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Chapter 8 - Reunite Of Two Sisters Or Enemies

Today is Sunday as well as the last week of January 2021. My sister is coming; the one who is around 10 years elder than me but sometimes, during childhood, it seems I was the elder one. Well, before I was birth, my mother lost two sons just after they were born, just because she didn’t know she had diabetes. She had to control her diabetes the entire time to give birth to me. A fighter kid, ain’t I?

Because of her diabetes, high blood pressure and thyroid, I was born in the eight-month. As far as I hear from the family, I was quite a healthy baby comparing to the other eight-months babies. Lilac and my brother, Caspian Taylor ( yes, Taylor. So you see he is not my same mother-blood brother but we share the same blood. He was my maternal uncle’s son and lived with us before I was even born. I knew him as my real brother since my birth and I always treated him like that.) had a bet before I was born, whether it will be a girl or boy. Caspian said a girl and Lilac said a boy.

Tsk-tsk, I was born. The one and only Savannah Moss.

When I was born, I turned out the exact mix of my parents. Fair complexion, light brown eyes and quite the same colour hair. Most people were happy when I was born, except for my own mother and sister. My mother wanted a son which she satisfied with my brother. I am not angry about that cause many people in this world still think the girl is not important and my mother might have not loved me as she was supposed to be but she loved me.

It is 1 o’clock, Alex is playing PS5 and I am strolling my Instagram feed. My sister is about to come at 2 o’clock, so we got enough time. All of a sudden, we heard the doorbell. I stood up and opened the door. There she was, my sister. If I say I was surprised, I will be lying. She was wearing a knee-cut long dress with a huge bag from Gucci on her left hand.

Alex came to see who was it. When he saw her, it seems like his eyes were going to pop out of his eyes. Lilac and Alex were looking at each other as if they want to tear each other. I cleared my throat to catch their attention. I looked up at Lilac and said,” Please come in!”

We all walked towards the living room and sat on the sofa.

“Wow. I must say you have maintained the house quite good. Do you leave alone?”, she asked while looking around the room.

Before I could reply, Alex replied to her.“Oh! Savannah and I live here together.”

What!! I looked at him with a are-you-fucking-out-of-your-mind look while he looked at my with a play-along look.

“Together as in? Roommates?”, Lilac asked.

“No. We are a couple, sister.”, I answered her. By the look of her look, it seems like a bomb just explodes between her legs.

“But I don’t see a ring in your hand,” she stated.

“That’s because we are boyfriend and girlfriend.”, Alex replied.

“Oh, God! You guys are in- living. Does father know about it?”, she asked.

“Huh, don’t you know that dad is no more?”, I asked her. I can’t believe she doesn’t know that father died two years back.

“What! Father?! He...he is no more. How?When?” she said while sobbing.

“Savannah, do you want me to - ”, Alex asked as I told him no.

" Two years back, when he was coming to meet me. He had an accident. A drunk lorry driver runs over and hit on the side he was sitting. His car turns over. The people nearby called for an ambulance but before he could reach... he died.”, I told Lilac as my eyes were full of tears.

“It’s all your fault! He was coming to meet you. If you had gone to meet him then he could have still alive!“, she yelled and accused me.

Honestly, I am tired of hearing this thing. I didn’t want to left him, I was forced to. Hailey forced me.

“Really! If it is my fault, then it should be your fault that mom died! Did you forget that she was having breathing problem just after your argument? You knew she was a blood-pressure patient but still, you created such an atmosphere that she loses control over her and she died.“, I yelled at Lilac.

She was devastated. “I...I never thought that she would...”, Lilac stated to defence herself.

“Haha, that’s hilarious! Fine, I believe that. But tell me, why? Why did you do black magic to kill us? We were your only family...Do you even understand the word, ‘Family’?”

“Savannah...“, Alex wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

“Dad become weak after that little stunt you pulled. He could never believe that; his first child would try to do something like that?!”

“Savannah, I was angry that he married that woman.“, she said.

“Huh! Even I didn’t like it but still, it tried to cope up with it, because for me; my father’s happiness was everything.“, she kept her eyes down.“So tell me, why you are here?”

Lilac moved her head up to look at me and said, “What? I came to meet with you father, but it seems I am a bit late.”

" A little late?! You are late for nine years. Nine years! Lilac Moss Erhart! And why are you here? Because you want to see us. Really! You will tell that any bullshit and I will believe that. I am not that Savannah Moss any more that will believe in your words! Moreover, didn’t you said ’I don’t need anyone. My husband is enough!’? Then what happened now? Your husband died or your side sugar daddies don’t want you anymore?!“, I yelled.

Alex was looking at me and Lilac was breathing heavily.

“Savannah, how can you insult me like that?! I am your sister. For fucking-sake.“, she stood up and knocked off the vase beside her.

That vase was one of the gifts from dad when I bought this house. I moved Alex’s hand from the top of my hand and stood up. “Lilac, why you are here? And this time tell the truth!”

Lilac wept her tears and picked up her bag and stand in front of me.” I want my shares. I am sure you understand my words. His properties in here, in Australia, India, Bangladesh, New York, and Dubai and also those 20 million dollars. Everything I got a right on those. Little sister, you think you are smart? Huh?! Have everything on your own? Don’t forget I have his blood as well.”

Alex looks at me in surprise. I never told him about this thing. He knew my father was quite rich but these things.

I patted her face slow and told her with a smile.“Lilac! Oh, God! I knew you were dumb but this much. I am surprised. ”

“What do you mean?“, Lilac asked with a confused expression on her face.

“Lilac, my dear sister. Don’t you remember that my father has disowned you before we left London? Moreover, he had prepared a will long before he died so that there won’t be any problem.” I grinned.

“So, what? I don’t have the disowned document,” Lilac lied in my face.

“Aww. Do you think that if you deny it, then everything will be in your favour? The government have the documents and even I have!“, I replied. Lilac was fuming within anger. Her eyes were bigger than they are in real.

“I will go to court and fight for it! I am sure they will agree with me.“, she stated. I could not stop my laughter. Is she really this dumb? I am not after money like my sister. When she was first married, she had three boyfriends in her side to provide her with more luxury but she got caught and her husband divorced her. She was not upset about it and came back home with the lie that her first husband can’t produce a baby.

“Well, you are free to go and file a case against us by you won’t get anything. So, if you are done with your nonsense you can leave.” She went towards the shoes to wear shoes as I continued,” Make sure you don’t call and disturb me again. For else, I will be forced to pull out a restricted order against you. ”

Lilac tried to open the door but couldn’t so she kicked the door. I went towards the door and open it for her. “You have kicked the door today but don’t do it again, or else I will file a case against you for damaging my properties. And one last thing, don’t try to do something like you tried to do nine years back because this time, I will make a note in the station that if any kind of accident occurred they will have your head in the first place.” She went out of the door as I continued, “Goodbye! See you in court if you can. Or else I hope to never see you again.”

I opened the door and turned to see Alex while laying my back against the door. I never thought that I, Savannah Moss, will act like this to anyone. My father knew that one-day Lilac might try to do something so he made the will. After two weeks of his death, his lawyer came to my house to read his will to me. Alex was there beside me. That was six months after I joined the company.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future. The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.
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