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Chapter 10: Taken

The car rocked. The mercenaries were blurry, their voices muffled. The rebels sat with their hands tied thickly by rope. Rayne however was not bound and sat next to one of the soldiers who wouldn’t take his eyes off her.

“We’re coming to the gate. I have with me Tatsuya and Bexley Ozil, Rayne Everwood, and Geoffrey Stanton,” the mercenary said into her dispatch.

“Did you say Stanton?” another female replied. The mercenary looked at Geo’s disoriented face. “Make sure he comes to the lab first before the others,” she ordered. They pulled up to the CDC entrance. The gate opened and they went through. The gates shut closing off any access to the outside world. The general greeted them when they were escorted off the truck. He stopped in front of Geo.

“Mr. Stanton, it’s so good to see you again. I had no idea you were running around with these... these what do you call them marrids? Why not just call yourselves rebels? That’s what you are correct?” he said unenthusiastic. Geo glared at him as they pushed him along by the face. They came to a split in the hall and took the guys one way and the girls the other. Tatsuya fought against them.

“No! Bexley!” he screamed biting one of them. Bexley also fought her kidnappers. “I will find you! Don’t tell them anything!” he continued as they shoved him into a lab room. Geo and Rayne stood at the split with a few mercenaries. They untie Geo who rubs his reddening wrists.

“Rayne, go to the decontamination room. I’d have you show Mr. Stanton around but he’s been here longer than you,” the General chuckles. He puts a hand on Geo’s shoulder and pulls him away from Rayne. Geo stares back at her. “Don’t worry Geoffrey, you’ll be with her soon enough. But there is someone else who would like to see you first,” he says guiding Geo down the hall. Geo looks around analyzing his surroundings. He made a mental note of how to escape when things got crazy. They take Geo into a white room. The General leaves him to his thoughts.

“I need to get out of here,” Geo whispers turning in circles. A light green mist begins to fill the room. Geo covers his mouth with his shirt. “Gassing me won’t work!” Geo shouts going to a corner of the room. He crouches and sits on the floor. The gas becomes thicker. Breathing becomes harder. Geo coughs. His vision slowly becomes blurry. He falls to the ground saliva pooling on the floor as he gasps. A woman in a bright red outfit comes in her stilettos clicking on the tiles.

“It’s been awhile, Geoffrey,” she says calmly. “Turn off the gas, I don’t want him agitated,” she orders. “It’s not everyday a subject comes back to us after leaving. Isn’t that right, Geoff?” she smiles walking away.

An hour or so goes by. Geo sits shirtless in a chair as if he’s getting a massage. His scarred back glistens in the dim light. His hands and feet are tied to the ground. He opens his eyes. The woman in red is underneath him.

“Hey there sleepy head,” she jokes standing up. Geo lifts his head but it hurts. “You still have the marks I gave you. That’s sweet,” she says grabbing a tasseled whip. She moves it lustfully around his back causing goosebumps. She smacks him hard. Geo grunts clenching his hands. “I love the sound of a man moaning. It’s so... hot,” she says running the whip on him again. Geo’s hands slowly open and close.

“Sophia why are you doing this?” Geo mutters. She smacks him a few more times before answering. His back turns a light shade of red.

“You were the best asset we had Geoff. Besides Garnet. The two of you were of the few who could withstand Pax-A for a long period of time. He ended up escaping and then you ran which ruined everything,” she explains grabbing a blade.

“It’s not like you were coming out with any breakthroughs,” he says spitting on the ground.

“Now how would you know that? It’s been a good three years since you left and where do we find you? At the bunker where--”

“Where this whole shit fest started!” Geo shouts. Sophia brings the blade on to his back causing another gash with the others. “We were supposed to do good for the country!” he screams through the pain.

“We still can, but we need you Geoff in order to do that. Some of the other test subjects aren’t as... shall I say willing, as you,” Sophia says walking around the front of Geo. She places a hand on his cheek gently rubbing it. “You and I accomplished so much together,” she mumbled kissing his cheek leaving a lipstick print.

“You and I are finished. There is nothing for you in me anymore,” Geo says pulling away from her. Sophia goes behind him and sits on the chair with him. She puts a towel on his back before resting her chin on his shoulder. She wraps her hands around his chest and sighs deeply.

