The Cuckoo Murders

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Chapter 2

Riley left the meeting together with Boucher. He could tell his boss was seething, but he was more concerned about the look Kubric had given him. Did he suspect him of being involved in the disappearance of Markovic?

‘That bitch Hall’ Boucher spat, ‘she’s like a fucking hyena. She thinks we’re injured and can’t wait to move in for the kill. But she’s wrong, so wrong. God dammit, we must find Markovic and fast!’

’I’ll take a few lads with me, look round EastField Park boss. Somebody must’ve seen or heard something.” Riley said.

’Do that but make it fast.” Boucher said turning to face Riley.

‘Problem is nobody’s talking.’

‘They’ll talk, with the right persuasion. They always do. You know that. Put some pressure on. Do your job.’

‘You sure you want to go this way boss? The runners ain’t gonna take kindly if we go in too heavy.’

Boucher sighed. ‘They’ll get over it, they always do. Somebody knows what’s going on, and I need answers right now. We don’t have time for niceties, so get moving.’

‘Ok boss.’ Riley said and got busy on his mobile.

McVey shuffled into the street on his short legs, out of breath already from climbing the few steps towards the exit. Cameron followed him close by.

‘You heard anything on the street Cammy?’ He asked.

‘Not a word boss. All’s quiet.’ Cameron said.

‘Yeah maybe too quiet. Make some enquiries. Find out who’s behind this.’

‘You thinking of moving in boss? Could be risky, Boucher’s no fool.’

McVey pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit up.

‘Aye well, neither am I.’ He said.

Hall was furious as she stepped out of the building into the cool night air. Stopping after just a few paces she turned towards Foal and grabbed his collar, yanking him towards her so that his face was but a few inches from her own.

‘Did you have to behave like some school kid throwing a tantrum? Those are serious people in there.’ She said, pushing him away.

Foal bowed his head and said ‘Sorry. They’re just a bunch of wankers as far as I’m concerned.’

Hall looked incredulous. ’That bunch of wankers as you call them have built up the biggest scag empire north of the smoke. You know what Boucher was known as in France? Well I’ll tell you, the ‘butcher of Paris,’ that should tell even your one-cell brain something. McVey would skin you alive as soon as look at you, and Kubric ate young guttersnipes like you for dinner when he was in Bosnia. So show them a bit of respect.’

Foal looked suitably chastised. ‘So are we moving in?’

Hall took a deep breath before saying. ’Not yet. We need more information. Make a few enquiries, find out who’s undercutting Boucher. Is it organized or just some lone idiot trying to make a few quid.’

Kubric had remained in the smoke-filled room with Maric. He had taken his seat again and had poured himself a refill. His cigar was only half finished.

‘This is serious my friend. Boucher has been a fool. He should have come to me the day Markovic went missing. And why send a low life like him on such an important mission? Why not send Riley? Now, because of his stupidity the other two can smell blood and we risk having a turf war on our hands. They’re like feral cats. Hall could hardly contain herself and McVey’s little brain, despite being pickled in alcohol, was already making plans. We must stop this. Make some enquiries. Find out what has happened to this Markovic. Meanwhile I am going to try to find out who’s supplying this new intruder.’

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