The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 3 - The Retired Scorned Deputy (Pt. 1)

Theodora’s POV

“Good day to you! What is wrong?”

Margie asked Philly as she approached the girl and scooped her up from the couch. “Can’t sleep well in the new environment and just answering a long nature’s call.” Philly says in a soft yet breathy tone. “So I guess a bad stomach and insomnia?” She asked Philly in a very cheeky tone. “A little with nightmares” Philly nods her head answering.

“Not to worry too much with us here” Margie reassures her with I nodding my head agreeing as I walked out to join the two on the couch. “Cause at the end of the day, you are safe here with us and you have clearly nothing to be afraid of those mean people once you start becoming a strong person” Margie explains to her patiently. “Never really seen her explaining this patiently to Auggie and I.” I think to myself looking at how patient she is with Philly and Henria who are the younger girls of us bunch.

“Remember to keep Henria out of the kitchen later when she wakes up!” Margie tells me as she puts Philly down on the couch. “Roger that~” I agreed to Margie’s usual instruction about Henria. “Can I help you in the kitchen once I finished washing up?” Philly get up asking Margie. “You sure?” Margie asked and she nods her head with that cute pouty look.

“Alright then” Margie sighed before ruffling Philly’s hair with a slight smile before going to the kitchen while Philly herself went to wash up for the day.

After having our breakfast and getting ready, we are heading out for one of our newest missions being assigned to us. Just as we are about to head out, Philly was looking rather sleepy again and was asking Margie if she had any coffee.

“Yes we have coffee.” Margie says before taking a coffee bottle out of the fridge and gave it to her. “I am surprised you know how to drink coffee at such a young age.” I looked at Philly amazed.

I know this sounds very crazy but I seriously thought coffee is an adult’s thing and not a teenager’s. The times really are more progressive than what I have thought.

“I have been drinking it much since about 2 years ago just to keep myself awake for class.” Philly explains and we all can’t help looking at her in shock. “Did your parents know about it?” I asked her our of curiosity as I continue putting on my shoes. “Yep and they can’t really do anything about it since my father himself also drinks coffee often.” She explains.

“How about tea?” Auggie asks her. “I also drink tea but I have more liking towards coffee.” She answers Auggie’s question as she also puts on her shoes. “What parents let their kids have all the coffee and tea but not a proper diet?!” Margie comments to me silently as soon as I got up after finishing my shoes.

“I agree. Maybe it could be just the mother cause she looks more calmer explaining to us.” I said back to Margie silently. “You noticed too!?” She looks at me in a silent shock and I just nodded my head.

We soon got everything ready and headed out to the designated area where our mission will be explained. After 5 to 10 minutes of walking block by block, we found ourselves at a housing unit where its address happened to be the address we are to meet for the next mission thanks to Philly’s help.

"58 Eugene Avenue" Philly points to us a building with the sign of the place. “OH NICE!” Margie cheers as soon as she got what Philly is saying and ruffles her hair smiling as we headed to the building and meet the person who assigned us the mission.

At the doorstep of the unit, I went to press the doorbell. “DamJu! DamJu!” I knocked on the door twice after pressing the doorbell twice without anybody responding to the door. We immediately took a step back when we were suddenly greeted by an elderly with some quick reflexes of his opening the door and taking a gun at us.

“PLEASE! WE ARE NOT HERE TO HURT ANYBODY!” Margie shouts as she stops me from striking first for defence before she takes a deep breath as he have put down his gun on us.

“Did you send this to us?” She then asks him as she takes out the letter send to us yesterday morning on our mailbox that has our residence and his address listed on it. “So you’re the Dames de Justice?” The elderly then asks, still looking fearful and uncertain about us.

“Yes. We are the Dames de Justice. I am Leader M.” Margie then introduces herself before introducing us one by one. “Ooooo! I am so sorry! Do come in please.” The old guy immediately turns from a worried, fearful paranoid man to a happy jolly one as he invites into his house and have a seat.

“You’re the retired Deputy Alexander McForbes?” Margie then asked him pointing to the police attire hanging on the walls. “Yup I am. I have been retired years ago from Ayshire and have moved here to have a peaceful retirement.” He explains.

“You don’t sound Scottish” Henria points out cause his Scottish accent isn’t as heavy as we thought. “Living here so long. Of course it’s hard for people to tell I am Scots.” Mr McForbes explains chuckling a little. “Since you’re a former cop, what do you need us for?” I asked as I tried to keep Philly sitting still and occupied with something to do.

“A former cop yes I am. However, this is a personal one that I need not the cops involved.” Mr McForbes says before he went to get from his room to get a photo frame. The frame looks pretty well maintained despite being antique and pretty. “A personal vendetta I supposed?” Margie concludes and he nods his head.

We then looked at the photo and saw three people. One is surely the retired Deputy but who is the woman and the younger man in the photo. “I need you to track the woman down and get back at her.” He says.

“Get back at her?” We looked at him in shock. “The woman in the photo is my wife of 30 something years Blaire.” He explains the photos before he went back and forth from his room and passes us some photos that is getting not only Margie but also the rest of us confused.

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