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Chapter 7: Survivors

The car quietly rumbled down the street. Geo guiding it close to the side walk. A few residents closed their shutters as the trio passed.

“I can’t believe that idiot wants to move everyone,“Tatsuya mumbles in the back seat. Geo sits casually in his seat, one hand on the wheel.

“If he thinks it’s the safer option, then we should try it. There are far too many lives at stake to be fooling around,” Geo says. His face is serious. It’s not one that Bexley has seen and she’s not sure she likes it. Geo slams on the breaks. He puts an arm in front of Bexley stopping her from going forward. They look around.

“What happened? Why did you do that?” Bexley questions. He points to a truck in the middle of the road. A group of scavengers surround it. “Keenan was right,they’re coming out earlier and earlier,” Bexley states. Geo grabs a pair of binoculars. He looks into the truck. A woman sits in the driver’s seat. Her eyes wide open and motionless. Suddenly all the scavengers rush to a house. They start banging on the doors and windows.

“Somebody must be trapped inside,” Tatsuya says. Geo grabs his pistol with a silencer. “You aren’t seriously going out there are you?” Tatsuya questions. Geo puts ammunition in the gun before staring Tatsuya down.

“Why would we leave them there to die if they’re healthy?” Geo questions opening the door. He pulls his knife out of his boot and holds it under the gun. Tatsuya climbs in the front seat of the car quietly shutting the door. Geo crouch walks to the passenger side of the vehicle. His eyes widen when he sees the CDC lettering on the side. Geo opens the passenger door climbing inside. He grabs the pillow from the seat. The woman in the car turns her head slowly. Her teeth begin chattering. Her eyes are lime green and silver, her skin covered in cysts. She reaches for Geo. He puts the pillow on her face and sticks the gun to it. He pulls the trigger killing her. Her blood was a whitish green.

“I’m so sorry,” Geo whispered. He looked to make sure none of the scavengers were paying attention to him. He grabbed the walkie talkie. “Tatsuya?” Geo asked. He looked down the street.

“Whats up man?” Tatsuya asked waving.”

“Get the gear out of the car, leave it on the ground and speed down the street. We need to drive them away from the house. Plus we’ll take this van. It has more space and supplies,” Geo ordered. Tatsuya and Bexley shove their gear out the windows. Tatsuya revs the engine before peeling down the street. He honks the horn rapidly as he passes the scavenger-infested house. They turn and start taking off after the car.

Geo gets out of the truck and runs around the back of the house. He breaks the door down and goes inside.

“Hey! Is anyone in here?” Geo shouts. He turns on the flashlight on his gun looking in each room. He comes to a bathroom and tries to push the door open.

“Please! Just leave me alone!” a woman cries.

“Hey it’s OK. I’m a friendly,” Geo says knocking on the door. “My name is Geoffrey Stanton, I’m a medic, I can help you,” Geo pleads. The door slightly opens. Rayne’s hazel eyes peer out at him. He smiles compassionately. She has a gash on her neck.

“How did you get in?” she asks. She wont open the door anymore.

“Me and my friends saw the house surrounded so I had them lure the scavengers away,” Geo explained.

“What’s a scavenger?” Rayne asks. Geo sighs. There isn’t time for this.

“Ill answer all your questions if you just come with me. It’s only a matter of time before they come back and the sun is going down. There will be more,” Geo pleads. She pulls the door open more. Her uniform is visible to him now. Geo grabs her hand gently pulling her toward him. Gunfire forces them to the ground. Geo stays on top of her as debris falls on them.

“Please! I don’t want to die,” she cries. Geo lifts his gun to a shadow behind the blinds. He releases a few silenced bullets.

“You’re gonna be just fine OK? Trust me,” Geo says. She grabs his hand clenching it tight. He crouches pulling her off the ground. “You got a gun?” he asks as she shows her pistol. “Great. Don’t use it. It’ll attract more,” he advises. They make their way to the backyard. A shotgun blasts the blinds back. Geo stops and pulls her into a room. She falls on him. Rayne rolls to the side looking around the room.

“We can crawl out the window,” she whispers. Geo puts his gun on the dresser. He pushes the bed in front of the door. Footsteps on the wood floor stop their actions.

“Just stay calm and follow me OK?” Geo smiles. Rayne nods while picking the lock on the window. Whoever is at the door tried to push it open. The bed squeaked on the ground. Rayne got the window up. She climbed out first. Geo went second. He got in front of Rayne and went to the front of the house. A group of armed men stood on the porch with guns. Geo stopped, Rayne running into him.

