The Hunted Predator

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New lifestyle. My best friend has become my enemy. Girls can't resist me. I have an unnatural hunger. Oh and my girlfriend is about 300 years old. But the best part is I am immortal.

Thriller / Fantasy
Breeona Elliott
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Immortality. Some would love to live forever. Others would do everything they could to end their endless life. It has its pros and cons. If you could live forever would you? Once your life is over that’s it. No do over’s. No resets. No extra chances. There are many myths on how one could live forever. Some say its magic or a curse. Some may think you would have to sell your soul to live forever. A lot of people, however, would rather be bit than to die. Get bitten by a vampire that is…..

I don’t care about what people think, but I am not a monster. Many people would call me such, but I promise you I never killed a human who didn’t deserve it. Come to think of it, I do believe the last one I killed had the intent to rape and kill a 14 year old girl. See? I’m not that bad, now am I? In 1991, I was born Jacob Ray Brown to Crystal Renee Brown and Jonathan James Brown. I just turned twenty-one years old when I was attacked and left in the street to die. It all started at my college graduation….

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