Dangerous Obsessions

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What happens when a mysterious stalker takes over your life? Murder? Lust? Mind games? This independent girl is about to find out. Dark story, depictions of stalking and explicit sexual content partnered with adult language. Ages 18+

Thriller / Erotica
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Eyes on the Prize

I walk slowly through the dark house making almost no noise. A smile comes over me as I approach the door with light shining around the edges. It wasn’t completely closed, allowing me to silently push it open and enter the humid room. The sound of soft moans like music filling my ears. The mirror and shower glass are opaque from steam.

Through the crack between the glass door and the tile I eye my prize.

She is leaning against the shower wall and I can imagine how cool it must feel against her skin. I allow my eyes to roam down her body, her nipples stand at attention as her round breasts rise and fall in a rushed pattern. My eyes are drawn to the shower head shooting bursts of water upwards into her folds.

Her hands tremble and her murmurs of pleasure continue as she arches her back nearing release. I adjust myself through my trousers and back away as she removes the shower head from between her legs with a heavy sigh. I am pleased, she enjoyed herself but didn’t find a release. I know she will step out now, so I quickly move back out or the room returning the door to its nearly shut position. I make my way to the living room and sit on the couch while I wait for her to go to bed.

A few hours later I know she finished her evening routine and is sound asleep. I walk back down the hallway towards her bedroom with less care than before about any sounds I might make. Thank heavens the woman doesn’t own any pets, a dog or even a cat for that matter would make all this much more difficult.

Her bedroom door is wide open and the moonlight fills the room lighting up everything. The first place I go is her hamper, I reach in and quickly find the pink cotton underwear she wore today. I clutch it tightly as I bring it up to my face and bury my nose in the soft fabric breathing in her scent. I hold back a groan of pleasure as I imagine what she will taste like.

Walking over to the side of her bed I tuck the underwear into my inside jacket pocket. I reach out and brush the hair from her face, she stirs rolling to her side and nuzzling into her pillow. I slowly pull the blanket down revealing her nipples showing through the thin fabric of her t-shirt.

I lick my lips wanting to take her nipples in my mouth, sucking her tits till I draw blood to the surface leaving deep purple hickeys all over them. My cock is throbbing at the thought of marking her smooth skin and claiming her as mine.

I move to her reading chair by the window unzipping my trousers. I spit on my hand before I pull my dick out of my briefs and start stroking the length with a firm grip. It’s not long before I feel my balls clench ready for release and I stop. I don’t want to cum for her yet, when I do I want her to see it.

I tuck myself back in and stand, turning to open the windows all the way. I walk through the rest of the small home opening all of the windows and unlocking the front door. I leave through the back door making sure it is unlocked as well and I return to my car hidden in a neighbor’s drive to watch her house. I want her to feel scared, but I won’t leave her in danger from anyone other than me. I continue to watch the house until the sun rises and then I go home.

I’m freezing cold when my alarm goes off, I pull my blanket tighter around me as I reach out with one hand to silence the alert. I take a deep breath and blow on my hands attempting to warm them. I throw the covers off and leap out of bed running first to my dresser where I pull out the thickest pair of socks I own put them on. I now run to the closet pulling out an oversized sweater and slipping it on over my pajama top.

That’s when I notice the rattling of the blinds, I walk over to them only to find the window wide open. Both windows are wide open and I’m struggling to come up with why. I don’t remember opening them, I’m almost certain that they were closed when I went to bed last night. I quickly shut them and walk out to the hall to check the thermostat it’s set to 72 but the temperature is 60. Which feels incredibly cold after leaving my warm bed.

I walk to the living room to check if the vent is blowing warm air and find that all of the windows are open. Every single one is wide open and blowing in the chilled morning air. I rush to each of them closing and locking them as fast as I can. I know for a fact that I didn’t open all of these windows last night.

I contemplate what is going on as I fill the kettle with water and place it on the stove, turning on the heat. I live alone so it’s not like I can blame it on a roommate. I check the obvious places someone might look for valuables and find nothing missing. I can’t imagine that an intruder would come in, open all of my windows and not steal my grandmothers pearls or my grandfathers diamond cuff links that I keep displayed in the kitchen.

Shaking my head I go back to my room to get ready for the day. I’ve been finding things around my house moved and my doors unlocked for nearly two weeks now and I can’t find a reason. Today I’m going to see if I can get in to see the doctor. Maybe I’m sleepwalking and that’s what’s happening or maybe I have a tumor or something. I just know I need to identify it and address it.

She went to the doctor today, and she told her friend she feels like she’s losing her mind and might need to take some time off work. They were texting about it all day, her friend wants her to install a security system with cameras. Thinks the house is haunted and they could recruit one of those stupid television crews to take interest.

Luckily my girl thinks all her problems will be solved with some rest and relaxation. A stay-cation where she can take some time for self-reflection. I would like to think of myself as a man who listens to a woman so I’ll have to make sure she gets some time for that reflection. She hasn’t seen it yet but her boss has already approved her two week leave of absence starting on Monday.

Today is Thursday, so I will continue my silent routine for this evening. Tomorrow when she gets home from work, everything changes. I have had my supplies for our introduction ready but I’ve been thinking she is special, so tomorrow I’ll go to the store and pick up a few things to make the occasion even more of a celebration.

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