Dark Matter

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For physics doctoral candidate Sheel Khurana, most of her world is invisible, and dark, just like the subject she studies. She's always had nightmares, but only recently have they affected her so much that she is unable to focus on writing her dissertation, which she has to defend in the next few months. After suffering a panic attack in her research lab, making her colleagues question her mental stability, her doctor suggests a new therapy method. Sheel and her close ones attempt to navigate through the empty unknowns of her life. The deeper they go, the more questions arise. ---------------------- "Let me see, Sheel." The pen falls from my grip, rolling away before I can set it down. I raise the tear-spotted pad up from my lap, not recognizing the uneven, bleared, child-like handwriting. The doctor gasps softly upon reading the words. Night after night, he comes.

Thriller / Erotica
ruby rana
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Author's Note


This book contains strong language, sexual acts, alcohol and substance abuse, self-harm, graphic depictions of sexual violence and abuse, flashbacks of trauma, and otherwise mature themes.

Please don’t read this if any of these things are going to be a trigger for you.

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