The Price Of Revenge

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Chapter 5 - The Retired Scorned Deputy (Pt. 3)

Theodora’s POV

“Want me to explain?” Auggie asked after everybody calmed down from the shouting and pointing out. “Sure! Go ahead!” Margie says to her. Soon after, Auggie points to the profile picture and a background of the guy and starts explaining to us.

“His name is Pavlos Dunlap. He is Glasgow born to a Scot father and a Greek mother.” Auggie starts explaining. “Obvious since Pavlos is a Greek name” Henria comments. “He is an accountant who migrated to Edinburgh to pursue his career.” Auggie continues explaining. “Isn’t Glasgow the capital of Scotland?” I then asked.

“Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland you fool!” Margie hits my forehead with her fan which is darn painful. “OUCHIE!” I rubbed my forehead wincing. “But if the McForbeses are from Ayshire and Dunlap from Edinburgh, how did they cross paths?” Henria points out. “Not to forget this girls, Ayshire and Edinburgh are different places.” She continues.

“True but how did they meet if that’s the case?” I then pointed out another pointer before Auggie said something that will make our mission more easier to take place. “To be with my dear friend Blaire in Humming Bird Beach in 2 days~ So sweet~” Auggie reads out a recent new post from Pavlos Dunlap’s account. “There is a warehouse behind the beach that is not frequently used.” Auggie mentions to us. “So we handle them in the warehouse?” Henria asks. “Yup we are handling them in the warehouse.” Margie says to Henria. “But how though and who will go lure the two?” Philly then asks us.

Henriette’s POV

-The Next Day-

Philly, Auggie and I are waiting at the warehouse whilst waiting for Margie and Theodorie to lure Mrs McForbes and Mr Dunlap into the warehouse. “Can I ask something since I just joined you guys?” Philly then asks Auggie and I. “Sure! Fire away!” I said, allowing her to ask what she wants to ask.

“Just out of curiosity, how did you girls join Dames de Justice?” Philly then asks. Auggie and I looked at each other, not knowing whether to answer her question. Either way since she is already part of the group and she looks like somebody understanding and kind hearted, I begin sharing with Philly about my past.


Crippling on the day of the disgusting engagement is surely not a pretty sight. I am trying not to show my tears in the dressing room but I can't help myself because the guy I am being engaged to by my parents and is about to spend the rest of my life with is somebody I rarely knew and see. I would rather my crippling leg put me in the streets.

"What he is like? What if he is a monster?" I can't help myself thinking about the worst case scenario because of how hard and fast my own heart is pumping due to the extreme anxiety in me. "Surely he won't love a half cripple like me..." I keep thinking myself till the sound of the door opening that startled me for a little.

"Shhhhhh!!!" I turned around to see 3 black hooded figures and soon one of them took their masks down and revealed herself to be Frannie's sister, Margie. "Margie!" I gasped in shock.

"Come with me now before its too late" She says softly putting her hand out to me. "However my dress-" I was about to ask my dress when she just passed me a bag of clothes. "I will take you to the toilet. Now." She tells me before I just take a deep breath and left the dressing room with them and didn't return for the engagement day or even return to my parents, becoming a member of Dames de Justice eventually.


"Woah! Black hoods are amazing!" Philly clapped her hands amazed. "Speaking of black hoods, we better get dressed" Auggie says from the window before taking the bag and passing us the black hoods to wear.

"Leader M and Teddy Girl have gotten them both?" I silently asked Auggie using Margie and Theodorie's code names as she passed me my black hood. Auggie nods her head and we soon get ready on what we needed to do for the mission.

As soon as we got our hoods on and gave Margie and Theodorie the signal, we saw them dragging two people in, presumably Mrs McForbes and her lover Mr Dunlap. Mrs McForbes was an easy one to be tied on the chair but not Mr Dunlap that needed Margie and Auggie to tie him down on the other chair due to his size.

"LET US GO PLEASE!" Mr Dunlap cried out, struggling to get out of his chair but Philly soon takes a small towel made into a ball before stuffing the ball towel into his mouth. "LET US GO PLEASE!!" Mrs McForbes cried and pleaded before she finally kept her mouth shut when Margie drew out a small real looking yet a toy knife and put it on her neck.

How do I know is a toy knife? Margie has shown me her collection of such toy knives before that has exquisite designs on the hilt. That was just one of them.

"I will give you money! Just please leave Pavy and I alone!" Mrs McForbes continue crying silently. "Pfft! Pfft! You sure talk a lot of money using your hubby's money with another man yes?" Margie scoffs playing the tip of the knife around Mrs McForbes' neck.

"I just only wanted somebody to love me wholeheartedly and worth my money and time on!" Mrs McForbes cried out her excuses. "You have a son and a husband who loves you the past 30 something years! Who do you think you is!? What do you think your husband is?!" Margie shouts angrily at Mrs McForbes' excuses. "A golden goose~" The rest of us said in a singing tone.

"You sure will get what you deserve and may karma fall on you if you both dare calling the cops!" Theodorie says to the two blindfolding them both. "We won't call the cops we promise! Just let us go please!" Mrs McForbes says as Theodorie starts tying Mr Dunlap up and Auggie using Margie's phone to send the address to Deputy McForbes. "I do apologise but people like you two committing infidelity should have a taste of misery for the next hour or so" Margie tells them before we just took our leave and left the adulterous two there tied up.

Just as before we took our leave, Philly got another towel, make it into a ball and put into Mrs McForbes' mouth to prevent her from screaming for help. Soon after that, we closed the warehouse door and left the warehouse for good.

"Have you send the address to Deputy McForbes?" Margie asks Auggie when she gets into the car and buckles in her seatbelt. "Yes I did." Auggie says passing Margie her phone as we finished buckling our seatbelts and Margie starts the car.


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