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Chapter - 4 Meet A Fucking Pervert

Here we are. Right in the parking lot of Royal Mansion. Savannah is standing right in front of the gate for me. I just hope she stays after she knows the truth. I know if she had her car here, she would have left the moment I told her the truth of McCarthy.

I know she likes drinking, but alone in her house. With people outside, she is not sure whether she will be able to pull off without embarrassing herself. During college time, I once went to her house to surprise her on her birthday. Thank God! I went alone as she was so drunk that she could not even stand properly. After drunk, she is quite funny but cute.

That day when I was putting her in bed; I accidentally slipped in fall on top of her and peck in her lips. I felt as if I got a minor electric shock. That day we had our first kiss; well a peck kiss. But she doesn't remember about it. I guess that night I came to know my feelings about her.

I walked towards the gate and watched her impatiently walking across the lane. I could see the people watch her as if she was a piece of meat. I raised my hand in a fist shape in anger. I wish I could beat the hell out of them for seeing my girl like that. But I can't really blame them, after all, Savannah was looking hot as hell.

"Alex!!!" She waved her hand towards me.

I smiled as the people moved their heads in my direction to look at me. I walked in front of her and glared at those brainless bastards. They walked away crossing us.

"Let's go. Mr McCarthy must be waiting for us." I give her a tight- smile as she pulled me towards the entrance.

As we walked inside the club, the beats of music pinched in our ears. There was a pretty crowd already; this means we are late. I grabbed two drinks from the bar and hand a glass to Savannah. She looked a bit uneasy and she scanned the surroundings. Must be looking for Mr McCarthy.

"Alex, are you sure Mr McCarthy is coming because it seems like the party is a bit wilder for his age though." I chuckled. Damn, she was right. If I tell her now, then she might be less angry. I mean it looks like she was enjoying a bit. The way, her shoulders were moving as a response of the beats. I smiled at her.

"Savannah, are you enjoying?"

She raised her brows at me and replied," Yeah. I mean not bad. The music is not that bad to my ears as well."

"Alright." I am happy that she is happy. I mean it's been a quite long time since I saw her smiling and enjoying like that. "Savannah?!"

"Yeah!" I cleared my throat and pulled my face towards her neck to whisper in her ears.

"Savannah, I lied to you. Sorry! Mr McCarthy is not coming. You were quite busy for the last few days so I thought... to bring you here. Sorry! I know you would have not come if I hadn't used the McCarthy excuse. Sorry, please don't do angry." I pulled my face away from her neck and looked at her.

Her eyes were widened with anger. It seems like she will blast any moment on me.

"Alex! You... lied to me."

"Sorry! Savannah. Please don't be angry." It seems like a giant blow is about to go over me. I looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Alex, how could you? I know you meant well. But don't you know I don't like these gatherings especially when I am drinking. I don't want to embarrass myself."

"Sorry!" I know she was hurt and worried about making fun of herself.

"I am leaving, Alex!", she stated in anger and turned to go. I run behind her and grab her arms and pull her in my arms. She looked at me with big teary eyes. She tried to get off from me but I hold her too tight. I used my other hand and wiped her tears.

"Sorry, Savannah! I am sorry. I just wanted you to have some fun. Please don't go. I promise I will take care of you if you are drunk and make sure that you don't embarrass yourself. I will take you home if you are drunk. Please stay and have fun."

I loosed my arms around her and look at her to say something. She was staring at me. She thought for a second and then replied, "Alright!"

That word just made my day. I give her a wide smile and hugged her tightly.

"I promise I will take care of you. Let's go." I pulled her inside the club and she went to the bar section to grab some shots.

Savannah P.O.V.
I know I am going to regret it tomorrow. But he was right. I can't be angry at him to care about me. Moreover, it has actually become a long time since I had some fun. Alex and I are having shots right now. I look at Alex and saw a girl standing beside him; well basically flirting with him. She was not bad; brown hair with blue eyes. I scanned her from head to toe. She was wearing a short black dress with a V- neck collar which shows a bit of her cleavage.

"Did you come with your friends?" she asked Alex with a wink and rubbing her hands across his chest. I knew something was about to happen. He tried to move her hands over him. But she pulls Alex's collar and pulls him close to him. Alex looked at me with a please-help-me look.

I stood up to help him, but a little idea clawed in my head. A little punishment for his trick won't be bad. I walked towards him and put my hands in his shoulder."Alex?"

That girl looked at me with a deadly glared. I could not control but to smile at her act. Alex looked at me with hope.

"Alex, I am going to the dance floor. Don't worry about me. And enjoy your night." I stated and give a wink to the girl.

Alex was shocked and the girl gives me a smile. I turned to leave but I stopped and whispered, "Alex, this is your punishment. I guess I will handle myself for some time. Just make sure you take me back home; not someone else. I don't want to lose my virginity to a drunk stranger." I patted his shoulder and walked towards the dance floor where our other colleagues were.

I saw Charlie and Bella, my subordinate dancing on the dance floor. I moved my head around to see others but couldn't see anyone. Must be around somewhere. I walked to Charlie and patted in his shoulder. He turned and look at me with wide eyes.

"My-my! Look who is here. You came! I thought you don't attend this type of fun." He asked me with a smirk.

"Well, I wasn't going to. Alex tricked me to come."

"I wish he had tricked you before." I chuckled because of his reply. Charlie is my right-man, the only person who can make me get up of work beside Alex. Well, Charlie has a little crush on Bella since the day she joins us, but he never told her that. I wondered why but as far as I know he is going to tell her today.

I hit his arms in my hands. He grinned at me. "Come on, let's have some more shots," Bella stated and walked to the bar. Charlie and I followed her. Bella ordered some drinks for all of us. We had some more drinks and then back to the dance floor. We were quite drunk and dancing. Alex whispered something in Bella's ears and then went towards the opposite direction. I turned my head to see Alex and saw him struck with a bunch of girls around him.

I was dancing with the others on the dance floor when I felt someones' hand around my waist. I tried to move the hands but the person pulled me to his chest. My back was clashing with his chest. He lowered his heads and whispered. "Yeah, hotty. Wanna join me tonight?" I could feel his warm breath near my ears as he spoke. He thought I was some sort of slut.

I tried to move out of his arms but he just tightened his grip on my waist. It will leave some marks for sure. I angrily stamp my feet on his feet which cause him to leave my waist. I run away from there to Alex.
I went to Alex and hugged him. He was quite shocked by my action. He pulled me to see my face. I looked around the dance floor before saying him. No one suspicious looked and I turned around to look at him. He looked at me with worried eyes.
"Savannah, what happened?"
I did not want to make him tense. "Nothing... I wanted some drinks that's it."
"Are you sure? You look tense." I know he was worried but no one seems to be around me anymore, so I guess nothing to worry. He must be a drunk pervert that's all.
"I am fine. Let's go. Have some few more drinks." I told him and pulled him towards the bar section.
I had a couple of drinks in one gulp. Alex looked at me as if I was drinking like a fish. I raised my brows at me."What, Alex?"
"Nothing, just. You seem like drinking too much." I rolled my eyes.
"Come on. I am not drinking. You are! So I don't have any problem. Moreover, I become quite brave after drinking."
"That I know", he replied.
"Huh?" What does he mean?
"Nothing." I rolled my eyes at him and went back to drinking.
I felt some flashlight on me. I turned around to see but found no one. Was I hallucinating?

He that perverts truth shall soon be incapable of knowing the true from the false. If you persist of wearing glasses that distort, everything will be distorted to you.

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What will happen if Savannah gets too drunk which she was fear of?
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