UNTOUCHABLE-Battling the Enemy

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Dasique James, the witness to a horrible massacre that wiped out her entire island, is running for her life. She knows the men that ordered the attack on her family and seeks to get revenge for what they did, but she has to lay low, for fear of being identified as a target by the unseen enemy she must discover a way to make herself heard without getting killed. At the same time, Dasique realizes she is not alone, with the help of her best friends Narani Jacobs, she searches for survivors, and uncovers new truths and maybe the way to take down the enemy that took away the ones she loved. On the journey, she finds that she is not the only one. As she digs even deeper, she not only finds hope, but love. Join Dasique as she fights against an the unseen enemy to make her story known to the world.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, and events are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual people (living or dead) or actual events is purely coincidental.

The scenes in this story MAY contain violence, strong language or sexual behavior. Please read at your own discretion, the author will provide a warning at the beginning of the chapter.

Any content extracted, manipulated, or disturbed is unacceptable without written permission statement from the author. Any harmful, malicious, or insensitive feedback or comment to either the author or fellow commentators will be reported immediately. This story is all rights reserved to the author. Everything in this story is subject to © copyright.

Also, this is my first time writing, so please don’t be too hard, or judge my writings. Show some support by clicking that star button and leave a comment so that I can know what you think. You can also leave a like, and follow me so that you don’t miss any of my updates. Also, this book has been edited, and re-published, so please start from the beginning as I have changed the story plot alot.

This book is originally published on Wattpad. So chapters will be posted there first. You can get the link to my page in my profile.

As for posting content, I will not be publishing chapters everyday, seeing as I have school and that is my main priority. But I will make an effort to edit a chapter every-day and post every 2-3 days.

Thanks to my current followers for showing support and encouraging me to keep writing. I hope you enjoy this book and as I said before, please follow and show some love and may you have a blessed day/ night.

Thank you,

The Author (Shamiah James Blugh)

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