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A girl that lives a farley normal life with a ghost that likes to take care of her, but what if the ghost wasn't a ghost at all but demon. A demon that was only waiting for the right opportunity to take her way, so he can have her all to himself.

Thriller / Fantasy
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I was alone, well as far as I could tell. The room was dark and my arms felt numb and cold from my wrist being tied up by a rope that hung from the sealing. My feet barely touched the ground, my toes only scraping what felt like a concrete floor.

Suddenly a light appeared Infront of me, it looked like a silhouette of a door. The light got larger as the door slowly opened reveling a large dark figure standing in the doorway.

The dark figure looked to be about 6'8, with broad shoulders and had what I can only describe to be horns. The figure stepped forward and I could barely make out a smile. The smile revealed his sharp pointed teeth, and his eyes glowed a memorizing blood red.

"I'm the only thing you'll ever need know." He said with the most amazingly deep voice I had ever heard. He continued to walk twords me. My heart beat pick up as he got closer, I felt sharp claws cress my cheek and brush some of my hair out of my face. "So beautiful," he wispred. It was the last thing I heard before everything went black.
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