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Its a story about a village murder and victims son is taking revenge like a psycho

Thriller / Action
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Year is 1990 and in a indian village named gangapur. it is mid of December and winter season is at its peak. On 16th December village held a Panchayat meeting and ranjit was head of Panchayat (sarpanj). Panchayat was held for bhullu's fight with his business partner rajan. Everyone gathered and Panchayat started, after 20 minutes sarpanj was in side of rajan, this was not liked by bhullu's best friend Shankar and shankar started a verbal fight with sarpanj in behalf of his friend, the fight got serious when Shankar abused sarpanj's family. It was not common to abuse anyone in that time but its common now. Everyone in Panchayat tried to stop Shankar but he did not, sarpanj was sitting quietly but he was burning from inside, because of the fight Panchayat meeting stopped. Everyone returned to home but sarpanj was angry and he wanted to take revenge. After a week sarpanj asked oneof a Shankar's friend that when shankar comes from market you just stop him i have to talk to him, Shankar's friend agreed but he did not knew that shankar have a wost plan. After 15 minutes they saw Shankar was coming on bike, sarpanj quickly hid behind a banyan tree. Shankar's friend raju stopped him and started to talk but suddenly sarpanj came from behind of Shankar and pointed a gun on Shankar's forehead and shot him and raju. And went missing for 20 days.

In this 20 days Shankar's son Vikas raised a fir against sarpanj but sarpanj had a great power on Constitution, police didin't take any action against sarpanj. Then vikas planned a protest with his friends Golu,deepak,ankit and his whole college came with him, but police took only half an hour to do lathi charge and everyone have to go back. After one week vikas got the news that sarpanj was going to come in a wedding of his friend, and vikas planned to kill him. However vikas mother Rupa devi tried to stop him and said leave him and shift in another city but vikas was ready to kill and he did not listen to anyone

On wedding night:
Vikas changed his physical appearance arrived in wedding with ankit. They tied wood with stone in gun shape. And however they replaced it with a policeman gun. And he was looking a good chance to kill sarpanj,and he got the chance. Sarpanj left the chair and went to toilet. And vikas also went with him, and shot him in the same way as sarpanj killed his father Shankar.Policemen and other people in wedding heard gunshot. After killing him vikas ran in sugarcane fields. Policeman called police force and the surrounded the sugarcane fields. And told him to surrender but vikas did not surrender infact he started to shoot police officers. Police got order to encounter him. After 10 minutes vikas ran out of bullets. At that moment he started to recall all the words her mother told. But suddenly police shot him from behind and killed him. Her mother was left all alone in tears.

Who is responsible for vikas, sarpanj,raju,shankar death. Is sarpanj's self respect was responsible or Shankar's tounge.

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