who unbeknownst to him, was responsible of the death of his half-sister Françoise.

Rosa Rivera (Vice-CEO)

The wife of Henri Delano and the sister-in-law of Françoise and Marguerite. She is the opposite of Henri due to her family being known to have virtuous women, to be more reserved, virtuous and obedient.

She knows of all extramarital affairs involving Henri despite having 3 children with him but staying loyal instead as she is no believer in divorce and her love for Henri. She is also a very friendly person regardless and a frequenter at many charities with her older sister Eduarda.

Eduarda Rivera (Secretary)

She is the older sister of Rosa and Henri’s sister-in-law. A frequenter at charities with her younger sister but unlike her, Eduarda is more direct and straightforward despite of the background her family came from.

She is very close to Rosa, often helping out taking care of Rosa and Henri’s 3 nieces and nephews. However, she has a huge dislike for Henri due to how not keeping his hands to himself he is and his reputation of being a casanova and an adulterer like his mother to the point she has been leaking everything in secret to news reports to even Dames de Justice which is run by Henri’s estranged half-sister Marguerite.

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