The Berries amusement park

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- this is trespassing private property. - Abandoned property, you meant. - Come on, are you really going to go that far to prove your idiocy to an idiot? We can be arrested! - Prison is from 18, we still have two years. And I'm proving courage, something that you apparently lack. You promised to help me, remember that if you go back I will tell your little secret to everyone and your life will go to waste. What's it? Are you afraid of the toys of a crazy old millionaire? - Ok, I understood the threat the first time. But it is good to remember that this place was closed because it is considered dangerous, now help me up.

Thriller / Mystery
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A day on my life

So, you want to know how did I end up in this situation? Well, it was in the second week of high school. I am sure it was that strange dream fault. It killed my humor that morning.I was sitting in a creaky chair, face down on an old, scratched, and gum-filled table. Someone nudges me on the shoulder, I was tired, I was going to kill whoever woke me up. I looked to the side and see what most people here would call a reflex. Then I remembered, that was my old intensive German classroom. At that time we had just moved to Germany and that was my twin brother. In Korea, he was totally different from me, but by the eyes of Westerners, he was seen as a copy of me in glasses. My god, I had forgotten how awful these curls were that we had. My copy of curly hair and glasses keeps getting my attention until I realized that he was trying to tell me that the professor had caught me sleeping. Why didn’t he wake me up before the teacher came to scold me? I never know! That’s why he always scored higher! But now that I think about it... what was the problem? The most popular boy in the class sleeps all day in lessons and is never repressed, why can’t I? Is it because he has good grades? Or, is it because he is rich? Anyway, after this, things went really crazy.I woke up with a buzzing sound ringing through my ears. I opened my eyes and looked at the bed next to mine, it was empty and looked as if it hadn’t been slept on by anyone... And you know what that means .... THAT PIECE OF “INTELLIGENT” DIRT LEFT ME TO OVERSLEEP AGAIN!He is a good brother, but sometimes I can’t understand his senses from humor and kindness.I took a look at my alarm that was still pounding on my ears and found out that it was already 7:30. I had only 3 minutes to catch the train!I put all my books on my bag without looking at it and run downstairs, only to found myself still in pajamas.I won’t make it in time. I already was going back to my bed when I remembered that there will be an exam in the second lesson.I changed into the first clothes that my eyes see laying on the floor and go to the kitchen calmly to get my breakfast since I was just going to skip the first lesson. But then, he crossed the line at that time. There was not a drop of milk or a grain of cereal left in the house! Fortunately, he didn’t include me skipping the first hour and having time to fry some eggs.After I am finished I make my way to the train station and started thinking about how I was going to get him back for everything he ever did to me that morning. Well, a prank deserves another prank. I took my phone and type a message for the girl my brother always hangs out with. “did you know that Jeong likes someone?” One second later the message was already ready by her, now I only needed to wait.While I was on the train I saw one of my classmates - Ben Bazan Dias or only B.B- it seems like he had skipped the first period too. We were friends but I don’t want to speak to him.Silence surrounded us, and we awkwardly stared at each other in silence. Last week he painted my new shoes with a permanent pen, I still didn’t overcome it. I took my phone out of my pocket and pretend to read my messages to look less awkward. Then Joon entered the train door, he looked around and when he found us. He started waving his hand and joined us. Joon has always been good at starting conversations and ignoring embarrassing situations, thanks to him, B.B joins our conversation naturally, and we talked until the train’s electronic voice tells us that we have arrived at our destination.When we arrived at school I say see you later to them and made my way to the class. I ran to my classroom and the exam had just started. I sit in silence and force my brain to remember the name of the president of Germany. The exam was too quick, I didn’t have to reread my text, but I think I’m fine. I used the break to finish the exam, so now I was running again for the next class. unfortunately, it was geography. Then I remembered that B.B had the same class as me, and we continued the conversation started on the train. The teacher introduced us to a new student by the name of Alfred Smith.B.B befriended him too fast, they immediately became friends, they spent the whole talking in class, and I was left at the corner staring holes through his head. We weren’t best friends but was the new guy that good for B.B to leave me all alone? I heard through their conversation that he comes from San Diego-something sound familiar-they spoke mostly about computer games and football. The teacher made us do partner work, and she chose random people, today must be another one of my unlucky days because here stood B.B now, in front of me with this hateful look as if I had done something wrong to him. We completed the tasks on our own since I wasn’t gonna listen to that- whatever.Finally, the fourth next lesson, only two more to go. There were fewer people since most of our classmates had an exam.