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Chapter - 5 Drunk Savannah

Alex P.O.V.

My head seems to start aching because of drinking. I looked at Savannah. She kept her head in the table while playing with the straw in her glass. She is quite drunk I believe; her red cheeks were the proof of her drunk state. She didn’t embarrass herself yet, except the fact she can’t walk properly.

“Alex?” I looked at her as she tried to sit properly.

“You want to go home? It’s already at 1 o’clock.” She started laughing by the fact she is there for the last four hours.

“Alex, did I embarrass you as I did to my family?” She asked me with tears in her eyes.

I wiped her tears and pulled her closer and kept her head in my shoulder. She was crying. I know the exact reason behind those tears. She wanted a happy family since childhood but never got one. Her family always made her feel like an extra person in the family. The one about whom no one gives a damn and let them be themselves; but always interfere in their lives, and don’t let them do what they want.

Last time I saw her, drunk, she told me about her childhood and family. It made me so angry that I broke her side-lamp in her bedroom.

“Alex, please don’t leave me like everyone else.” She pulled out of me and wiped her eyes. “I will never leave you ever. I will always stay beside you.”

She stands up and gives me a quick hug and kisses me on my cheek. That kiss was innocent but still, I felt a tug in my heart. If she was not drunk, a kiss is way far. I hold her head and give her a peck in her forehead. “Let’s go. Let me drop you home.” She nodded and went to the parking lot.

It took us around two hours to reach Savannah’s place. I looked at her; her eyes were closed and her mouth a bit open. She looks so cute. I wish I could kiss those soft kissable lips right now. She was looking so peace while sleeping. I moved my head closer to her to open the safety belt. I looked in her eyes and saw she was awake. I jumped back and sit straight while running my fingers through my hairs. God! She almost caught me red-handed while looking at her. “Alex?”

“Hmm... you are awake. We have reached. Let me just open the door for you.” I unlocked my belt and turned to open the door. But before I could open, I felt Savannah’s hand on my shoulder.

I turned back to look at her." Can... can you please take me upstairs? I... I am not sure whether I will land safely in my home without falling.”

Did I hear the right thing? She wanted me to carry her up..upstairs? OMG! I am feeling as if my heart is just going to come out of my body.

“Alex? Are you listening to me?” I am going to carry her in a bridal style for the first time.

“Yeah. Ok. Let’s go. Let me just park the car.” I reversed my car and went to the parking lot.

“Alex, you can stay at my house if you want. You know right my rooms are empty.” Those words seem like a gentle breeze blow my heart.

“Thanks.” I was about to open the door when I feel like someone is looking at us. I opened the door and stood out. I scanned the surrounding but couldn't see anyone. I must be hallucinating. I turned around and went to her side to open the door.

I bend down to carry her in my arms. She fits so perfectly in my arms as she was just made to be in my arms. Closed the door by kicking and went towards the elevator and press the floor button with my elbow. How I wish the time could stop here; she is in my arms.

The door opened and I went inside the house. I went inside her bedroom and put her in bed. Took out her shoes and pull the blanket on her. I sat beside her and keep looking at her flawless beauty. She turned herself to right and opened her eyes. It looks like she was trying to acknowledge me. She claws up forward and hugged me. “Alex, I hope you will stay there whenever I need you.”

I hugged her back. She was crying silently while putting her head at my shoulder. I removed my hands from her back and bring them close to her face and wipe her tears.“I was, will and always be there for you, no matter what!” With that note, I peck my lips on her lips. But to my surprise, she opened her lips and deepen the peck kiss by pulling her tongue inside my mouth. I also deep our kiss as we lay in the bed.

After a few moments, I felt she was out of breath. I pulled myself out and went to her bathroom to take a look at myself. That kiss made my thing so hard that it seems like I am going to cum in my pants if I don’t release it now. I pull down my pants and boxer and jerk it off. I moved my hand up and down until I am unloaded again. I pulled up my clothes again and went to see her. She has fallen asleep. I sigh!! “She won’t remember it today,” I whispered to myself as I walked to her bed and turned her side-lamp off. I guess I am going to have a long night.

Savannah P.O.V.

Arghh! I feel like a truck run over me. I glanced at the alarm clock; it’s 10 a.m. God! I am late. I jumped out of my bed and run to my bathroom. I splashed water at my face and grabbed a brush; then I realized it was an off - day. I slowly picked the brush and brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. I wore my bathrobe and went to the kitchen.

I opened the refrigerator and pulled out the pancakes that I made last morning and a bottle of lemon juice. I poured the juice on my glass and was about to keep it back; I feel as if I almost got a heart attack. Alex! “What the hell, Alex? Wait! What are you doing in my house this morning?” He remained silent and keep staring at me. Then I realized, I was still in my bathrobe. I pushed him out of my way and went to my room. I could hear his laugh from my room. I quickly changed my bathrobe into a pair of shorts and a blue top.

I went back to the kitchen and saw Alex drinking the juice. He just ate my breakfast and lunch of the day. I walked towards the kitchen and grabbed the cooking knife and went towards him and stand in front of him with a ‘you-are-died’ look.

" Tell me, one good reason for not killing you right now?” I asked him.

He raised his brows and replied, “Why would you do that? Moreover, I am your boss so of course, I have an upper hand than you.” He smirked at me. How I wish I could remove that ugly smile from your face!

“You just eat my food, Alex” I yelled at him.

“Come on. You can cook some more.” He replied to me so calmly.

“What do you mean by cook more? It was my breakfast, not only that but also my lunch! Moreover, what the hell you are doing in my house?”

“First of all, I didn’t stay here because of me. You were the one who told me to stay. So you can't ask me why. And secondly, what do you meant by breakfast and lunch?”

I told him to stay!? No way! It is not possible. But for a fact, I don’t remember what happened last night, so how am I suppose to confront him about it?

He stood up and opened the refrigerator and looked inside it. I put down my knife and sit on one of the kitchen stools. He closed the door and stood right in front of me. He keeps staring at me as if I am a prisoner.“What?” I asked him.

“Why the hell is your refrigerator empty?” He asked with a dominating tone.

“What do you mean empty? there are a few eggs and some groceries.” I replied.

“You know right. I am not going to buy your nonsense.” Obviously, he is not going to buy it. I don’t know that much of cooking so I cook every other day and store it and have on the next day. If I order then it will take a large portion of my salary.

“I don’t cook much so I preserve some of my food and eat it” He looked at me as if I suddenly got an extra head in my body.“Will you say something, Alex?”

He pulled me up from the stool and pushed me all the way to my room.“Get ready. We are going out. And I won’t hear no!”

I hid my love in field and town Till een the breeze would knock me down, The bees seemed singing ballads oer, The fly’s bass turned a lion’s roar; And even silence found a tongue, To haunt me all the summer long; The riddle nature could not prove Was nothing else but secret love.
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A grocery shopping tour will bring a new side of Savannah which she is avoiding for the last ten years. But will she confront it or run away like avoiders?

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