Unholy alliance

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A novel that explores the powers beyond our world and opens us to the vulnerability of celestial beings... The book will engage readers deeply with its well drawn characters and smooth theme Four gorgeous ladies (Maria, Audrey, Rachael and Yvonne) who thought they had a normal life like every woman should are caught up in a dangerous supernatural war between Angels and Leviathans. When Yvonne meets a powerful celestial being known as Metatron her disturbed life takes a new and unpredictable turn, unknown to her that Metatron had come for something that existed within her blood vessels. It all started out peaceful until Metatron predicts the death of Audrey – unable to bare losing a best friend Yvonne sets out to rescue Audrey against Metatron’s instruction and unfortunately she complicates their reality causing Maria’s husband to die. Lucifer takes advantage of this broken edge by seeking what Yvonne possesses before Metatron can. Failing to achieve his desire Lucifer releases chaos to the earth by setting free the most powerful and most dangerous supernatural creature God ever created. Metatron is now forced to face his most powerful contender or watch the earth become ashes.

Thriller / Action
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Chapter one – Problems

Chapter two – In confused moments

Chapter three – A little fun

Chapter four – A little leisure, a little pleasure

Chapter five – Good bye good times

Unholy Alliance

Chapter six – All hell break loose

Chapter seven – A new lifestyle

Chapter eight – Unleashed dragon

Chapter nine – Sworn friendship becomes sworn enmity

Chapter ten – Dark clouds are going away

Chapter eleven – Oops! Dark cloud changed their minds

Chapter twelve – Rising darkness

Dragon Queen

Chapter thirteen – Making of a Dragon Queen

Chapter fourteen - A Dragon Queen is born

Chapter fifteen – Maleficent Maria

Chapter sixteen - Flying Dragon

Chapter seventeen – Dragon’s cave

Chapter eighteen – Preparing for war

Chapter nineteen – World war (Blood moon)


M.A.R.Y (Maria. Audrey. Rachael. Yvonne)


And here is a story about four women, their lives are characterized with power, bravery, foolishness and undoubtly… beauty.

They share a friendship that can be best described as best friends forever; beautiful, intelligent but still kinds foolish though; women with beauty good enough to start a world war.

This isn’t really about their foolish adventure but this is a story of how they got caught up in the war of the celestials…

Here we have them:


Happily married to Maxwell, a successful business man, their only problem is the absence of a baby’s cry in their multi million naira mansion


30 years old spinster with a boyfriend in his early 20s known as Chinedu; independently rich and styled


This dark brown, moderately chubby beauty is dying of low self esteem. Married to a man who is married to her money. I personally feel she is the most beautiful of all four; her eyes and lips are a breath taker but strangely she no longer sees that; we will find out why


And here is my baby, my favourite from all four beauties; she is glorified with beauty but quite the stubborn fellow, kind of fearless and wealthy too. Tied the knot with an obfuscating husband. Beautiful strong woman but emotionally weak

It’s okay to think this is a romantic story; well a little bit of it, is though, but this story… this my story is a supernatural war… hold your horses! I’m not starting up this war immediately, let’s take is slowly from the sweet part.

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