-it was football class. I meet Joon one more time and to my surprise, the new student was there too, and they were both glaring daggers at each other. I knew something was up which made me think - wasn’t Joon from San Diego too?Not even a minute later Joon came to me with an annoyed look “I hate this guy’s guts” he said calmly.Alfred came to us with a smirk on his face and called “hey park, didn’t know you studied here” his smirk never leaving his face until of course”Can’t say the same for you, Smith, we all know who follows who! ” Joon replied which made Alfred frown. So they do know each other!Now I felt like the only one that had not spoken with Alfred. At least Joon didn’t push me aside like B.B, but he didn’t speak a word during the class too, it seemed like he was too busy glaring at Alfred.I had the next period free but was alone. Joon, B.B, and all the other boys from the class had to leave for physics. I did not took the class because it would be too hard for me and because of my genius brother, I was a little traumatized to have any scientific class with him.I didn’t have anything to do, I entered the train and found myself a seat, it wasn’t that hard considering that it was almost empty, I stared outside from the window and observed how the train passed through the trees, the sun rays hitting me on the face.I just wanna go home and fall back to sleep.Suddenly I hear a voice behind me, sound awfully familiar. “Hey, your house is nearer isn’t it? I need to use the bathroom quick “I stared at him, he didn’t speak a word to me at the school and now wants to go to my house to use my bathroom.I shrugged him off. When I got off the train he too exited the train and put his hand over my shoulders as if we were best friends. I glared at him. But he only gave me a fake frown and said “Will you really let your classmate piss on his pants, come on...“I let out a deep and long sigh and then turned back at him, still giving him my deathly glares.“5 minutes or I’m dragging your ass out with or no pants on.” We both walked in silence until my house was to be seen. ” A big house you have here.” I ignored his comment and walked inside greeting my mother.She comes all excited to us and said “Oh my god Jaeminie, you brought a friend over! I’m Hyejin, the mother of Jaeminie, and you are...?“Alfred put a commercial smile on his face and was about to shake my mother’s hand if I hadn’t stopped him.” He is no friend, he is here to use the bathroom, he has to leave in five minutes” I glared back at him and completely quietly “First door on the right. The clock is ticking”" Of course, “Jaeminie” he replied with a disgusting smirk, before heading towards the corridor.My mom jumped to the kitchen to cook something, I have a bad feeling about this.I sit on the sofa in the living room and concentrate on counting the remaining seconds until I can kick Alfred out of my bathroom.A minute before the timer rings I get up from the sofa and knock on the door, one minute less he won’t notice. “Time is up, get out of there before I open that door and drag you with or without pants out.” Nobody answers. No noise can be heard from the inside, I open the door, and to no one’s surprise, the bathroom was empty ...That * @ #! will pay for it. I run down the hall to the next open door. Oh no, it’s my room. Alfred was sitting on my bed watching the room as if it were his.“So you still sleep in the same room as your brother. It must be difficult, aren’t you ashamed? Or maybe you are afraid of the dark?” What does he think he is doing? I should have heard Joon, this guy is a jerk!“Get your ass out of my bed, your time is done, go out before I...” I grab his hand and try to push him, but he stays in place. Maybe he is stronger than I thought.“Jaemin! Don’t talk to a colleague like that! I made chocolate chip cookies, if your friend doesn’t stay to eat, you won’t eat either.” Really? Why do those things always happen only to me?“But mom! I already say that he is not my friend! Don’t you believe me?“”Aren’t you Alfred? I heard at the parent conference that your grades are very good, would you mean to stay a little longer and do your homework with my son?” He gets up and stands beside me. Is it his shoes or does he look taller than me?“No problem, I even have my backpack here and your cookies smell delicious.” This is officially the worst day of my life. Only if Joon were here too, even B.B would be useful to save me. That is!I discreetly pick up my phone and text Jon “Save me, I’m stuck at home with that guy” and put it back in my pocket. We went to the living room and awkwardly started to do our homework in silence, I hope that Joon arrives on time.Suddenly Alfred stops writing and turns to me.” I get that you hate me, then... what about a bet? If you win I let you punch me.” He said without smiling, what was kinda scary.” Why would I trust you to do a bet?” This guy must be crazy if he thinks I am a fool.“Well, if I win then I will punch you, fair? Or are you too sacred for that?” Oh, I get it. He is the fool. Well...“I would not skip such a good opportunity unless it is something weird”" OH! Common, It will be only a guts test, if you prove to me you have some I let you punch me in the face.” He does sound very honest, and I do know that everything is a trap. But so well as he can break the rules of a promise, so can I as well.“What do I need to do?“”Well... I heard there is an abandoned amusement park around here...”

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