The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 1 - The Painful Memory

Marguerite’s POV


3 years ago...

“WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?!” Henria, Frannie and I shouted in shock when we passed by the road on our way back, to the cars passing with or without the red light going. “Is it even safe? What if we get wrecked?!” Henria asked Frannie and I softly, worried about the traffic and whether we can even get back home.

“Might as well cross while we can cause we’re not breaking the law waiting for the green man light” I said and reassured Henria. When the green man light turns on, I held Frannie and Henria’s hands crossing the road. Unbeknownst to us, in a flash of light, everything went black and my body shuts down on me in the instant.


“FRANNIE!” I jumped out of the quarters bed in shock to find myself having another of those pestering headaches. “Damn me!” I swore in my mind trying to shake the headache off.

“Margie! Are you okay?”

I gained a bit of my vision to Theodorie passing me my raspberry sweet and a cup of water as always. “Thank you” I softly thank her before she just gives me that usual grin that I can’t help smiling back a little.

“Having the bad nightmare?” She asks me and I nodded my head, not wanting to talk much due to the headache. “Surely whoever started that won’t get away with what they did, playing this dangerously on the road!” She says before I just stand up and take my coat from the chair.

“I’m sorry if I have said something that you not like very much.” I turned to her apologising and pouting a little. “Not to be, I just need a breather.” I said to her. “Just make sure Auggie and Henria have their dinner, wash up and head to bed. You read your Principles of Confucianism after dinner.” I instructed her before heading out for the breather I need.

As I headed out and locked the doors, I took a breath of the fresh hair before heading down the stairs and took a walk around the neighbourhood. It is quite ironic cause I am used to the scenery, having lived here for 3 years and though I should be quite familiar but I never grow tired of the scenery of the neighbourhood cause its breezy wind and everything about it just calm my nerves a lot.

“I hope you are doing well up there Frannie. How much I wish you can be here with me...” I looked at the sky thinking about her, my only sibling that unfortunately have passed on because of what happened. People may think I should be contended with Theodorie, Auggie and Henria with me but they don’t understand my relationship with Frannie, how much I have missed being called ‘Sister’ by her.

As I was thinking about Frannie, I was distracted by the sounds of the restaurant opposite me, a young frail looking girl being denied food by an older and middle aged woman. “No! This is bad for you!” The woman said giving the girl that look taking away what looks like a plate of pork belly with the girl just quietly nodding her head without saying a single word.

“What the hell is going on?! She always looks that frail and still gets denied food?!” I looked at the scene in shock. Sensing some neglect and abuse is going on, before the woman can do anything again to the girl when she was discovered trying to take some pork belly for herself. I quickly grabbed the woman’s hand just as she was about to hit the girl who is covering her face to defend herself.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO STOP ME FROM TEACHING MY DAUGHTER?!” The woman shouted angrily as soon as she saw who stopped her from what she is about to do. “OH OH OH OH OH! DON’T YOU ARE SAY THAT CAUSE YOU ARE NOT TEACHING HER! RATHER THAN ABUSING HER TILL SHE BECOMES THE STICKS AND BONES!” I shouted back pulling the girl closer to me. “NEVER MIND! EITHER WAY THIS DAUGHTER OF MINE IS USELESS TO ME!” The woman stood up walking up and leaving the girl whimpering.

Soon after the woman stomps off, I tried reassuring the girl by pulling her into a hug. “It will be alright.” I patted her back for a while, reassuring her that everything will be okay. Soon after a while of patting her back and soft words of reassurance, the girl finally calms down a whole lot before a staff immediately came over to me.

“The woman and this girl haven’t paid for the food they have ordered.” The staff tells me pointing to the girl I am holding onto. Seeing that her heartless mother have abandoned her and I myself getting hungry again from having an early dinner, I immediately thought of a solution that will please everybody and creating a win-win situation in the process.

“I will pay for the meal and the girl will come home with me.” I tell the staff in a firm yet calm tone. “You sure a woman like you can pay $20 for that meal?” The staff points to the table the girl and woman are sitting at, full of food, asking with some uncertainty.

“Cut the nonsense and I am sure about it!” I said firmly to the staff before taking the girl back to the table, sitting myself down opposite the girl before I begin eating the food. Just as I ate, I saw the girl had not much rice and very little dishes to go with it, she just staring emotionlessly at the food.

“Not to worry. She’s gone. You can eat all you want.” I softly reassured her, bending my head a bit to her height as she was way smaller than me. “Really?” She asks and I can’t help nodding my head with a smile because of how cute she is just ate some of the food I passed to her.

“What’s your name?” I asked her as we eat. “P-Philippa" She says before taking another of the soft boiled eggs I gave her and swallowed it. "You can call me Philly" She continues.

After finishing our food, I paid the money and brought her home with me. I can't help carrying her because she is just so cute and adorable. When I headed back, Theodorie is cleaning up the dining area while Auggie and Henria are resting with their backs on the couch burping one after another.

"Oh! Margie! You brought a little girl home!"

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