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Chapter 9: New Base

“Did I ever tell you I’m afraid of the dark?” Geo jokes as they stand on the hard ground. He grabs a few face masks from his bag and hands them out. “You never know what the air could be contaminated with,” he advises as they put the masks on. He hands a pair of googles to Rayne. “You don’t have the same contacts as us. The size of them block out particles and bacteria,” he explained as she put them on. They walk down the hall to another door. Tatsuya grabs the handle and turns it. The door loudly creaks as he pulls it open.

“Is there no electricity in this place?” Tatsuya asks as they stand in silence. Rayne feels on the walls and finds a switch. She flips it up and the lights come on. First the ones close to them then the ones far away.

“This place is a bunker,” Geo whispers looking around. “Everyone spread out, check this place from top to bottom. We don’t want any surprises,” Geo demands. They split up slowly. Geo pulls his gun out looking around everywhere. He hears the teeth chatter as he gets closer to another door. He grabs the rusty handle and slowly pulls it. A group of scavengers come flooding out knocking him down. They rush past him. One falls on top of Geo and tries to bite him. Geo keeps the girl’s face away from him as she snaps her jagged teeth. He snaps her neck. She falls lifeless on him. The others don’t notice and continue down the hall. Geo throws the woman off and takes after them. “Tatsuya! Be prepared, a ton of them are coming your way!” Geo says into the walkie talkie. Static answers him. He angrily puts it in his pocket. He grabs one of the slower scavengers and pulls him by the hair backwards. He emits a strange sound causing the others to stop.

They turn and head straight for Geo. Geo uses the scavenger as a hostage holding his gun to the others.

“You want me to kill him? Cuz I’ll do it!” Geo shouts cocking the gun. They stare at him blankly their eyes blinking quickly. They don’t make a move for him. “I already killed one, I’ll kill another!” Geo shouts. A tear falls down one of the scavenger’s face.

“Why you do that?” he whimpers. “Why you hurt her?” he says looking around. Geo shoves his hostage toward them.

“Get out of here,” he says waving the gun. The scavenger tries to look past Geo. He releases a few bullets making them jump. They start walking toward the entrance. Geo follows at a distance his gun cocked. They get to the ladder. One by one they climb until they are out in the field. Geo stares at them. “Go away. You come back here and I’ll kill you,” Geo threatens.

“Can we have her body?” the scavenger asks.

“Why?” Geo questions. He didn’t really care about the answer.

“She was my wife,” the scavenger says sadly. He looks absolutely helpless his green eyes watering. Geo goes down into the hole. He shortly returns with the woman pushing her up. The scavengers make a move for her. Geo holds his gun up forcing them to stop. He closes the hatch watching them through the slot. The husband falls to his knees holding his wife in his arms. The tears run down his face as he kisses her forehead repeatedly. Geo looks down sad and guilty about his actions. He descends the ladder.

“This place is secure,” Tatsuya says. He stares at Geo’s pale face. “What’s wrong?” he asks. Geo simply shakes his head.

“I need to lay down,” he whispers. Tatsuya grabs him. Geo twists his arm forcing him to the ground putting the gun to his head.

“Right. You should rest,” Tatsuya mutters quickly. Geo looks at the alarmed faces of the women. He pulls the gun away.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean... that wasn’t supposed to happen,” he apologizes. He continues down the hall gently tapping the gun on his head. Tatsuya stands up watching after him.

“What the hell was that about?” Rayne asks. They continue exploring.

“Geo isn’t one for violence. He’ll do whatever he can to avoid killing someone,” Tatsuya explains. They come to a mess hall. The chairs are on top of the tables. The circuit breaker box door remains open. Tatsuya goes over and mess with the switches. A generator powers up. A blue liquid slowly fills up in a tube on the side.

“What is that?” Bexley asks looking at the liquid. Rayne crouches down. The liquid looks exactly like the one holding the worm at the CDC.

“This is an old CDC bunker,” she says standing up. “We shouldn’t be here. It’s not safe,” she says. Tatsuya stares at her. She’s officially panicked. Her hands are shaking. Under her mask her lips tremble.

“Well done, Miss Rayne! We couldn’t have asked for a better mercenary,” the general’s voice echos throughout the the bunker. “We did not want to send someone out to turn the generator on once we had to evacuate and then you show up. How wonderful,” he continues his voice cheery.

“You filthy piece of--”

“I didn’t tip them off, I swear!” Rayne protests.

“We have dispatched a few mercenaries to your location. I’ll be great to have another place to work if our current one ever gets overrun,” the general continues. Geo rushes into the mess hall.

“How the hell did they find us!?” Geo snaps. Tatsuya points a guilty finger at Rayne.

“It wasn’t me! I had nothing to do with this!” she shouts. Helicopter blades can be heard above.

“We need to get out of here!” Geo shouts looking around. The only exit was the same place they had entered. “I’m not going back there!” he screamed. The fear was taking its course. Tatsuya shuts off the switches. The place goes dark. Geo pulls goggles out of his bag. “Everyone put these on. This is going one of two ways. We can camp it out until they find us and surprise them, or we can find other ways out of this place. What do you want to do?” Geo asks adjusting the goggles on his face. The infrared slowly appears.

“It’d be best to find a way out. We don’t know how many people he has and if they’ve been here before, they already know the building like the backs of their hands,” Tatsuya says. He pulls Bexley in for a kiss. “Could be the last one, you never know,” he smiles.

“Stop being such a drama queen,” she laughs.

“You never let me have any fun!” he giggles putting a hand to his head dramatically. Geo goes first down the hall. Tatsuya smacks Bexley’s butt when she passes. “When we get out of here, I am definitely taking that thing hostage,” he whispers. Bexley hits him in the groin hard enough to get a grunt.

“I don’t think you can handle it,” she whispers back. Light floods the ladder area. A few gunman descend. They are heavily armored like swat team members. Their gear is black. They have gas masks on and laser sights on their guns.

“Spread out! Check everywhere!” one shouts.

“Geo, there’s an armory down that way. We can check it for suppressed guns. That way we can be stealthy and the shots won’t attract anything,” Tatsuya suggests. Geo nods and lets him lead. They come to the armory. Geo uses his light to look around. Guns line the wall in a cage. They each grab a light machine gun and add suppressors to the barrels. They only take what they need before leaving.

“Did you guys find any other exits anywhere?” Geo asks. A light shines down the hall. They look and hurry on. They come to a clearing looking around. “Damn this is a dead end,” Geo hisses. They turn around. A canister slowly rolls in between them.

“Get down!” Tatsuya shouts grabbing Bexley. He pulls her to the ground, laying on top of her. The canister explodes in a bright light. A high pitched ringing fills their ears. Geo squints looking around. The mercenaries flood in. One grabs Rayne. Two grab Tatsuya. He watches them grab Bexley. “No! No! Bex!” he screams fighting against them. Geo stands only to receive a foot in the chest and a gun to the head. Another canister comes through. This one releases a smoke. The group of four try to remain awake but the gas is too strong.

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