Villainess Pretends To Have Amnesia

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When she died in a car accident, her soul transmigrated into someone's body. With new body, she even got a new family. But being someone unknown to these new emotions, someone who immersed her whole life in work and success in her past life, she unknowingly questioned everyone about their identity. This made everyone around her come to one conclusion. She is having amnesia. Thinking it as the best solution, she decides to go with the flow, and pretends to have amnesia. But days later she realizes she is actually in an otome game that she played in her past life for relaxation. And the character she possess is the daughter of the prime minister, Alicia Etkinson. In the game, Alicia, the villainess, humiliates the heroine, the adopted daughter of the Earl, for her unknown origins and loses her sympathy against all the male leads. In the end, she meets her end. In order to keep her new life, she decides to avoid all the male leads. But she doesn't know that her family is planning to do the same.

Thriller / Drama
Siya Adweta
4.7 6 reviews
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Chapter 1

Inside the most of the magnificent mansions in the capital of Keletish, there is a young girl lying on a big bed in the middle of a luxurious room.

When she opened her eyes, her blue eyeballs looked at the beautiful chandler hanging above her.

Is this heaven?

She asked herself.

The last thing that she remembers was dying in an accident. Last night, she got an emergency call from the company manager, telling that a major accident occurred in the factory. There has been rush of police cars and media reporters all around it, investigating it.

Thought it was dark, it was still not late. She drove to her destination.

It was a winter night and there was snow left on the road sides.

In middle of that lonely road, a small girl suddenly appeared. She immediately hit the brake, but due to the ice on the road, it got skid, became completely out of the control, went and hit a tree. And her head hit the window pane under the force, that glass completely shattered and blood flowed from her head from a broken glass shred that poked into her skull.

Immediately the emergency balloons opened protecting her from further injuries, but the blood still flowed out of her head.

I guess I died.

She sighed.

It is said that one can finally rest after death. I guess it is true. Now that I think, I guess I am really tired.

“You should rest, boss. You working non-stop every day only brings me goose bumps” she remembered how her secretary nagged every day.

I should rest.

As she closed her eyes again, she heard the voice of a door opening. She sat up and looked towards the source of sound and found a young and beautiful girl entering from right. The girl had worn a black and white maid outfit like those in otaku comics.

The girl held a box in her hand and she walked in looking at the box. Not until she reached the bed, she saw her master lying awake. At first, she was shocked and was about to scream, but then she looked at those blue calm eyes, a smiled appeared on her face.

“Milady, good morning” she greeted cheerfully.


“Good morning.”

“Milady, how are you feeling? Are you fine? Does your injury hurt? I should immediately go and inform the duke and duchess. They’ll be very happy.”

“Can I know where I am?”

“You are in your room, milady.”

“In my room?”

The maid nodded.

She looked around. This room was beautifully decorated by flowers and curtains. There were paintings hanging on the walls and golden antiques placed at different corners of the room. It was much spacious then the room she was living. But this isn’t her room for sure.

“Can I know who you are?” she asked the girl in maid outfit.

“It seems milady’s memories are still not clear. I am your maid, milady. You named me Emma.”

When did I name her?

“I named you? When?”

“When you were seven, milady.”

“When I was seven?”

Isn’t this our first meeting?

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