Because I Hear the Voices

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Since it was decided that the utility would be too cramped Devlin somehow managed to convince me to bring along Corey and Giles if only for the use of their van, although for the life of me I don’t remember exactly how it was agreed. Still pondering this turn of events, I zipped up my overnight bag, patted the pocket of my pants where I’d put my mobile after searching for it for half an hour and went out into the hall to grab my toothbrush from the bathroom.

Of course Kaeli had hit the roof about going on the trip. According to her, I should be going alone, after all I was a big boy now, and I could have gotten a plane up and back. It didn’t matter to her that uni had finished for the year, what we were doing was frivolous and childish. Devlin had reasoned that it was a guy thing, that it was a matter of loyalty and friendship. And it might have worked too, but for the very simple fact that Corey was going on the excursion as well. Devlin had tried to smooth things over, but somehow Kaeli seemed convinced that the whole trip was a devious plot for Devlin to go out and sow his wild oats. This statement had only convinced Giles that he’d been right all along, and Kaeli was actually mentally challenged.

“Hey Sean, did you see what Dev’s packing? The blasted bag weighs a ton, and the rich pretty boy has to take his damn camcorder so he can document the trip. Now he is talking about picking up food from the market before we head off. You’ve got to talk to him Sean.” Giles whined at me from the doorway.

“Stop whining man, it is so unattractive. No wonder you can’t get a girlfriend,” Dev retaliated as he sauntered down the hallway.

“Actually the market thing was my idea Giles,” I interrupted before a full-fledged slanging match could commence. “Dev’s got his esky and tent, so since we are camping under the stars for a couple of nights I thought we should get supplies. You know beer, munchies, that sort of thing.”

Instantly Giles’ face went from a scowl to smile, as he processed this new and enlightening information. “In that case,” he began before turning out into the hallway, “let’s get moving!”

Shaking my head I watched him leave and when I caught sight of Devlin streaking past the door on his way to get something he had forgotten from his room, I hurried after him.

“Why?” I asked in a strained voice.

“Why what?”

“Well I get that in order to use their car, we have to take them, but why do we have to leave today? It’s Wednesday, which means 2 whole days and 2 whole nights of hell, and that’s only getting there. It only takes about 18 hours to get to Maple Vale, why go sooner and suffer longer?”

“Adventure Sean, you know, getting in touch with nature, spending time with your mates around a campfire, sharing outrageously made up sex stories, drinking, laughing and picking up some chicks, although I think that Corey might have other ideas. It’s the ultimate call of the young, man.” Devlin said as he slung one arm over my shoulder and waved the other one in front of us in a long sweeping motion, trying to inspire a spark of enthusiasm within me.

“This from the guy who is practically engaged to his ‘red haired Amazon’,” I sniggered.

“There ain’t no harm in looking,” he informed me pompously, swinging back around to continue his frantic search.

“Did you tell Kaeli that you’d be looking?” I asked innocently.

“Shut up Sean,” he replied, throwing one of his science textbooks that had to weigh a ton over his shoulder and straight into my stomach.

On impact I doubled over as the air was knocked out of my lungs, and tried desperately to gather another gasping breath. Chuckling weakly I made my way to the door.

“Sean, is it alright? I mean us going sooner?” Devlin asked concern creeping into his voice.

I stood there at the doorway and pretended to ponder the situation before replying.

“I am not sharing sex stories with you guys.”

“Ha! Like you’d have any to share anyway!”

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