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Hailey is the daughter to the Italian Mafia King Kai Robernero. She lived with her mother Hope in England and didn't know who her father was until she was bullied to the point where she asked for his help. Travelling through high-school was very interesting for the Mafia Princess. Going from your average girl to the Mafia Princess may be a tricky road. This is Haileys story. This can be read as part of the series or separate. All characters, locations and the family lifestyle will be described.

Thriller / Romance
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This is for those who want to get to know Kais daughter. It's not a direct follow on from Stuck but it can be read alongside it.

Hailey. You may be wondering what my actual second name is. Well, it's actually Robernero taken from my dad. The king. The big man. The boss. Evil, cannot be trusted, disliked by many, but very respected. I'm thirteen. A teen but don't let my pretty little face fool you. I'm the devil in disguise. A bitch!

My mum and dad were split apart. I heard that it was a one night stand that turned my mums life completely upside down but she always said that I was the best thing that ever happened to her. I did wonder how that statement could be true. She had a baby to feed, look after and clean up behind. I do love her for doing that.

I'm going into my second year in high school. A place where I tried to be kind to others but the second that others finally found their friendship group, they turned into the bitches of hell. That's why when I go back today, I plan on showing them who should be followed and admired from the distance.

Let me take you back to last year. The year when I was kind, sweet and loving. I wouldn't have hurt a fly. I didn't want to follow my dad's footsteps, but life can change you quickly.

Welcome to my toxic encounters.

I remember that day like the back of my hand. He was a ray of sunshine that entered my life and ended my misery. I was in a dark place. That unknown black hole that those who are happy would never understand. It was a place of loneliness. I hated myself and everyone around me. I wondered why other people lived a better life than me. I wanted to end it all. I didn't see the point of carrying on with my life. I was surrounded by me, myself, I and my thoughts.

My life was completely different a couple of years ago and I faced many problems that changed me, making me turn into who I would have called my rival enemy.

Roll back one year ago

Twelve should be an age to experiment and figure out who you want to be when you grow up to become an adult. Attending school is usually fun and enjoyable for a teenager with multiple lessons to be learned, friends, family, and parties. In the United Kingdom, it was a little different to the Arlington. It's colder, parties are nowhere to be seen and schools are any teenager's worst living nightmare. Nobody can be trusted and trying to become an adult quicker can land you in some serious trouble. That is where I went wrong and now looking back I regret every mistake that I made as a teenager. As they say, you learn from your mistakes and that statement is definitely true.

I moved to the United Kingdom when I was six. I was miles away from my dad, I didn't know anyone but I was innocent and ready to accept anyone into my life. I had an open heart, I was carefree and happy. The opposite to my dads family. I did know them but not everything. My dad didn't share much about the organisation so I didn't know about the criminal activity. I knew that he was very well respected and loved by many.

My story is what made me who I am today and while I regret my decisions, I will always look back and reflect on them. The question of what if and what could have been roam through my head whenever I hear mention of their names. Books that try to describe emotions when you have been placed in a certain situation, yet they will never understand what goes through your mind mentally. The physical effects can be deceiving as you try to find your way along a dark and narrow path. There's nobody but yourself to help you get away. You never think about the police or any other way to retrieve help from others. You try to change yourself for the better, but always come out on the other side in a worse state than before. When they say to stay away from a bad boy then that should be enough to stay clear. Not for me though, I jumped in with him and ended up getting hurt.

My dad is my hero. He's my lifeline, my best friend and the man who changed me to make me fight off those bitches. They will regret their decision to bully me and I will smile and laugh as I get my revenge.

Never bully a Robernero.
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