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Chapter 10 - Savannah's Reply

Savannah P.O.V.

I walked towards my car and drove back home.

What was Alex thinking before kissing me? His proposal has made our relationship so complicated. I love him but as a what? We are more than friends but as a lover, no. Arghh! Why do boys have to make everything so much hard? I told him that I will answer tomorrow, but what will I say? Indeed, he hadn't gone for a date or relationship for the last seven years. He used to date a girl called Jessica when I met him, but I never the reason behind their breakup. Alex was flirtish (Is flirtish even a word? Never mind.) but I thought he just making fun out of the situation.

I ended the whole night with a large bucket of ice-cream in my hands. Whenever I am sad or confused, I like to have ice-cream cuz' it helps me fall to sleep.

The next day, I opened my eyes around seven in the morning. Today is a very important day. It is time for my reply which I am not sure about and it is time to have some partners in my house. I got off the bed and got ready for my last day in Flood Invest. It was around 8.30 when I reached the company building. Nobody knows that I am leaving, a big shock for them.

I entered the office floor, as I was welcomed by a group of people to say good morning. I greeted them back as I went to my cabin. After some minutes, Alex came to my cabin. It seems like the aura changed in my office. He was wearing a black shirt with a white tie and waistcoat; he opened his mouth to say but closed it at once.
Oh, God! This is soo awkward."Do you want something, Alex?"
"Ahh..yes. Everyone is waiting for you." He got the cat in his tongue.
"Hmm... just a minute." I picked up my coat and pull it over my shoulder as I walked towards Alex and the door behind him.
He moved aside and let me walk over him to go to the conference room. We walked to the room together. Everyone was waiting there. When we entered the room, everyone turned around to face us.
I cleared my throat and started my speech, "Good morning, everyone. Well, there is two news for you. The first news is I am leaving the office today and the second one is that Alex is selling Flood Invest." Everyone was looking at each other with confuse-looks as I continued, "Well, don't worry because your jobs are secured in it and some of you are going to have promotions."
They looked a bit glad for not losing their jobs but also sad. Charlie raised his hand and asked me a question."Well, madam. Why are you leaving and who is buying it?" I couldn't control but laugh at his question. He looked at me as if I have gone mad.
"Well, as you all aware of my surname, Moss. Well, my father is the owner of Moss HighLeaf Industries and I am supposed to take over tomorrow officially, so today is my last day here. About the buying question, I think Alex can say in better. Right, Alex?"
He weirdly looked at me. I nod as he looked forwards for the attentive crowd."Moss HighLeaf is buying it. But I am still going to be your boss. Since you know, that the business is not going well and we find it difficult to meet the ends sometimes. So I guess it is better for all of us. Savannah is going to announce the promotion list."
I nodded at his words as I continued," So there is five promotion slot; Managing Director, CEO, Assistant Director and Head Manager of Designing Department and Head of Office Investigation. So for the first post, Managing Director, Bella Honeybun." There was a round of applause for Bella. Then I continued," The CEO post is going to Alex Harris, and he is going to running the business. The third post is Assistant Director, which goes to Sophia Jones. The Head Manager of the Designing Department goes to Lucas Williams and for the last post, Charlie Taylor is going to handle it. Congratulations to everyone who got the promotion and one last thing, Mr Ben Howards, you are fired for sharing our company information and the officer are coming in ten minutes to arrest you." Everyone looked at Ben and he looked shocked and tried to run but others caught him and tied him to a chair.
"Anyways, as I was saying, Moss HighLeaf is going the backbone of Flood Invest and from the next month, there will be some new rules and regulations, which Alex will explain to you. Don't need to worry because these rules are for the benefit of the employees of our company. With this, I hand over Flood Invest to Alex."

We went back to my cabin and sat down for the lunch of the day. As we finished lunch, Alex changed the topic and asked me about the answer.

"Alex...I...I like you but if it is like love, I am not sure." He looks down for a second and then looked up at me.
"I guessed that, Savannah. I won't mention it again but just let the things be like it was before. I hope for your best." I smiled at his words and hug him.
We moved back and sat on the sofa."Sure. Next week, I will be gone. " I sighed and fall on the sofa.
Alex patted on my shoulder as he tried to comfort me."Don't worry! Everything will be fine. Moreover, I am there for you whenever you need me."
"Hmm. I am going home. New partners are coming." I grinned.
"Already forgot me. I am mad at you." He frowned at me.
I pulled his cheeks as I said, "You looks so cute while mad. Bye! Meet you next Saturday at my new office."

Stay tuned.

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