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Lancaster's Bride

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Micheal Lancaster always went after what he wanted and he always got it. But once he falls face flat for French Jean Gaul, the English Lord is about to realize that good things don't come easy. Fighting his attraction for her and fighting for her, Micheal Lancaster just signed up for the toughest battle in his life where he would have to choose between the woman his heart wants and his God, King, Friends and country.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Michael Lancaster at wee hours of the morning, sat at the dark, hidden corner of the dingy pub downtown, musing.

Or moaning over his fate, as John put it.

He had chosen to go downtown, to the lowest of the low, ensuring he was not going to be recognized by either a stinking White rat or John.

He took another sip out of the surprisingly clean tumbler, which was cleaned because he had held the bartender’s neck, almost killing the man.

From his position, he could see everything that went on, out and in the pub, but he couldn’t be seen.

A cackle of large men, he suspected to be barons and mere gentlemen, entered loudly.

He dropped his cup gently and began to listen to their conversation. They often had the best news.

“I hear there are a bunch French blood in the Castle eh?”

“Yessir.” The other gulped. ” French Ambassador and daughters, three daughters”

Three daughters. Fresh, untainted ladies in the court. That was interesting.

“There’s a ball coming tonight. In their honour”

“Noble bastards. Couldn’t let us of lower blood attend eh?”

" Nah. Them Dukes and Kings. Marquises and Earls. House of Lord. Pompous. ” A tall one chimed.

Michael stacked the coin he owed on the table. It was time to leave.

His temper was still singing from the encounter with the White and didn’t wish to get into a brawl.

As he rode home at an unholy speed, he was excited.

A new blood in the court.


Three, fresh, untainted by the court ladies.

It was perhaps time to clean his tailcoat.

He did not wear a tailcoat!

Pah! It was dreadful.

“John, you didn’t inform me that we had visitors”

“Visitors?” The Marquis rarely raised his voice.

If Michael didn’t know him, he would think he was afraid to be heard.

“From France. I am very annoyed with you John. Very pissed ”

" No. No you’re not. ”

And he actually wasn’t. John Comlyn was the only Man whom he didn’t get truly pissed at. It was a miracle, he got pissed at Mother.

“And you don’t know that because you refused to attend the court yesterday, Michael”

" You cannot expect me to be in court John. I am a busy and scarce man”

" So you say. The French Ambassador and his two-”

" I already know that John. ”

The Marquis didn’t reply.

" And John, why are you not fucking dressed? ”

" Because I have nowhere to go? ”

Michael shook his head.

" I don’t know what you’ll without me John. You, we, have a fucking ball to attend, that is filled with young untainted ladies! ”

The Lancastrian threw his arms open.

" Who knows? We could even get you a wife!”

“I do not want a wife Michael” the Marquis growled.

" I know! We would have a grand wedding John, perhaps your bride would make you smile - how do you reckon it feel when you finally smile at someone that is not me?”

The Marquis exhaled and laced his boots and picked the shirt that was thrown over his seat and buttoned up.

Michael watched with satisfaction as the Marquis marched into his carriage.

It never gets old- annoying the Marquis was his third favourite past time.

His reflection and woman were first and second respectively.

He nodded at John’s driver and entered on his.

He couldn’t wait to meet this “fresh bloods”

He hoped the Ambassador’s daughters were pretty.

This is the third book in The Four Nobles Series and this would be released when Earl’s Promise is complete.

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This explores the life of The Duke of Lancaster as we had seen in Earl’s Promise and this is the fourth book in the series. This is the tale of a Red Rose.



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