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Chapter 2 - Relationship Fails

Today is Christmas. Usually, people would spend today with their family or friends. When I left the house, six years back, it took me everything to control myself to not run back and visit them. No matter, how shitty I felt there; there was one person for whom I was fighting with myself. That is my father, Nathan Moss. After one year of my departure, I went back to that house to meet my father, and that was the last time I saw them.

- Flashback

It has been one year since I left the house and started living alone. Not exactly alone; I am staying in a sharehouse for the past six months near my working place. After so many days, I am visiting them, I hope they are happy with their lives. Every end of the month, I am broke, but I don’t have any option as well. I bought some gifts for them with the bonus; I hope they like this.

Around 11 a.m. - I am standing right in front of the door. Ringing the doorbell and impatiently waited for my father to open the door. Approximately five minutes later, my father opened the door. He was in his nightwear, opens the door while rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. During the holidays, he prefers to sleep until late. He was puzzled and happy at the same time by seeing me and embraced me in a hug. All his feelings were shown by that hug.

He took his hands back and pulled me in. I was walking in the house, and it seems like all memories were playing on repeat telecast in my head. I turned my head and asked, “Dad, were you sleeping? Sorry to wake you up like that. I should have informed you before I come."

“Oh...come on. Savannah, it is your house as well; you can come anytime you want. Before that, tell me, how are you? It has been six months; you haven’t called or sent a text message. Am I not your father?" I can sense the anger and sorrow in his voice.

I remain in silence. I wanted to answer that question but if I replied; something would have happened which might change our moods at that moment. I never told him why I was so determined to leave the house. Because I knew he won't be able to hear the truth. Back in our native country, once I tried to tell the truth and the result was; I was away from my family and nothing happened to that person.

“Are you listening to me?”

“Oh. Yes, dad. Sorry I was busy with the schedule. I didn’t have any time for myself as well. Anyways, dad, I brought some gifts for you and Aunt. I hope you guys like it."

“Savannah, how many times I told you to call her, Mom? It has been 11 years since your mother died. You need to accept her as your mother.“, he said.

I know he meant to strengthen the broken bond, unfortunately, it will never be possible for me to call her Mother. She was the one for whom, I have become a deadly-alive person! She was the reason, why I abandoned myself from my father. After my mother (Isabella Moss) had passed, he remarried because of me (well at least that's what he said to me) and of course for him. Someone was needed to look after him, which I totally agree with, but the way she mentally tortured me was out of the question. There were times when I tried to commit suicide but I always dropped the idea because of my father.

“Will you stay for dinner tonight? I will tell Hailey to cook some of your favourites. It’s been a long time since we had dinner together."

“Alright, dad. If she doesn't mind...“, I replied. I didn’t want to hurt him by saying no.

“Why would she? She was telling me to visit you lately to see how you are doing? She cares for you. If you hadn’t visited me, I would have visited you by next week."

I know how much she wanted me to stay. I am sure she never told him to visit. I left the house because of her. I was a minor back then that’s why I couldn't leave the house, however by the age of 18; I left this place.

"Dad. Where is she? I haven’t seen her yet.“, I asked him as I scan the house.

“Oh...Hailey is sleeping since it is a holiday. Let me just wake her up. Why don’t you go to your room and freshen up?“ He went to his room with that.

I freshened up and thought to visit her in her room. I was in the corridors when I heard her yelling. I stand beside the door of their room and heard the argument.


“Why is she here? Nathan, I am not going to cook for her. Didn’t you forget how she behaved with us? You might have forgiven her, but I can’t. ”

"Darling, can you not forgive her? It’s been a year. She finally visited us. Look she even brought gifts for us. Moreover, did you not tell me to invite her?"

“I told you to go to visit her as you were missing her a lot. I understand, you as her father can forgive her but don’t expect it from me."

I had a huge argument with my father while leaving the house. He didn’t want me to leave, and Hailey wanted me to leave the house but since she can’t force me, she insulted me and humiliated me until I decide to leave the house. She pretends to stop me to stay back then so that she can be on my father's good books.

This is the reason, why I was thinking so much before coming here. I tried to stop my tears, but I failed. I was crying inside because this is what I assumed before coming. I wiped my tears and went back to my room. I took a suitcase and packed a few things that I needed and picked up my coat and went to the hall. I took a deep breath and screamed, “Dad!!!"

I waited for two minutes and saw him coming down, and Hailey following him behind.

“Savannah...what happened?"

"Actually, I received a call from work. I am so sorry, but I have to leave now. I will visit you so another day or you can come to visit me. By the way, I am taking a few things with me. I am so sorry, Dad.“, I lied. I didn’t want them to argue because of me again. Dad was a blood-pressure patient, so tension was bad for him.

“Savannah. I wished you could stay. I thought we could spend some quality time together."

“Sorry, Dad. I don’t have any option. There is an emergency meeting. Sorry, Aunt."

“Oh. It’s ok. I understand, work come first. Make sure you come and visit us soon. Your father misses you a lot.“, said Hailey.

I nodded and give Dad a faded-smile."See you soon, Dad.”

He reached towards me and gives me a quick hug. “Do you want me to give you a ride?”

“It’s ok, Dad. I will take a cab."

“Alright honey. Take care in the route and take care of yourself. I will come to meet you soon."

With that note, I left the house.

-End of Flashback

I wish I had visited him again, not the other way round. After he died, I spent every Christmas either in an Orphanage or Old-Age House. I feel peace after seeing the smiles on their faces. After returning from the Orphanage, I cooked some dinner and stayed in front of the television while eating my dinner. And then, I took some pictures of the house and posted in on Facebook and Home Rent Website.

"Looking for paying guest. The room rent is $800 per month. With all-time water and electricity supply. Both male and female are allowed. The house is at 546 HorizonStreet, North Station, Ontario, Toronto, Canada. Interested people, please call in this number: +1 936426537"

This is the only chance. I hope I get a good roommate and get close to him or her. I hope I made the right choice.

People might judge you because of what they have heard. The truth is something that no one knows or cares about; this is what makes your life a fricking mess that you neither can ignore nor clean.

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