Caged - Free Bird

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Chapter - 3 New Year Eve Invitation



I pulled the pillow and put it over my head to prevent some sound from the alarm. I am not a person who wakes up in one alarm. I tried to catch some sleep before I start my day, but seemed like someone does not want me to have my beauty sleep. I pulled the blanket away from me and went to freshen up. From the past few days, I received a few calls about the house and even interviewed a few. But the moment I looked at them or talk to them, I found it off. Most of them were men’s. One look and I can tell them they were assholes. Few tried to flirt with me during the interview; I just smiled at them and mentally curse Alex for this stupid idea.

Today is New Year Eve and the day that everyone looks forwards. Every year, Alex throw a party for the colleagues and celebrate the day. However, I never went to any of those parties. I didn’t lose my virginity and never know about it. Yes, I am 24 years old and a virgin.

I was preparing the contract for our new investor, Mr Dash McCarthy. He is a pretty cool old man and the owner of Novell Corporation.



I looked up and saw Alex standing by the door. He was wearing a beige colour suit with a white shirt. I must say he was looking handsome, he is getting a hand-full of girls tonight. I raised my brows and look at him. He walked in and closed the door. I looked at him with confusion. What the hell is he doing? He walked in and stopped right in front of me. I looked up in his eyes to read it but I failed. He lowed himself down and look at my eyes. It seems like the time has stopped. I felt as if I was out of oxygen. He moved his eyes on my lips and moved a bit forward.

" What are you doing?”, I asked him as generally as I could ask at that situation. He moved his head forward to my left ear and whispered, “What do you think I am doing?”

I moved my eyes to look at his eyes and saw him smirking at me. Then I realized that his lips were just a few inches away from mine. I pushed me away and went back to work. “Did you take any wrong medicine today? What’s wrong with you, Alex?” I asked him as calmly as I could. He is lucky that he is my boss as well as my best friend or else I would have slapped him right on his face.

He laughed as if I crack a joke. “You should have seen your face. almost fall for it!” I glared at him and that was enough for him to shut his mouth up.

“Why are you here? Should you be preparing for the party?”, I asked him.

“That is exactly what I am doing right now.”

“What do you mean?” I looked at him in confusion.

“Mr Dash McCarthy is coming at the party with his sons; Micheal McCarthy and Daniel McCarthy. So I need you there.” He just replied to me with a straight look.

“You know it; I don’t attend this type of gatherings. Moreover, isn't it in a club?”

"No. I mean it was but I changed it in the Royal Mansion." I just look at him as if he has ten heads all a sudden. "Come on. He is very important for our company. He especially asked me about you to be there.” I know he is very important, but I don’t want to go there.

“I don’t have any option, do I?"

"No. This time you have to attend it. Finally, the moment I was looking for."

I raised my brows at him and growled.

"Fine. But what about the dress? I am not going with these clothes and I don't think I have time to go shopping and get ready."

"Oh! Don't worry. I brought a dress for you. Wait a minute." He went out for a second and come back with shopping bags in his hands. I just looked at him at surprised. He was so confident about this. He throws me the bags, "I am waiting. One hour."

I looked at him as he walked out of the office. I opened the bag and pull out the dress. It's was a nude peach coloured bodysuit. I went to the bathroom and took a shower to calm myself down. I was surprised that the dress suits me so well. The perfect size! The bodysuit hugs my curves so well. I took out the earrings and heels and wore that. Honestly, I don't prefer much makeup so I applied some face powder, mascara and matching lipstick. I glared at the mirror and smiled.

"Savannah, are you done?"

I rolled my eyes and replied, "Coming."

I just hope the night spends well. It is my first party of the company. Alex owes me a big time. I walked towards the door and opened it.

Alex P.O.V.

Savannah always took my feelings as a friend. I loved her since college life, but I was never brave enough to say her 'I Love you'. I just don't have the guts to face her if she says no. I know she suffered a lot; I would do anything to ease the pain. I know she lost interest in love and affection, but I just lost control over me when she is around. Today when her lips were just a few inches away from me; it took my everything not to kiss her. I know she was nervous when I trapped her below me. The way her eyes were looking at me as if her eyes wanted answers from me.
The moment she said my name. I realized she was out of the room. I turned to see her and saw her standing by the door. She was looking so beautiful. I just wanted her to be in my arms at that moment. That dress fits her so perfectly. It seems like a cold wave went down to my spine.
"Alex, how am I looking?"
I cleared my voice and lied," Not Bad. But I have seen better"
"Really? But your eyes are saying something else.", she smirked.
"No. But if you want me to say something else than...", I stated as I walked towards her.
"It's ok. Never mind. ", she took a step back and walked over me.
I followed her and went towards the elevator. I keep staring at her to memorize every inch of her. I glared at her a few times unless she finally spoke," What are you staring at? Where is this Royal Mansion? Isn't it the one in your area beside Tatin Media " She was uneasy when she spoke to me; I could sense it. But it is not my fault that she was looking dame hot.
" 20 minutes away from my house," I replied as smoothly as I can.
We went down and took my car. While driving, I could not concentrate on the road as my eyes frequently rolled over her. Honestly speaking, I lied to her. The investor is not coming; I just wanted to start this new year with her. If I had asked her, she would have denied me like the other times.

Love is Hopeless. Sometimes it is so hard to find to the soulmate that petting a shark seems like an easy task; being single seems easier than unrequited love.

Well, this is the third chapter of Caged-Free Bird. I hope you like it. Make sure you click the like and comment in the comment section and let me know your thoughts. I would really appreciate your words. Stay tuned for the next update. Enjoy!!!
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