The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 4 - The Retired Scorned Deputy (Pt. 2)

Augusta’s POV

“The woman in the photo is my wife of 30 something years Blaire.” Mr McForbes explains the photos before he went back and forth from his room and passes us some photos that is getting not only Margie but also the rest of us confused.

“Actually why do you want to get back at your wife for 30 something years?” I asked and immediately Margie glared at me to keep my mouth shut to just focus looking at the focus. “I wish the woman in the photo kissing the other man is not her but unfortunately it is her having an affair behind my back.” He explains sighing.

“The other man kinda young not gonna lie” I said looking at the pictures. “Shouldn’t you be getting a divorce on the grounds she’s committing adultery?” Philly asked Mr McForbes. “Getting a divorce isn’t easy.” Mr McForbes sighed once again.

“I mean it should be an open and close case with the photos.” Henria says looking at the photos. Soon after, Mr McForbes starts breaking down hard in tears. “What’s wrong?” Margie asks Mr McForbes worried. “It just hurts. 30 something years of marriage and she has been cheating with the gommy behind my back for the past 5 years! I-” Mr McForbes cries and rants, before he can finish his sentence, Mr McForbes started sobbing hard like a child.

“I didn’t give her $1000 dollars a month for this!!” He continues sobbing hard that I can’t help feeling pitiful for him while Margie and the others having the same feelings I had, just watching him explaining and sobbing about his case.

“So what do you want us to do Mr McForbes?” Margie asks patiently as soon as he finishes sobbing. “I want her to check the guy’s background and have them punished as you please, not amounting to murder.” Mr McForbes sniffles a little saying what he wants.

“That’s sounds simple!” I said. “Shut up Auggie W!” Margie calls me by my code name and glares at me that I can’t do anything but to keep my mouth shut. “No worries. Deputy McForbes.” Margie reassures him. “Something will surely be done about this.” She says to him.

“Thank you girls” He thanked us smiling before he went again to gave us $50,000 which is a lot of money as compared to what we usually get. “Sure. In 2 days. I will send you the address to get your wife once the deed is done.” Margie says leaving her working number to Mr McForbes.

“Thank you. Thank you” He thanked us repeatedly and soon after a while more of chatting, we all headed back to the house to discuss about what to do about the whole stint we are doing for the 2 days.

"Auggie! Track down Blaire Atchison-McForbes on SocialBook to see if we can find who the young unlucky fella is in the photos!" Theodorie tells me as soon as we are at the door of the house. "Roger noted" I responded back before I took off my shoes and headed for my living space to begin working on SocialBook to track down the man Mrs McForbes is committing adultery with.

"What do you think girls?" Margie then asks us and we turned around looking at her confused. "What do you even mean?" Henria asked her before Margie begins explaining to us what she meant.

"If you're a retired deputy, earning lots of money, have a son. giving your wife of 30 something years $1000 per month which by the way is really 5 times of what we average out have per month whilst schooling." Margie begin her long-winded explaining and analysing as always for every mission. "But for the past 5 years, your wife decides to cheat on you with another possible young looking man." She continues. "How much loss do you think Deputy McForbes have made for the past 5 years?" Margie then as usual, will love throwing us a no-nonsensical Mathematics question.

"For real Marguerite Delano...another Mathematics question..." Henria and Theodorie slouched on the chair and looked at Margie in shock. "Oh don't come at me with that Theodora Pikul and Henriette Samuels cause I call the shots here and not you two!" Margie tells them two off. "Just use your brains for a second will you two?!" Margie ends off with a huge sigh of dismay at the two.

"Sorry" Henria and Theodorie immediately apologised to Margie before we begin thinking about the question she throw at us. However, despite that, before we can even start thinking or go any further to begin answering, Philly already figured out the simple question in a blink of an eye.


"Yes Philly!" Margie looked at Philly. "Is the answer Mr McForbes losing $60000 in the past 5 years?" Philly answers in a quick yet doubtful manner that got Margie looking very stunned by her. "She calculates very fast." Henria whispers to Theodorie and I in shock. "I agree." We both agreed with what Henria whispered.

"YOU'RE SO AMAZING!" Margie immediately picked Philly up and started squealing happily which is really unusual for us to see of Margie as this no nonsense leader she always been to Theodorie, Henria and myself. "Now" Margie says before she claps both her hands to get our attention.

"Philly explain" She says to Philly before she begin explains how she got the simple question right. "1000 dollars per month times 12 since one year equates to 12 month gives 12000 dollars per year. Since its 5 years, just 12000 times 5 gives 60000 dollars" Philly starts explaining and we can't help feeling stunned ourselves as well that we just spend a good few minutes clapping at how fast and intelligent she is.

After a while of chatting and clapping, we all begin to feel very tired till my SocialBook account in my computer starts beeping and going off repeatedly.

Surprised? I have found my sneaky way to install a device that allows me to do my part of the missions on SocialBook easily. What a cheeky and sneaky of me right?

"GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!" I shouted in shock looking at my account and the girls immediately gathered around my computer. "What is the fuss about Auggie?" Margie asks me rubbing her ears from my loud shouting as she walks over to my computer.

"WAIT!" Margie also shouts in shock as soon as she looks at my computer. "ISN'T HE THE CHAP IN THE PHOTOS?!" She shouts and soon after the rest also get what she is saying and nodding their heads.

"Want me to explain?" I asked after everybody calmed down from the shouting and pointing out. "Sure! Go ahead!" Margie says to me.

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