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Chapter 11 - Marriage?!

Savannah P.O.V.

I went home. As I walked towards my house, I saw my step-mother, Hailey Moss standing in front of the door. I ran towards her and patted her shoulder. She was wearing an off-shoulder shirt paring with a dark grey pencil skirt. And of course her block-heels. Sometimes I think she forgets that she is 45, not 25.

She removed her shades and give me a tight smile. She raised her arms and give me a tight hug. I returned her hug; didn't want to be rude or sometimes but her act just caught me off-guard. As she moved back, she asked "How are you? I heard Lilac is in the town. Did she contact you?"

She already got the news. But why is she acting so...nice? She must be here for something. "Lilac...hmm...she came for me, two weeks ago. She...why don't we talk inside?"

I made her sit in the living room while I went to bring some snacks for her. As I walked back, I saw her checking out the house. I cleared my throat to catch her attention. She looked at me as I placed the tray on the table." You have managed to keep the house clean. I mean during your teenage years, you were quite messy. " She smiled and drank water.

"Thanks," I replied.

"So... I actually came to meet you for...hmm... I am sorry. Sorry for treating you like that. I just... I guess I was scared that you might be like your sister and start doing those things as well. Sometimes, you used to behave like you were possessed. Once, I went to your room at around one o'clock at night and saw you holding a knife in your hand and was murmuring something." She sighed and continued, "Anyways, since your father died, the investors and shareholders were plotting to sold out the company but since your father transferred the shares to your name, they are not going to able to do anything but, now that you are joining it. I want to give you this document..." she pulled out a file and place it on the table.

I picked up the documents and started reading them." Your father wanted you to..." before she could finish her sentence, I threw the document on the table. " Is this serious?! Dad wants me to marry Alfred Williams. Who the hell is this Alfred Williams? I never heard of him? I will not marry him!"

"Savannah, if you don't marry him you won't be able to save the company as he is the only one who can save you. Either you can marry him or you have to give half of the companies to Casey," she replied.

"Casey?" I asked in confusion.

"Casey Brooklyn. His father helped a lot during start-up so he wanted to help that family. Either transfer the companies or get married and save the business. " The only person in this entire world whom I hate the most. I thought Lilac will be the person after her betrayal but Casey Brooklyn is something else. He was my best friend and my sister's lover in past. I used to share everything with him but want he did was a crime, no sin. Pure Sin. Just because my sister told him that she felt insecure when I am around. He kidnapped me and tried to murder me! I was 10 that time and he was 18.

"Fine," I told her.

"Fine, what?" she asked me in confusion.

"I will meet Alfred Williams and then, I will decide. Moreover, Lilac is currently on my back to grab the shares." I frowned with the thought of her.

"Lilac is on your back? What do you mean?" Hailey asked me.

Then I explained to her how we met and she threatened me to transfer the shares, or else she will snatch them from me and she is coming to meet me today at six.

"She is coming at six? How about I wait with you? Even I want to meet my childhood friend." she replied with a devilish smirk on her face. I swear, I almost laughed by looking at her face.

When my sister was born, Hailey was six years old. So they spent their early childhood together. Hailey was treated as my mother's sister. Until she married my father.

"Okay. So, how are you doing these days? Seeing anyone? I mean you are still quite young. You know what I mean?" I asked her.

She laughed. "Do you remember, Brent?"

"Brent as in Brent Hamilton?! Your ex-husband?" I gasped.

She nodded and sighed. "Hmm. He tried to contact me again around three years ago; he divorced his wife after finding that she was cheating on him. He and I... We are dating now."

I am speechless. Brent Hamilton was her distant cousin and ex-husband. As far as I know, Brent cheated on her with his second ex-wife when he was in Germany. After 19 years of knowing each other and 5 years of marriage, they got divorced. Tragedy love marriage!

" So what are you doing to do? I mean... are you going to get married again?" I asked her. Not that I care...but isn't it a bit weird to marry the same person again after the divorce. Her first husband is going to be her third husband?! Damn.

"Brent is showing hints that he wants to get married but..." She sighed.


"I am afraid. I am not getting any young and marrying him again is a bit..."

"Awkward" I completed her sentence.

"Yeah!" She sighed as she picked up the cup of tea from the table.

"I think you should get married." She looked up at me with an 'are-you-serious-right-now-?' look.

"Yes. If you want, I know...arrange a wedding planner for the marriage." I told her.

"I... you don't have to. But if you come to attend the marriage then I will be grateful."

"Yeah. I will be there whenever you get married. After I would like to meet the man whom you love."

She put off the cup of tea on the table. and wrapped her arms around my shoulder and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back and for the first time in this eight-year, I felt peace. Tears were threatening to come out. I rubbed my tear with my hands and loosened my grip around her.

"I.." I tried to say but I could no. We looked at each other for a moment and laughed. I looked up at the clock and it was 5.30. Half-an-hour left for the storm to come.

"Aunt, I think you should go. Lilac doesn't know you are in Canada yet and I think it is better. I would suggest you go out of the country for some time until all this mess is clean."

She nodded. "Let me walk you by the door. I will call Antonio and inform him that you will use the jet tomorrow. Maybe you can visit Brent." I told her and smiled.

"Sure. I take my leave then." She hugged me again and said, "Bye, Savannah. And once again, I am saying, I am truly sorry for what it did."

"It's fine. I forgave you. Take care ok. Bye." She walked out of the house as I closed the door behind her.

Sometimes, people just need to bit of love to open themselves. Step-mother and step-daughter's relationship is just like mud pottery, it depends on the maker how the relation stays.
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