“Hang on,” Geo says grabbing a rock from the ground. He hurled it at an empty car window. The glass shattered. The alarm sounded loudly. Enormous amounts of teeth chatter stared. Geo turned to Rayne pressing his body on hers. He put his hands above her head. She buried her face in his shirt. The arousing smell of his cologne was overwhelming. A few scavengers came from the back. They bump Geo as they pass but the noise and gunfire holds their attention tightly.

“Don’t move,” he whispers. The air is filled with gunfire and screams. The surrounding area begins to crowd with scavengers and their dogs of various sizes.

“Well well, if it isn’t a group of survivors. Or are you marrids? Are you with the rebels?” Garnet asks hopping off his beast. He rubs the dog behind the ears. Garnet smiles motioning to the hundreds of scavengers around him. “What are you waiting for? They can’t kill all of us,” Garnet laughs climbing on his dog. “Lets make a game of it shall we?” he asks. The small group of survivors fight their way into the street. The scavengers chase them down. Geo grabs Rayne and runs to the CDC truck. Geo pulls the woman out of the seat and gently sets her on the ground.

“Thank you,” Rayne breathes. Geo looks at all the supplies in the back. Tatsuya and Bexley are laying on the ground.

“What are you guys doing?” Geo asks. Tatsuya sits up rubbing his head. He has a cut on his ear and scratches on his face.

“We ditched the car and barely made it back here. Those survivors were crazy shooting at us and crap. We came in here and laid low. Sorry we weren’t of much help,” Tatsuya said as Geo looked around for the key. Rayne leans over and pulls the panel off the side. She hot wires the car. Geo stares at her surprised.

“This isn’t my first time doing this,” she smiled. Geo returned it and put the car in drive.

“We can’t go down that way otherwise we’d be following them. We’ll have to go somewhere else and wait until morning,” Geo advised. They drive down the street coming to a four way intersection. Rayne points to the left.

“That’ll lead you up to Planar from there you can get on the highway. I’m not sure where you’re headed but it might be better than the residential areas,” Rayne suggests. Geo takes a look at his phone. The newest base was actually that way. The interstate would be a faster route.

“We won’t make it there by night fall. Light and sound attract those things more than you think. A car, especially one of this size, would end us,” Geo explains. He turns off the head lights. He rolls down the window a little the wind moving his hair around.

After about an hour of driving, they stop in an abandoned town. Geo stops in front of a gas station. He climbs out and stretches his legs. The others get out as well.

“How close are we?” Tatsuya asks. Geo looks at his phone.

“Of course this hopoke town doesn’t get any service,” Geo grumbles. The light at the station flickers. He shoots it with the pistol. “We should be close. Lets find an open house and camp for the night. It’s going to be too dangerous,” he advises. They walk around jiggling handles until one finally opened.

The living room was the first thing to be seen. The furniture was covered in plastic. The floor was freshly polished. A large plasma TV hangs on the wall. Geo goes in and removes the plastic.

“This stuff is brand new,” Geo says. Bexley and Rayne go into the kitchen. Everything was brand new. “You think they tried to move before shit hit the fan?” Geo asked. Tatsuya’s eyes were plastered on the wall. The word help was written in red. Below it was a man with a gunshot in the head. His wife lay on his lap.

“They weren’t successful,” Tatsuya whispers sadly. He grabbed the woman and started carrying her to the door. Bexley and Rayne grabbed the man.

“Where are you going to take them? You can’t leave them outside, the scavengers will be over this place in a heartbeat,” Geo says. Tatsuya takes them to a closet and puts them in.

“We’ll bury them out back in the morning,” he says. They continue to explore. There was a master bedroom and bathroom with one smaller room that looked designed by a teen. It had a half bath attached with just a shower and toilet.

“Well you guys can take the master bed,” Geo said pointing to Bexley and Tatsuya. He pointed to Rayne snapping his fingers.

“My name is Rayne,” she said as he smiled.

“Aww that’s pretty. You can take the other bedroom,” Geo offered.

“What about you?” she asked concerned.

“I’ll take the couch. Don’t worry I’ll be fine,” he reassured. She looked at him shyly before looking away. Tatsuya stared between them. Bexley hit his arm.

“Be nice,” she hissed. She pulled him into the bedroom and shut the door.

“I feel bad about making you sleep out here. At least come into the room where you can lock the door. You never know,” Rayne asked. She had a hint of want in her voice. Geo smiled and nodded.

“If it makes you happy, I’ll sleep on the floor in there,” Geo said following her into the room. Rayne grabbed a green pillow off the bed and tossed it on the floor. Geo found a few spare blankets and laid them out. He lay on his back looking up at the motionless ceiling fan. Rayne tossed and turned for a while before finally settling down. The slightest of noises took Geo’s attention. He cocked his pistol and put it under the bed by his head before closing his eyes.

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