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Chapter 9 - Confession Time

After Lilac went out of the door, I cried a lot. Alex was there with me as my backbone. He consoled me for the rest of the night and stayed back at my house. The next day, he cooked the breakfast for me and played Dinner Quest even though it was breakfast time.


“Hmm,” I look at him as I took a bite of the food.

“Don’t you think you have something to tell me?” I looked at his face in confusion. To explain his words.

“Oh come on! Don’t give me that look. I mean about your father. Those properties and those extra 20 million dollars if you own so much then why are you working under me? I just don’t get it!” Alex asked me.

I sighed.“Alex, just answer me one thing. Does my richness affect our friendship?”

“Sav. You know it doesn’t! Don’t be so rich, why did you work in the printing press? I mean you could have easily found a high-salary job?! In your father’s company?! Wait! Who is running the company now? What is the company’s name by the way?” he says, eyeing me.

“Okay. For your first question, yes, I could join the company but then I could have never left the house and I couldn’t even live in the house as well. Moreover, I decided to look for work on my capability and I was still studying, what do you think? I will get a high-salary job. About the company, hmm... It is in my name but I am not running it now. It is run by Hailey for now. As my father said in his will that I will take over it in my 25 birthday, which means next month and it is called - ” he cut me off.

He narrows his eyes at me, almost as if he can sense my discomfort.” You! Savannah?! What else are you hiding from me? What is the name of the company?”

I rolled my eyes at his assessment and replied while looking down towards my food,” Moss Highleaf Industries”

“What? That multi...multinational company?!” I looked up at him. He drowned the glass of water in one gulp in nervous.

I sighed and lean against my chair. “Yes.”

“But our company is too small compared to yours. Does that mean you are leaving it soon?

“Alex, yes I am going to leave it soon. But, I like it there and I never mix both companies. I was and I still am loyal to Flood Invest.”

“I know that but I don’t know what to say anymore. You know that I was thinking of selling the company.”

I pull my lips into a tight line and nod.“Yes,” I say.

“Savannah... I should leave. That is a lot of information and I need time to process it.” He stood up, picked up his coat and leave.

It’s been one week since I haven’t met Alex. I know he needs time. I was about to leave the company but then Alex leaves the bomb that he wants to sell the company so I thought to help him with it. Well, tomorrow is the first of February and my roommates are going to move in. I told them, not to treat me a house owner; as a room partner. There aren’t any rules, but just to inform me if they are going to stay out all night or hosting a party in the house. So that I can prepare myself for the night. Or you know, crash in Alex’s place for a night if he lets me.

Well, today I have received a threatening letter from my sister.

Savannah Moss,

Hi, My baby sister, Hope you are doing well. I think you are doing well, after all, you have just won the lottery of 20 million dollars isn’t it? But unfortunately, you will not be able to continue this happiness, as I’m not gonna let you fly away with all the properties. You were right, the court is useless. But you know me right? If I want something I will get that at any cost. So don’t make me do anything like that, you are still a kid so 40%, should be enough for you. Politely, give me 60% otherwise I have other ways to own it. I hope you know what I mean. I’m coming tomorrow night, make sure you give me, my expected answer.

However, her letter seems funny.

I took a picture of it and sent it to Alex, hoping to get a reply from him. And just as I expected.



I cleared my throat and slide the incoming call and answered, “Hello?” I tried to sound as low as possible.

“Hello! Savannah, what happened? This letter?! She is threatening you and why your voice sounds so low?! Where are you?” he almost yelled at me.

“Yes, Alex. I am fine and she just sent me, this letter. And I am in the office, I mean in the headquarters of Moss HighLeaf. So I am safe.”

“Oh. Hmm. So I guess you will join it full-time now. Leave Flood Invest?“, he replied as low as a person’s voice can go.

“You know it, right? I will always be there beside you, whenever you need me. And, about Moss Highleaf and Flood Invest. I guess I can do something about it but I need your consent about it?” I told him.

“What? I didn’t understand it. What do you mean?” Alex asked me.

" We both know why you want to sell Flood Invest. How about you sell Flood Invest to me and keep it under Moss HighLeaf but the things will go on as it is going on? I mean this way, you will be able to rule and run it as you want and since it will be under Moss HighLeaf, the projects number will increase as you planned it before.”