“Why do you want to push me away so much? When will you just accept what’s happening like a good boy?” she asks kissing his back. She grips his pecs romantically. Geo fiddles with the cuffs on his wrists.

“Because I’m not a boy. We had a duty to protect the people of this country and when the virus got out, we should have stopped it then and there. But instead you idiots continued mass producing it, blowing the problem out of proportion,” Geo says. His wrists turn red with blood as he continues messing with the cuffs.

“You were right, we wanted to make the world better, cure all the diseases that were ending lives. So what a few people got hurt, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs,” She says standing up. “And you certainly can’t get out of restrains by making your wrists slippery with blood,” she smiled walking to the door. “I’m going to see what your friends know and then we might start tests or we can release them by dinner time. Your choice,” she bargains. Geo sighs angrily.

“Use me. Don’t even bother with them, just let them go. Please,” Geo pleads. A few scientists come into the room. One holds a worm the other holds a syringe.

“I’m so glad you see it our way, Geoffrey. I love it when things go according to plan,” she says shutting the door. She watches through the window. The scientists untie Geo forcing him on his back. They tie his arms down in a cross formation. One takes the syringe and drains blue liquid out of the worm.

“Now, Stanton, this strain of Pax-A should cure mild stress,” one scientist informs. The other holds Geo’s face tightly and removes his contacts. His hazel eyes stare soullessly at them. They clean his forearm before putting the needle in. His veins become more visible with a darker shade of blue. His arms tremble as he clenches his hands tight. Geo lets out a scream his teeth turning jagged his eyes turning bright green and silver. His eyes started blinking rapidly as his head shook from side to side. Small movements appear under his skin. His head shakes back and forth as he screams from the pain.

The scientist simply watch him struggle. That is until the straps on his arms broke. They backed up as Geo fell off the chair. He crawled toward them. His back crawls with little movements. One scientist managed to get out of the room. Geo grabbed the other’s leg and pulled him back. Geo straddled him as he struggled underneath. He slapped at Geo fearfully. A devilish smile curled to Geo’s lips as he placed his thumbs on the outer base of the scientists blue eyes. The scientist tried to move his head around but Geo kept his thumbs firm. The scientist began started to scream but when he opened his mouth, Geo leaned down kissing him. The struggle soon came to an end when his eyes glazed over. Geo stopped kissing him and removed his hands. The scientist had two burn marks where Geo’s thumbs were.

Geo stood and walked to the corner of the room. He put his hand in his mouth forcing himself to throw up. He vomited a large amount of blue liquid. Tiny worms squirmed around in the liquid. Geo went back to the scientist and grabbed him. He dragged him over to the liquid and put his head on it. The worms slowly made their way to the new host.

“Suck on that. Now you’ll know how the sick feel,” Geo smiled watching them eat holes in the man’s face. Geo turned and looked at the window. Rayne stood looking in. She covered her mouth and backed away as Geo approached. He began banging on the glass until it cracked. He broke it, his hands bleeding from the force. “Hello hello,” He smiled. Rayne was silent. She didn’t know what to say. Geo looked around. She was the only one in the hallway. “I take it they want you to try and stop me?” he asks as she nods. “That wouldn’t be a wise decision,” he suggests. Rayne simply nods. She’s at a loss for words.

“I... I found where they’re keeping the others,” she whispers. Blue saliva drips from Geo’s chattering teeth. “You’ve got a little...” her voice trails off as he wipes his mouth.

“Well that’s embarrassing,” he jokes. The tattoo on his chest and arm are no longer black but a faint blue color. “Do you have a gun by chance?” Geo asks. Rayne pulls out her pistol. She is hesitant to hand it over when he reaches out his hand. His teeth begin to chatter and he squints suspiciously. Rayne hands it over and he smiles. “Thank you,” he says. They make their way down the hall.

“Geo are you--”

“Where did they put my contacts?” he interrupts. She shrugs nervously. “Rayne, I’m not going to hurt you unless you do something to me. Just relax OK?” he says as she nods. She can’t help but be nervous now that he’s gone scavenger crazy. His tattoo slowly turns black again. He hears footsteps and pulls Rayne into an unfinished passage. She gets ready to scream when he covers her mouth. “Please don’t do that,” he whispers. A few mercenaries walk Sophia down the hall. Once they pass, Geo grabs her hand and pulls her down the hall.

