Chance ; new game.

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A high school student trying to find out a purpose and a goal in this life. For long time , he tried a lot and was about to give up but suddenly something happened !

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Chapter zero

{} describing the scene.

[] what the character says in his mind.

“” what character says out loud.

A young girl yelling : “ Hey brother , BROTHER , WAKE UP

You are so late for the school.”

“ OK OK I am awake already” a young man replying with a lazy voice .

“ Why did you remind me of the school , Kris ?”

“ But brother , You are already wearing the school uniform. ” Young Kris said.

“ I guess if you didn`t call me , I wouldn`t go ” Riota said in disappointed voice.

[ Ah , I really hate going to school , Why should I go everyday ? ]

“ Hey Kris why are you going to school ? “ Riota asked.

“ Of course because I love it and I want to be a doctor and help others isn`t that awesome ?! ” Kris answered happily .

[ So boring and predicted ]

“ Yes that ` s amazing Kris ” Riota answered with a smile.

{ Riota riding a bike with his young sister behind }

“Hey you are so slow HURRY UP” Kris yelling.

“ Ok just calm down” Riota said.

“ Hey brother , Why are you so sad on going to school ?” Kris asked.

“ I think I am not that good at it . And I am not sad , I just don`t like it.” Riota said lazily.

“ SO WHAT , just do what you like and work hard for your goal !” Kris screamed.

“ I don`t like working hard in front of a high wall

I `d rather a small easy wall.” Riota answered

Kris is quiet for a while trying to understand and said

“ Then what is your goal brother ?”

“ I don`t have any.” Riota said immediately.

“ AAAAAAH so annoying” Kris screamed.

“ So why don`t you try some activities in the school clubs ?” Kris asked

“ I don`t like them too , but for you , may be I will try one or two.” Riota anwered

“ YES You can do it big bro.” Kris screamed happily.

{ At the Riota `s class.}

“ Hey Riota, What did you do in that last exam ?!”

The teacher asked angrily.

[ Here it comes a lame joke.] Riota whispered

“ What did I do I don`t know ?!” Riota asked superisedly.

“ You are the first on the class again for the seven time” The teacher laughing.

“ Oh thank god , You got me teacher” Riota said with a smile.

[ Here they are useless marks. I think a lot of people here want that marks , Can`t I just donate them? ]

{ The school bell rings.}


“ Hey Riota , How are you ?” Mitsuaki said in energetic voice.

“ Hey Mitsuaki , what do you want ?” Riota said .

“ Come on Riota , you realy should be nicer than that , I am only friend you have in this school.” Mitsuaki said .

“ I don`t want any friends thanks , I am leaving now .”

Rioata said in apathy.

“ Come on Riota , You have never been like that before high school , Won`t you tell me what happen?” Mitsuaki said.

“ I am realy going to leave now.” Riota said.

“ Ok Ok sorry , you don`t like talking about the past sorry, anyway congrats , you did great in the exams today!” Mitsuaki said happily

“ Whatever , I just study because I don`t like listening to any motivational speeches about studying or working hard.” Riota said and stands up and heading towards the class door leaving.

“ You are so odd , Riota , just take care of your self Ok ?”

Mitsuaki said.

“ Hey Mitsuaki , have you seen this new game ?” Some students in the class said , watching a phone.

“ Oh yes it is amazing , everybody heard about it in Japan now.” Mitsuaki answered in passion.

[ Huh , What game is it ? what ever.]

[ So what now ? I think if I went home without seeing any club Kris would kill me. I will see any club to try.

I think I will try football.]

30 minutes later .

[ I know it I don`t like it.]

“ Hey what is wrong with that student , he realy scored five goals in his first match .” Football players whispering.

[ Ok let`s try another one , Ronaldo has already scored 756 goals , that`s so hard to get .]

[ Chess club then , I think I know the rules.]

“ Hey please can you tell me who is the best player here ?” Riota asked a girl in the club.

“ Oh You mean Minoru , He is over there , He is already the school champ 3 times. But he is busy right now you can`t talk to him.” The girl answered proudly.

“ Ok.” Riota said and heads towards Minoru.

“ Hey Minoru I am a big fan , Can I play just for few minutes with you , That is my dream , Please ?” Riota asked.

“ Ok Ok why not but I will beat you quickly so be ready”. Minoru said in a pride.

After 4 minutes ..

“ I can`t believe I get beated by you and just by 30 moves .” Minoru shouted and is about to cry.

“ Bye Minoru.” Riota said and left the club.

[ Ah that was a waste of time , I can`t have any goal , I heard that Morphy beated most of his opponents under 27 moves and he was even younger than me.]

[ Ok that is what I expected anyway , should I give up and just try to live a normal life , but that would be really boring].

“ Hey I am back Kris” Riota said.

“ Welcome back Brother So did You try any club today?”

“ Yes” Riota said

“ SO ?” Kris asked with passion.

“ As I told they are all high walls ,Kris.” Riota said and heads to his bedroom .

“ You are so annoying Big brother No dinner today for you .”

“ Ok, I have already eaten some ramen , here it is yours.”

“ I DONOT WANT.” Kris shouted and closed her bedroom`s door.

[ I hope to be like Kris , she really enjoy what she does . ]

Next Day 7 am.

“ Good morning Kris.” Riota said lazily heading for bathroom .

“ Good morning big bro” Kris said eating ramin on the couch watching TV.

“ Hey brother that was my dad`s best news show .” Kris said .

“ Yes I guess” Riota said.

{ Great News For The First Time In Japan , Chance games will be held tomorrow at the stadium and a lot of the game fans will be there. Are we facing a world spread of that new game . I think this game will be one of the most successful games in the world in no time.} The reporter on TV said dramatically .

“ That game again , I want to watch Utada`s new song” Kris said disappointedly and turn the channel.

“ Hey Kris get it back.” Riota said staring at TV with a wide smile on his face.

End of Ch zero

Written by : Mo Shendo

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