“So? You mean I will still be able to continue this company even if it is under Moss HighLeaf? But the name of -” I cut him off. “Don’t worry. The name will be the same.”

“I guess, I will think about it.”

“Of course. Take your time.”

" Savannah, can you come to my house tonight? I have something to tell you and it needs to be face-to-face”, he asked.

“Hmm...yeah. Sure. I will be there by seven.”

Alex P.O.V.

It’s 6:50. Ten minutes left to be seven. After Savannah told me about her take over. I just lost my mind. She is leaving the company which means I won’t see her anymore. Who would have thought that her sister, Lilac will be the one who will bring things out of her stomach? Savannah is too polite, that day it seems like I saw a new Savannah. For the first time, she took a step for herself. I just hope she stays like this. Today I am going to confess. I know that I don’t have much time so I need to tell her today.

I just hope she doesn’t...Arghh! I never felt so nervous in my whole life. Not even when I just hit puberty. I walked around the house back and forth to reduce my nervousness but it seems to increase more. I looked up to see the clock and I heard the doorbell at the exact time. I ran towards the door and peck through the door glass to see. Savannah was standing. I took a deep breath and I opened the door.

“What took you time to open the door?” She asked while removing her shoes and placing them inside the shoe rack.

“Ahh...Nothing, I was in the bathroom.” Savannah is a bit impatient about this stuff. Waiting for something or someone is not her cup of tea. That’s why all our clients used to like her.

We walked down to the living room and sat down. I looked at her and asked, “Do you want something?”

“I guess I will take a glass of wine. Thanks!” I nodded and went to the kitchen to bring her a glass of wine.

I hand over her glass of wine and sit beside her. She took a sip from her glass and asked,” So what was it? The reason behind calling me?”

“Actually, I wanted to talk about the selling issue. I thought a lot, I guess it is the best option. I know you well...alright I thought I knew you well. But I know you what kind of person you are. So professional and kind. I guess the company will be good in your hand.”

" I hope I never let you down, Alex.“, she replied as she took another sip of wine.

“So you are coming tomorrow? The last bid, I suppose?” I asked her as she nodded.

" Savannah? I need to tell you something.” She looks at me to continue.” I hope this will not affect our friendship.”

“What is it? Alex. You are scaring me right now.”

“Savannah, nothing that serious, but serious. You understand, right? What am I trying to say?”

“No. I don’t. Be clear, Alex.”

“Ok.” I took at a deep breath and continue, “See we know each other from the past seven years and the past seven years, I never had a girlfriend. I fell in love with you in first sight and since then, I loved you and you only. I know how you react to these things because of your family, and that’s why I decided to wait for you as long as need. But since you are leaving now, it feels like a piece of heart is not missing.” I held her right hand in a hand and then look up to her eyes.“I loved you since I met you and always will. I didn’t want to scare you by proposing like this but ever since you told me about your leaving. I couldn’t wait. It’s like now or never. If you say that you don’t want me, I will accept it, I know it will take time but I will try. But don’t break our friendship. Ok?” Her eyes were frozen in one position. No blinking or anything.

I removed my hands and hold her face.” Look at me, Savannah. Please say something.”

She looks at my eyes and seemed to try to find something. Maybe honest or a confirmation of my propose. She holds my wrist and pulls down my hands from her face. I look at her and answer.

“Alex...I need some time. This is a bit too...ahh...too quick for me to process. I will talk to you tomorrow in the office. I guess I should leave now.” She took her bag and walk towards the shoe rack.

I grabbed her right arms and pulled her towards me. As her chest bumps to my chest, I could feel how fast her heart was beating. I look at her lips and pressed my lips in her lips. I tried to kiss her as she moved to pull out of our moment.

I don’t know why. But I feel uncontrollable wish to kiss her and keep her in my arms. I opened my arms around her waist and moved my face away.“Sorry. Savannah, I am really sorry. I don’t know what happened whenever I see your face...I just lose control.” I looked at her to do something. I was expecting a slap or something but nothing came. She turned back, put on her shoes and went out of my house. Leaving me standing, looking at the door.

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

So what do you think about this chapter? What do you think Savannah will say? Wait for the next chapter and until then stay tuned.
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