“Where are we going?” Rayne asks. Geo stops in front of the men’s restroom. He goes in. She proceeds to follow and he stops her at the door.

“What are you doing?” he asks suspiciously.

“I thought you wanted me to follow you,” she says innocently.

“Into the guys bathroom? Are you crazy?” he chuckles shutting the door on her. Geo stares at the mirror. His arms and chests have small cysts on them. He puts a finger in his mouth and puts the blue spit on the cysts. They start to recede into his skin. Geo looks around for something to wipe his face with. He grabs a paper towel and wets it before bringing it to his eyes. He looks at the ceiling as he wipes the silver part of his eye. He spits on the towel before putting it back to his eye. The blue spit creeps into his eye. It covers his green pupil. The liquid lingers awhile before turning jelly like. Geo grabs it and pulls it out of his eye which has turned to its hazel color. He tosses the goop into the trash. He smiles satisfied before noticing his teeth. He accumulates a large amount of saliva in his mouth. He swishes it around before spitting it in the sink. He smiles licking his pearly whites. Geo walks out of the bathroom to an anxious Rayne.

“What’d you do fall in?” she chuckles. He laughs with her making her smile disappear. “What happened to your--”

“Let’s get the others and get the hell out of here,” Geo says walking down the hall. They come to a room where Tatsuya and Bexley lay on a small bed together. Geo goes in turning on the light. Tatsuya is up quickly ready to protect her. He stops when he notices it’s Geo.

“Holy crap man what happened?” Tatsuya asks. Geo shakes his head.

“No time, lets take some supplies and get out of here,” Geo says.

“We can’t take supplies, that’ll take too long!” Tatsuya protests.

“Look, we can’t go back to the base with Keenan without something. Besides, I think I figured something out and I really need medical supplies. Please, Tat, just trust me,” Geo pleads. The ambition in his voice makes Tatsuya smile.

“OK let’s get what we can and get out of here,” Tatsuya agrees. He goes over to Bexley and gently shakes her awake. “Let’s go babe, we are getting out of here,” he smiles helping her to her feet. The group make their way out of the room.

“There should be a laundry room near by. We can take their clothes and pass as one of them. Hit the medic lab and then the kitchen and then take a truck out of here,” Geo advises as they casually walk down the hall. They come to the laundry room and grab three lab coats. Rayne is still in her uniform. “Pretend that you’re giving us a tour of the building and take us to the medic lab,” Geo orders. They come out of the room and run into a few mercenaries.

“How’s it going today?” one asks. Rayne puts on a smile.

“Not too bad, just showing some of the new scientists around. The general wants to send them out on a recruiting mission, could you guys load up one of the trucks with food? We have to go to the medic lab and are on a strict schedule,” Rayne says.

“Sure thing, does it matter what food?” he asks pulling out a notepad.

“Just the essentials. Fruit, water, some meat, bread, milk, and baby items. You never know how young they’ll be,” she smiles as he writes it all down.

“No problem, we’ll get that stuff loaded onto truck three for ya. Good luck with the tour guys,” he says happily. They continue walking down the hall.

“That was brilliant!” Geo says with excitement. They arrive to the medic lab. The door is locked with a pass code.

“I don’t know the code,” Rayne says disappointed. Geo waves a hand.

“Don’t worry I got it,” he says looking at the numbers. His eyes flash green. He stares at the fingerprints that appear on the buttons. He puts a hand to a button. He moves his finger along each one until his teeth begin to chatter. He pushes the number seven. He goes to another finger print until his teeth chatter again. He pushes six then four, then two, then nine. The door hisses open as Geo smiles.

“How did you do--”

“Let’s get the stuff and get out,” Geo interrupts Tatsuya. They grab a cooler and put things into it. When no one is looking, Geo puts a few worms in another cooler. He puts more supplies on top before closing it.

“Is this good?” Rayne asks. Geo nods and they leave. They go to truck three and load it with the supplies. The other mercenaries had it filled with food and water. They climb in and drive to the gate. The moment they get out of the gates, the alarm goes off. Geo floors it down the dusty road.

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