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Chapter - 7 Secret Revealed

What am I supposed to say? My dead sister is back; moreover, she is after me to make my life hell! For the last ten years, I seemed her as a dead person, at least I tried to. Alex is waiting for me to open up. I know if I tell him that he will make sure that my sister is deported back but I don’t want to new blame in my life.

“Savannah...” His voice pulled me back from my thoughts.

“Yeah. So the thing is...” I am very nervous. What he is going to tell?

“Are you going to tell me or I call Thomas to find out? Speak up.” He threatened me.

I swallowed my laugh and replied, “Thomas is not required. So the thing is my sister in the town!” I spilt it out in one breath.

“What?” He asked me in a confused tone.

“So the thing is my sister hasn’t died actually. But I consider her as a dead person. After what she tried to do before we immigrated. My father disowned her just as she wished.” He was listening attentively.

“So you are trying to say, that bitch, Lilac Moss Erhart is not dead. And she is in this town? Holy shit! I am going to fucking kill her! That bitch tried to kill you using what?! Black magic! I am going to kill-” I cut him off.

“Alex, you are not going to do anything. No matter what happened, she is my sister. My only family left.” I scolded him.

“Yeah right. That’s why she tried to kill her father and her little sister! You know what, the problem with you, you don’t fight back, especially with the loved ones. That is the reason why you always get into trouble.” I stood still listening to his words. He was not wrong but what I am going to do?

“I...I know. But what can I do? I never thought that she will be here.” I feel like losing words to say.

“Savannah, I am not sure what to say anymore.” He sighed.

After our heated argument last day, we decided to see what my darling sister want from me now. She called me last night again, and as planned I talked with her keeping all my anger aside. She wants to meet and say it face-to-face.


Today is Sunday. The house candidates are coming today. I woke up early this morning to clean the house. They are about to come at 6 o’clock. Half-a-hour left. I decided to recheck everything.

I was checking the dinner when I heard the doorbell. I ran to open the door.

“Hello! I am Daniel. Daniel Wharton. I guess you are Savannah Moss?” He approached for a handshake. He seems quite warming and innocent with his gesture.

Daniel was wearing a white high-neck t-shirt with a pair of blue trousers and a leather jacket on top. His face was clean shaved with a pointy nose, and dark thick pair of eyebrows with a broad forehead and his eyes were the most innocent part of his face, with a turquoise lens it shows that he is the one who can support one without any own needs. At least that was my first impression about him. He looks quite handsome if Alex is handsome then Daniel, obviously is!

“Oh yes! Welcome! Please come in.” Daniel came inside and following him, another man came in.

As soon as I lay eyes on him, I immediately notice four things about him:

1. A fairly light skin tone and quite taller than me, which is unusual as I’m 5 feet 7 inches, he must be 6 or 6.1 inches.

2. A sloppy straight brunette hair, a girl will spend thousands of dollars to get this kind of thick straight hair.

3. Quite sensible with his choice of dress code, as he was wearing a black hoodie with grey sweatpants and a pair of white snickers.

4. A V-shaped face with sharp jawline which perfectly goes with straight hair; eyebrows were thick and black which seems to pop out from his face. In a good way!

“Sorry, I forgot to introduce him. This is my brother, Ryder Wharton.” I glared at him. He looked at me and walked inside the dining room.

“I must say you have kept the house well maintained,” Ryder said. His voice seems a bit known to me.

“Sorry, he likes to be himself. He can be rude sometimes, but he is good in heart.” Daniel explained after seeing my expression.

“'s ok. You know, I get aggressive sometimes when I am angry." I replied to cool down the embarrassment. I quickly change the topic." So what do you guys do? I mean what kind of work?” I asked.

“Ryder works in Jackforest Company and I work in WinterFlost and Co.” Daniel replied.

“Ohh, that’s good. So I guess you guys want to see the house now?” I asked them and they shook their heads.

I showed them the rooms. They seem to be pleased with the house. I asked them to stay for dinner which they did. We had dinner together as I told them not to be formal. We are from the same age group and talk in formal feels a bit weird to me. I like them. They give me a friendly-vibe; well from Daniel at least. Ryder seems to be exactly like me; anti-social.

They are going to move after a fortnight. I called Alex after their departure to fill him about my paying guest.



"Hello?! Sav, what happened? Did that idiotic sister of yours called again?" I rolled my eyes and replied no.

He sighed."Do you know, how worried I am? After this uninvited trouble in your life?" I know he is worried but comes on I am not a two-year-old kid who does not know how to take care of itself.

"Yeah, I know. But the reason I called you is something else. I finally got two roommates. They seem nice. Both of them are brothers." I told him what company they work in and how humble they seem to me.

"Sav. are you sure you can trust them? I mean you have a bad past on it?" He asked me.

"Yeah. I guess. Let's see. They are coming in two weeks and Lilac is coming next Sunday afternoon. You are in?" I asked him.

"Of course! How can you think I am going to leave you when that bitc-" I cut him off. "Alex!"

"Yeah. Yeah. I know. The nun is back." He said. Whenever I stop Alex for bitching he called me a NUN.

I sighed. "Ok then. See you tomorrow." I muttered and cut the call before he could reply to me.

Becoming angry is not wrong but to express it in the wrong way is bad. Pressing anger deep in yourself might not cause harm now but it will cause in future. And that one is more dangerous than to express it when you feel angry.

Well, this is the end of this chapter. Hope you have enjoyed the story until now. Comment below and please tell me what do you think about this chapter.
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