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Chapter - 6 An Old Wound

Alex has gone mad. I mean does he have anything to do with this? I have a pile of clothes to wash; every day a new outfit to go to work. He never noticed that. To be honest I am lazy in these matters. I store my dirty clothes and wash them in one day. I never wear an outfit twice in a month for this reason.

Anyways, there is no way to talk to Alex about it. He is quite dominating sometimes. I picked out my outfit and took out a peach colour bag with creamy colour sandals.

I went out of the room and saw Alex by the door with a plastic bag in his hand. He closed the door and walked into the kitchen. I went to the kitchen to see his new action. I went inside and saw Alex placing the take-out food in my plate and the rest in the refrigerator. "Alex, you don't have to do it."

He turned around and walked towards me."I want to do it." Those words made it impossible to say no to him. But I don't know why but something seems changed. He was not joking around and seemed quite serious. Did something happen last night? I become quite out of hand after drinking.
"Savannah, eat something and then let's go."
I pulled out the stool and eat my breakfast. For the first time in many years, I was having a tummy-full breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the nearby grocery store. Alex was the one who was shopping actually; I am not into shopping much. I was putting few easy-go on snacks and he was putting them out. We almost argue on it.
We were in the frozen food section when I saw the person who was one of the reasons as well to my condition. MY SISTER!!! I looked at her and she turned around to watch me. I haven't seen her for the last ten years; she was literally banned my father after what she tried to do. I almost believed she was not in my life, but who would have thought that she will come back like this.
I turned away my face and looked at Alex, who was busy deciding what to buy. I patted on his shoulder and he turned."Savannah, can you tell me what flavour is most delicious, strawberry or black forest?"
"Are you done?! Let's go." I snapped at him and started walking towards the counter.
I keep turning back to see whether she was following me. Alex was standing beside me, which I am grateful of, or else I might have fainted by now. Alex keeps looking at me once or twice for every other second. I rolled my eyes and turned around to look at him. "What?" I snapped at him again.
"What do you mean by 'What'?" He asked with a irritating tone. I am already in a pissed mood and he is just pouring oil in the flame.
"I am tired of all this. Shopping this much for whom? I shouldn't have listen to you. It's not like I am suffering so please, just leave me."
I opened my bag and throw the money in the counter."Keep the changes." I picked up the bags and leave the store.

Alex P.O.V.

Why the hell Savannah just snapped at me? She is not like this. I turned my head around to see whether Mrs Moss is here. Savannah never speaks like that to me. I ran after her towards the parking lot.
I called her by her name but she continued walking towards the car and climbed inside it.
She started her car and drove away. Keeping me here, standing in the parking lot. What the hell?! Did she lose her mind? I ran towards the main gate, stopped a taxi and went straight to her home.
I rang the doorbell but she didn't open it. I continuously called on her phone but she didn't pick it up. At last, she switched off her phone. Is she having a period in the middle of the store that's why she behaved like that? But it is the first day of the month and she normally has those days in the middle of the month. Did she saw someone in the store but I didn't see anyone. Argh! I am frustrated. I kicked her door for the last time and went to my home.

After one week

It's been one week since that grocery incident. Neither Savannah give me a call or come to the office. It seems like she has just disappeared from this planet. That's enough! If she doesn't come to office today then I am going to her house. If needed I will break-in. This is the second-longest time, we haven't talked to each other.
I pulled out my bag from the closet and went to the office. Around 45 minutes, I arrived in the office parking lot. I walked out of the car and saw Savannah's car parking in her space. I was so happy, finally, she decided to come to the office. I walked as fast as I could and went to her office. I was about to enter her office but suddenly my mind started to drive back to that day; how she talked to me.
For the first time in my life, I was afraid to enter her office. I took a deep breath and raised my hand to knock the door. I knocked twice."Come in." She replied. I don't know whether it was me as her boss who was angry with her or her friend who she snapped at.
I turned the door lock and opened the door. The first thing that I notice as she was not in her normal formal attire but a causal go-out look. She never comes to the office like this. It's not like we have a strict proper attire rule but she coming to the office like this is unbelievable.
I cleared mt throat."Savannah, are you ok?"
"Hmm...I am fine. It's just I am a bit tired." Obviously, I am not going to buy her nonsense.
"Are you sure? I mean you look pathetic." It looks like she just woke up and somehow manage to dress up and come to the office.
"Yes. I am fine, Alex. By the way, sorry for snapping at you like that. I was just...just a bit angry about something." Of course, I know that. There is no way you would snap at me like that.
"Ohh. It's ok. I understand that. If you don't mind can I ask you what you were angry about?"
"Nothing important. I was thinking-" Her phone rang. She picked it up and put it close to her ear. "Hello?" She said.
After a few seconds, she just throws the phone on the wall beside me. I looked at her in pure shock. What the heck?! Who was it? I never saw her behaving like that.
"Savannah, who was that?"
She looked at me and took a deep breath and went back to her seat. She was about to start when we were interrupted by the knock at the door. I turned around and saw Charlie.
"Sorry to disturb to but the clients are there," Charlie told us.
"Alright! Make them sit in the meeting room. We are coming." Savannah replied. She looked at me and said, "Let's talk after the meeting. Alex, how about you start, I will come after ten minutes?"
I nodded and went to the meeting room.

Savannah P.O.V.

The meeting went well. The investor seems satisfied with our work. But I don't know but this new investor that wants to sign the deal with us didn't come himself instead send his assistant.
"This investor is pretty suspicious, Alex. Why didn't he came for such an important deal?" I asked him as we walked towards his cabin.
"That's true. I will call Thomas tonight. By the way, you are going to tell me what is going on?"
I sat in his cabin and took a deep breath. I don't know how he is going to react; I never told him that I have a sister.
"So?" Alex asked.

No matter how much you try to avoid and run away from something. But when it is His will, no one can change it. At one point you will need to face it.

With this note, I finish this chapter. Please like and comment on your thoughts. Maybe I will use them in my story. Write a review.

Savannah's sister had a link to her fears but when Alex come to know about it; how is he going to react? And what problems are her sister going to bring in her life?
Until then stay tuned.
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