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A troubled soul with a tumultuous past. Savannah Moss is a white-collar employee with a respectable salary and a typical existence. But she has a secret that she has kept concealed from everyone; nonetheless, as the phrase goes, the truth can never be hidden for long, thus her secret would be unveiled too. She turns anti-social as a result of an occurrence, but in order to become the person she is meant to be, she must face her fears. Despite her social standing, she chose to live with a housemate. Savannah seems to be unaware of Savannah's housemate's secret. However, Savannah's life is flipped upside down when the time secret is exposed, prompting her to fly to a world she is unaware of. Will Savannah Moss be able to confront her new battles and overcome her fears in order to reclaim her life?

Thriller / Drama
Afshara P.
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Chapter 1 - Christmas Is Back

Savannah P.O.V.

Christmas is tomorrow; it is a holiday and a lovely day to spend in delight with loved ones, but it is a day that I am looking forward to ending. I arrived in this country eight years ago with the intention of beginning a new chapter in my life. I was 16 at the time, which is a glorious age for teens, but it was the most challenging for me. My loved ones shattered my daydreams with their bare hands because I’m an average student with several of them.


I used to believe that a person’s family was everything, but that tragedy utterly devastated me. An accusation that lasted all of my responses.

“Are you paying attention, Savannah?”

When I looked up, my boss was there just in front of me. “Huh!” I exclaimed as I stood up. ” Sorry for the inconvenience. So, what exactly were you saying? I was considering something.”

“Are you all right, Savannah?” He inquired as to why you appeared to be lost in your own universe.

For the past two years, I’ve been his employee. Back in high school, he was both my senior and even a great pal. The first and only person who knows everything there is about to know about me (well currently for sure).

“Absolutely!” I replied. Since the deadline is approaching, I decided to return tomorrow to complete the sketches.“ I didn’t want to bother him right now with my problems.

“I understand the deadline is approaching, but the work is nearly complete; you do not need to come tomorrow. Take a break. I understand why you don’t want to go home.”

”You can’t keep isolating yourself from everyone,” he cut me off. I’ve known you for seven years; Savannah, don’t think I don’t know you’re lonely, but you don’t want to interact with others in life because of a previous incident.“ he explained.

“Don’t be alarmed! I’ll be fine; besides, Alex, don’t you have an event the following day? Is your suit still in the store? It had been scheduled to arrive today. And, because Mr Wilmar will be present in the room, it would be an excellent opportunity to persuade him to invest in the plantation project.”

“Obviously! It’s the year’s largest endeavour, and there’s no way I’m skipping it. That is, after all, why I came. Did you bring gifts to everybody on Christmas Eve? He inquired, “Isn’t tomorrow Eve?”

“Likewise. Today, by eight o’clock, all of the gifts will be brought. As a result, we must deliver such gifts in the upcoming day. Don’t bother, I’ll be waiting for those packages myself. “Afterwards, I’ll leave,” I responded.

“Alright! I was on my way home at seven o’clock. I was intending to give you a ride, but since you’re staying, I’m not going to. So that’s all right. Ciao! On Monday, then.”

He walked back out of the room and shut the door behind him. Alex Blake is my employer and one of the corporation’s senior executives. He started this business three years ago. When we crossed paths again, I was working in a printing press. He was flabbergasted by my presence and offered me the position of a personal assistant. I worked hard to prove that this position was not owing to my connection with the company’s CEO. That I’m an introvert, it took me four months to gain the trust of my workmates. I never assumed my one decision will lead me to this point.

I walked out of the elevator and went towards the front gate. The delivery van was standing, and two people were keeping the boxes in the lobby. I stood there until they are done with all the boxes. I requested Charlie to assist me to bring the boxes upstairs. It required me two hours and so to unpack and then again repack and place them in their desks. It was virtually 10 o’clock. It was time for me to go home. An uninhabited house. I went towards my car and drove back home.

After 25 minutes.

I reached home. It was a deadly-dark corridor; I turned on my phone flash to reach out for keys and gently open the door. The whole house was sacred silence. I flip on the lights and took a place over the leathery couch and exhale a deep breath. It is a two-storey house; quite big for a person. The first floor includes the kitchen and dining area, and the second floor is the bedrooms. There are two-bedroom and each look divine. I went to my room to take a quick shower.

Honestly, indicating my house is quite empty. My friends visit me sometimes so there is a decent bed in the other two rooms. You know in the rare case of a potential emergency. Huh! I am quite bored staying like this. But I can’t take a risk in it.



The fireworks have started. On every Christmas’ Eve, the neighbours lit up some firework. I used to enjoy them a lot but now those fireworks remind me of someone. Someone who undoubtedly becomes a nightmare for me now. Five years ago, when I abandoned my house because of her. That was the last time I saw my father. He told me that day," You don’t realise the cruel truth of this world. People need to kneel in front of it and who doesn’t, happiness never come to him.”

I don’t know whether he was telling me to not go, leaving him alone or indirectly notifying me to vacate the house for his and my sake. His words still echo in my ears. I am not the person I present myself as. This white-collar job is not me, but then again this is not my future. Within few months, I have to turn to my predicted future; but I don’t want it. I was a bird who was captured in a cage called society rules and values. A bird whose wings were cut off every time it tried flying a bit like a free bird.

This makes me wonder, was Alex correct? Am I insecure to allow an unknown person to enter my life? I know Alex was making fun when he said he won’t be surprised if I died. But he won’t mention it anywhere. Have I become a timid person? Maybe I should try having a roommate? Maybe it can bring a change in my life in a good way? Alright! Tomorrow I will publish it for advertisement. Let’s see. It’s not like I will find a roommate so quickly. And since it’s Christmas, tomorrow I will be visiting a local orphanage for a change. That’s it. Tomorrow is Orphanage Visit Day.

Sometimes past haunt us to such merely extend that we forget to live in the present. Time is known as the greatest healer but for some people, it becomes the rope that is hanging in the neck.

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