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Silly all thought life didn't have fairytales. Well mine was a heaven on earth. Happy family, funny parents, adorable sister, promising career. My life was all planned. Marry a man my family approves and who loves me wholeheartedly . Settle down. Live my life with him till i become old and wrinkled.......Literally a happily ever after. But......then the clock strikes 12 and all that remains is this. I am Lily Raynolds . My family is broken. Crippled father. Working mother. Fast diminishing bank balance . A seven year old sister. A not so promising career. Marrying a well settled now a forbidden matter i cannot afford to dream of. But .....then my fairy godmother do arrive waving her wand and all...because guess what?...i now have a well paid job. But upon seeing who my first client is its better I quit my job. Because from today on for the next 18 months i am going undercover. I am going to help the CIA catch the most wanted man on the face of earth. Mr Derek Mason Williams.

Thriller / Romance
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1. Tricks

The coffee was hot as i stood up from my seat. Now i couldn't enjoy a proper break could i? I quickly ducked my head in my hoodie and tightened my so called school bag around my shoulders. Walking to the washroom i quietly checked my back. No CCTV. The waiters are busy, the 17 customers i counted were engrossed in their own world and the manager was counting the cash. And the only one i was concerned was in the washroom.

I went down the corridor that divided men's wash from women's. Well i am a she but today i had to be a he. So i quickly changed my stance and entered the men's bathroom. The man had just entered the 3 rd booth. Luck was on my side today because moments later his pants were hanging on the door. I quietly reached out for his pants and quickly took his wallet out.

I quickly made my exit from the cafe. It was in secluded corner. I threw my hoodie inside my bag and pulled my hair out of the band . Quickly walking upto the main junction, I took a cab back to office.

It took 30 minutes for me to reach NSB building. I quickly put my laptop inside my bag and got out. The NSB was a leading news channel and currently they were open for recruiting apprentices on the field missions. Each group of apprentices had to bring in some exclusive news in the time span of 10 days. And i have been an apprentice for about a few months here.

I finally reached the room and found Nick waiting for me along 5 others members of our tesam surrounding one man. Nick noticed me first and rushed towards me
"Lily thank god you are here, did you find anything!!! Its the last day..Anything at all?" He asked me anxiously

I smiled and was about to answer when someone shouted.
I quickly went towards the crowd and it parted to reveal very much agitated chief aka our senior Mr Samuel who was in charge of recruiting us.
"Did you or not find anything useful? I swear to god i will disqualify all you bunch of idiots if any of you bring these silly cases of thefts again.."
"But sir this is exclusive.." Julia whined
"You call this exclusive?.. A man who can eat 10 burgers in 3 minutes... " He was fuming
"Sir i have found something on the scandel releted our A list celebrity Michael Anderson" I said, a smile coming to my face.

Samuel looked at me. He looked at me with narrowed eyes as if asking me if it was a joke . And warning me to get a mouthful if not otherwise. Well i have worked hard on finding this evidence as it was a matter of life and death for me. Coming to the current situation i took the wallet and emptied it on the nearby table. With a quick jerk i tore the covers of the wallet and a tiny chip fell out of it.
Samuel took it and asked" What of it lily?"
"Let me explain chief". I hid my smirk and inserted it in the laptop

I turned towards the crowd and smiled.
"Well the thing is, some days ago when we all went out the other night i happened to see the assistant of the legal advisor of Michael Anderson. Then all went by the flow i flirted a little made him drunk took his valet inserted the chip and waited. And good work reaps."
I turned and clicked the play.
"Mr Morgan i guess you have taken care of my matter?
Aa yes Mr Anderson your wife has agreed not to give a statement against you. And we have clearly mentioned the consequences if she goes against it.
Good! Good ! She needs to learn not to cry over such silly matters i just raised my hands on her and there she goes getting hospitalised for broken ribs
Well thats also been taken care of. We have produced fake reports of her getting into an accident days before her being hospitalised and we could accuse her of falsely accusing you for physical abuse to get a larger compensation in divorse.
Aa thats good too and remaining matter with your fee...
Thats alright Mr Anderson her my assistant will write you the statements you have to remember in case.
Aa right"

The audio ended. This was not enough proof but ot would certainly create havoc in social media which could further lead to thorough investigation. And all of this will be credited to our channel. And i will get the job. With a better pay.

The crowd was looking at me shocked. I just shrugged
" My father was a police off..". I was cut of when nick picked me up in a large hug.
"OMG OMG you are our lifesaver lily ..." He exclaimed but with a glare from the chief he quieted down but smiled down at me with his goofy smile. I too was happy and smiled broadly at him

"Hmm Not bad lily but you guys gotta work your ass off for the next few hours if you guys want to be picked up. The exclusive will air at 8 so you have got exactly 7 hours get going" The chief said and left the room towards other teams not before giving me a nod of appreciation.

We all gathered around and discussed around to gather more information to increase the credibility of the news.
Nick turned towards me and asked" Lily? Coffee break ?"
"Yeah sure" i said
The both of us went down to the cafeteria and sat down.
"I have never seen the chief like this in the few months of our apprenticeship here. He was literally boiling. You should have seen him yelling at Mike. I thought Mike was gonna cry.."

I laughed and drank my coffee.

My life was finally coming on track. It better not go astray. Made new friends. Settled well in the new city.
Dad's hospital bills, Lilacs school fee, mom's new bakery shop. All were well settled back in my hometown as they said, so that they wouldn't miss me much for the next 18 months. Because starting 3 months ago i have gone undercover. Nothing changed much except now i am Lily Evans and not Lily Raynolds. Now i have shiny blonde curles instead of my natural brown straits and to add more effect to my character i look like a nerd. With big glasse and all.
But back in my hometown for my family i have been accepted in to an overseas internship programme. And the money they think i am sending them monthly is being wired from a overseas secured CIA account for now i am an undercover agent working as an apprentice reporter slowly gaining media popularity so i could gain HIS attention.

Hi from the author🤗🤗

A request to all the readers to point out my mistakes.
Waiting for your responses

Schedule for updates are not yet decided so please bear with me.

So thats it i guess!!!See ya on the next update!!😊😊


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