The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 2 - Philippa

Theodora’s POV

“Oh! Margie! You brought a little girl home!”

I greeted Margie happily as soon as I finished cleaning up the plates and a bit of the kitchen to see her carrying a small stature and young looking girl home. “Her mother abandoned her for not obeying to be starved so I just brought her home with me and paid for the meal” Margie explains to me briefly as Auggie and Henria are burping on the couch one after the other as always after their food.

“We will read the Principles another time. Now let’s just introduced this girl to everybody” Margie says to me while balancing the small girl in her arms. “STARVING?!” Auggie jumped up in shock at Margie. “The girl definitely look starved without a shout of a doubt!” Henria says getting up soon after. The small girl just shy away and hid her face on Margie’s shoulder.

“Awwwww what a sweet and cute soul she is Margie!” I cooed. “She’s a bit shy” Margie softly explained to us before the girl just looked up, looking at Auggie, Henria and myself. “I am Theodora, you can call me Theodorie.” I introduced myself as patiently as I can. “I am Augusta, you can call me Auggie” Auggie was next to introduce herself. “And I am Henriette, or Henria” Henriette then introduces herself.

“And I am Marguerite or you can call me Margie like how they call me.” Margie introduces herself last to the girl. “M-My name is P-Philippa Anderson. Y-You can call me Philly." The girl softly introduces herself.

Soon after Margie puts Philly on the couch, we begin asking her some questions. "How old are you?" I asked. "16 turning 17 in 2 weeks time" She answers in a tone that I can't help myself squealing hard. "What month and day you're born in?" Henria asks her next. "29th September" Philly answers.


Auggie, Margie and I looked at Henria saying teasingly as soon as we realised that Philly is younger than all of us. "At least you guys need not baby me much now!" Henria says back to us. "But why you all are friends?" Philly then asked us that got us a little shocked.

Margie soon bends down to Philly's height and starts explaining how our organisation works. "We are a secret organisation that does things in the name of justice" Margie starts explaining herself that it somehow got the girl looking very interested in what we're doing. "Things in the name of justice?" She then begins asking Margie. "Don't you want to get back at the people who do you wrong?" Henria excitedly asks Philly and just as I was thinking that Philly won't be interested in what we're doing, she looks at us nodding her head, indicating that she is interested in joining us.

"Are you sure? Like 100% sure about this?" Auggie asked Philly just to make sure we are not hearing wrongly or lose a screw hearing Philly's indication. "Yes I am." Philly nods her head, looking very determined and sure about what is she getting herself into joining us. "Then welcome to Dames de Justice as our final member!" Margie put her hand out to Philly for the handshake.

"Wait final member?!" Auggie, Henria and I looked at Margie in shock. "Too many cooks will spoil the broth! I am happy handling just you four!" Margie says with a lot of assertiveness and firmness that we all can't help but to agree that 5 is enough for the group.

"Now who do we put Philly with though?" I asked Margie looking at the others and then to Philly before looking back to Margie herself. "Don't look at me like this cause Philly is sleeping with me and Henria!" Margie says to me as we turned to Philly enjoying Henria tickling the life of her. "But how do we know of her skills?" I then softly asked Margie.

"It is simple." She says softly before she started explaining to me that we will have to train her in whatever we are expertise in, be it hacking, martial arts and stuff. "Wouldn't that be too much and too risky for her? She's only 17 and is considered underage after all!" I silently without the others noticing, looked at her in shock. "I wish you are serious about this" I think to myself looking at Margie in shock.

"And plus after all, you picked this girl after the mother left. What if she changes her mind and sues you for kidnapping her daughter?" I asked Margie in a whispering tone, trying to be certain she's serious about what she wants to do with Philly in our line of work. "I am serious. Beside the shop staff can testify if that woman dares to sue us." She silently answers my question.

"What a neglectful woman she is!" Margie then started explaining and ranting about some bits of the girl's past that she knows of through that staff of the shop that Philly's family frequently dines at.

Philly has a pretty rough past, being bullied at school and being neglected at home. Not much has been done about her despite how everything is physically and mentally putting a toll on her already weak health. I can't help tearing a little seeing how this bubbly cute looking girl has to go through so much cruel stuff that nobody should ever deserve to go through in their lives.

"At least she is in a better place with us" I wiped my tears a little, telling Margie softly about how I felt about Philly's past, I just feel like protecting this girl just like how Margie feels.

After a while of chatting and getting to know more about Philly, we all washed up and headed to bed for the night, trying to get some sleep.

-The Next Day-

I woke up early the next day and to my horror and shock, I saw Philly at the lounge room couch staring into space, looking like she hasn't really slept much cause that little eye bag of hers looked very heavy.

"Could it be because of the new environment she's in? Or could possibly be her suffering from nightmares?" I think to myself the many possibilities of why and what could have happened. Before I could do anything about asking her myself, Margie is already up early and was faster herself in approaching Philly.

"Good day to you! What is wrong?"

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