Heart Shape Pavement

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"A grace caress by sorrow and painful past cannot quench the love it prepares for the future."

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1: Check Mate.

Grace Caress covered her mouth with shaky hands to blot out her fear and nonstop cries. She concealed herself under a bunch of broken branches and dried leaves. She witnessed how her childhood friend Dinah got pinned down on the cold soil while being raped and abused by famous male celebrities. How did they end up in the middle of the woods far from the city under the starless night sky?

It goes back around 8pm in the evening. Grace and Dinah just went and visit a churchmate who is bedridden when a lively blue van stopped for them. The loud and drunk men are highly under drugs that it boast their lust. It so happen that Grace and Dinah are on their way to get home. Everything happened so fast. This men overpowered the petite ladies. When the blue van stopped numerous hands drag the ladies out and started to laugh and scream. "Run wohooo! Run!" They all cheered in unison. Frightened and terrified Grace and Dinah ran. It bacame a hunting and chase game for the intoxicated men.

Dinah and Grace held hands while running they throw out there things in all direction to confuse them. Their scared and now bruised feet took them deeper into the woods. Dinah stepped on a sharp object thrown on the dark ground and got her left foot injured. Grace would never let go of her hand instead she put her arms in her shoulders and they kept running, Their pace slowed down. Dinah's blood sprinkled the dried leaves and soil.

Dinah pleaded that Grace should leave her and run for her life but Grace just get more persistent in helping her. The two young ladies can hear the cheering and cat callings get louder and closer. Dinah scanned the sorrounding and noticed a hallow surface full of leaves and broken branches. Before their predators catch them Dinah directed Grace to where the hallow surface. Dinah gain all of her courage and stregnth. Dinah pushed her best friend Grace with so much force of love with hope and said.

"Grace, everyday I thank the Lord for blessing me a faithful friend like you. Trully you are beautiful. Live and testify." Grace extended her hand to grab Dinah with hers but Dinah knew her so much that she pushed her body away from her and started crawling to the opposite direction. Dinah managed to pass three trees when one of the men found her and call out to his gang and started their heart breaking festivity. Dinah did not scream nor cried she maintained her dauntlessness and virtue. Grace lament silently as she witnessed the abused her friend went through.

After the gang satisfied themselves they scattered like nothing happened. Grace waited for hours before she got up. She kneeled and hug Dinah's lifeless body.

Rocking it back and forth as she cried. After praying and pouring out all her pain. Grace started to walk aimlessly with her barefoot. She followed the sound of the river. Her anguished heart and bruised feet took her to the said river. She bathed washed her face and feet tiredly. She is about to get back when a manly voice behind her said. "I found you." Grace felt her feet ran on their own and followed the river downstream. She stumbled and fell down. The guy caught her and said. "It's check mate. From now on your mine." Grace grew pale, all colors left her face. The man caught her before she hit the wet surface.

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