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Chapter 8: Relocation

Geo started quickly to the sound of crying. He sat up from the floor looking around. Rayne was tossing and turning again. Geo got up rubbing his eyes. He climbed in the bed next to her and cuddled her. She was shaking, tears running down her cheeks. Geo turned her and spooned her putting his head on her cheek.

“You’re alright. Shh don’t cry,” Geo whispered holding her tight. She slowly relaxed in his arms. Rayne turned to him putting her face in his bare chest. Geo held her close rubbing her back ever so gently. He looked at his watch. The sun would be up soon, but the two were comfortable against each other. Geo kissed her forehead pushing a lock of hair out of her eyes. Her hand gripped his side as she draped a leg over his. After a long moment of stillness and silence, Geo’s eyes slowly closed.

The sun peaked through the window, a ray going straight through the eye lid. Geo remained still. Rayne stirred awake. She stared at Geo’s throat for a moment before pulling back. He held her close. Rayne put her hands on Geo’s chest and pushed herself away. He turned toward the wall and balled up under the blanket. Rayne climbed out of bed. She stared at Geo’s pants on the floor. A gentle knock came on the door. Rayne cracked it.

“Yeah?” she asked. Bexley stood with a plate of breakfast food.

“You guys hungry? Tat made something real quick before we move out,” Bexley offered. She stared at Rayne strangely. Her lacy pink linguine looked nice on her. “You two didn’t uh...” Bexley started. Rayne shook her head.

“No I swear we didn’t do anything. I’m not that kind of person,” Rayne said nervously. She flung the door open to show Geo passed out in bed.

“I believe you. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with him, it’s just you’re both uh... never mind. Can you wake him up, we should really get going,” Bexley said as Rayne smiled. She shut the door and walked over to Geo. She grabbed his shoulder and pulled him on to his back.

“Hey, Geo. Geo wake up. Geoff,” Rayne said shaking him. Geo groaned before opening his eyes. It took him a moment to process what was happening. He stared at her attire, his mouth dropping. He sat up quickly.

“I swear we didn’t do anything!” he shouted as she giggled.

“I know we didn’t do anything. Calm down,” she says grabbing a shirt from her bag. “I guess you didn’t like sleeping on the floor then?” she asked as Geo rubbed his eyes. He stood, his grey briefs clinging to him.

“You were crying,” he said grabbing his black jeans. He pulled them up but they loosely hung off him showing the brim of his briefs. He looked around for his shirt. When he turned his back to her, she saw all the lashes on his skin.

“What happened?” Rayne asked looking at all the marks. They were red and looked painful. Some were covered up by bruises.

“I don’t know, you were tossing and turning and then you were crying so I--”

“I mean your back. What happened?” she interrupted. Geo swiftly put his shirt on. He turned to her concerned face.

“It doesn’t matter,” Geo said walking to the door.

“It looks like something or someone attacked you,” Rayne said softly. Geo stopped and sighed.

“Why don’t we just leave it at that assumption?” he said walking out. Rayne tidied up the room a little and brought their stuff into the kitchen. Tatsuya was sitting on the counter with toast.

“Their food is still good?” Rayne asked as Tatsuya shrugged.

“I don’t know. The bread wasn’t moldy and the milk smelled fine. If you’re not sure, you don’t have to eat it. Don’t want anyone getting sick,” Tatsuya said in between bites.

“We better bury those people and get a move on. We still have to find the place,” Geo said. Tatsuya hopped off the counter. He emptied the fridge into a bag. He carried the bag to the truck. Geo went out back and began digging a large hole. Rayne watched him as he started to break a sweat. Tatsuya later joined and started digging as well. Geo looked up wiping his forehead. “You gonna help or undress me with your eyes?” he laughs. Rayne blushes and grabs a shovel.

“Don’t be stupid,” she giggles back. Bexley stands with a gun by the front door watching guard. After they dig the hole and place the bodies in. Geo remained at the spot for a moment. He looked around for some flowers and placed them on the fresh mound of dirt. Tatsuya came and put a hand to his shoulder.

“We can’t let this keep happening. These people fearing for their lives. It needs to stop. A cure needs to be found,” Geo whispers. Tatsuya squeezes his shoulder and simply nods in agreement.

“Well for starters, we need to take that chick back to the CDC. They’ll come looking for her if she doesn’t turn up soon. Plus, we don’t need more people to carry around once we find this new place. We don’t know if it’s secure or not, we don’t know how big it is. All we’re doing is going off of what Keenan has told us,” Tatsuya grumbles.

“And we’re going to trust his judgement. We also need to ask her if she wants to go back. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to but if she wants to then we kill her. We can’t risk having her tell people what she’s seen or about us. It’d be too risky,” Geo says turning around. Rayne comes from out of the house with a bottle of water. She opens it before handing it to him.

“You sure know how to make a fuss,” she smiles as he takes it. Geo takes a drink before handing it to Tatsuya who takes a sip. They make sure the house looks OK before they get in the truck.

“So do you want us to take you back to the CDC?” Geo questions putting the car in drive. He looks from his phone to the road. “They, along with any other government officials, are our enemies until we find a cure for Pax-A. I know it was meant to be for good but it’s hurting more people than it is helping,” Geo said coming into an intersection.

“After what I saw them do, I don’t want to go back,” Rayne says. Geo looks at her from his peripherals.

“What did they do?” Bexley asks. Rayne puts her head in her hands.

“It doesn’t matter, there’s no point in sending you back if you don’t want to go,” Geo says before she can answer. His face goes red when the car goes silent. “I know what they’re capable of and it’s nothing they should be proud of,” Geo mumbles. His phone begins buzzing. He looks down. The locator says their at the spot.

“This can’t be right. There’s nothing here,” Tatsuya says getting out of the truck. “Don’t tell me Keenan gave us the wrong coordinates?” he continues. Geo gets out and looks around. The flat empty plain gives them no hope. The grass is brown and dead, the wind blows the long weeds around. There is an abundance of dandelions that wish they were flowers. Tatsuya walks off. His foot gets caught in a tangle of weeds and he goes tumbling down the hill. His face slams on a metal grate. He grabs his bleeding mouth shouting loudly. Geo and the others cautiously make their way down.

“Something tells me this is the entrance,” Tatsuya says pulling one of his teeth out. “Fantastic,” he grumbles. Bexley looks at the little grate. A combo lock keeps it firmly closed. She messes around with the lock before it unlocks. She drops it to the ground and looks at the guys staring at her.

“What?” she asks as Tatsuya smiles.

“Just pickin’ locks huh?” he jokes.

“Keenan gave me the combo. He was going to give it to you but you guys don’t trust each other anymore,” she chuckles. They pull the grate open and descend the ladder.

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