Royal Revenge

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This is the sequel of Royal Nightmare... Not a standalone Aris was an ordinary village girl with a simple life. At age twelve, she watched her whole family being killed, destroyed and burnt to ashes right before her eyes. Apparently, she was saved by Duchess Isadora Flores when she managed to escape and was taken to the Doxa kingdom where she was raised and trained in royalty till she became the Queen-in-waiting to Crowned Prince Troy Eridian Vernadoz. To her, every member of her family was dead until Alexander, her brother appeared ten years after with a mission of revenge on the royal family of Vernadoz after he discovered she was going to be the queen. The duo come together to take revenge on every member of the royal family who slaughtered and destroyed theirs. But after eliminating the much, would Aris be able to take revenge on the last royal bloods remaining? Her king, Troy Vernadoz and her unborn child?

Thriller / Romance
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Constituted Council

It was supposed to be a small celebration dinner Troy arranged after the names of the new officers were being announced earlier that day but the banquet hall was packed full with different personalities.

The new council was being inaugurated this morning and to the surprise of many, most of the officers were returned but except for a handful.

However, their offices were shuffled while a few others were added consisting mainly of the ignoble.

Soft music was playing in the background as people kept congratulating themselves, ofcourse those whose names made it to the list. It was a something worth celebrating hence this dinner.

One would have thought searching for persons to constitute your council was an easy task but take it from me, it was one of the most difficult I'd ever done. Even with more than two heads together, we still struggled.

The fact was we were being really careful not to make mistakes that would cause us our peace of mind in the nearest future.

Troy was mixed up with discussions from left right and centre, so I saw it as my cue to roam around the hall little. There were small nods and smiles as I passed through and finally I stopped by the high table that was filled with all sorts of drinks and was helping myself to a glass of champagne when a voice croaked from behind me uttering words I couldn't decipher.

I turned slightly and met with deep blue eyes just as mine.

"Sir Alexander" I gave a small smile excited to see him.

"You're difficult to find. You know that right. Been looking all over for you" I raised a brow at him and snorted.

"Well, all you would have done was look for the pretty lady wearing the only gold dress in the room" I said smugly hyping my appearance as he laughed out roaming his eyes over my body.

By the way, I wasnt lying. I looked incredibly and gorgeously hot tonight.

"You look beautiful as always" he complimented and I lifted my now filled glass cup in the air to a cheers at his remark, afterwhich we both gulped down our contents.

"So why were you looking for me?" I asked curiously with a raised brow.

"To thank you for this favour"

"Oh please" I waved my hands in a dismissive manner. "Its no big deal Alex. Besides you're family and you deserve even more"

So the deal after Alexander's release, on his demand and constant persuasion, I was able to convince Troy to induct him a knight in Doxa. Ofcourse after having proved himself as a competent fighter.

Alexander's fighting skills were second to none. He learnt from the best and as I recalled vividly was the best we had back then at Eathros.

So there was no doubt or fear about his performances.

"I know right but all the same, Thanks. There would have been no other way"

"You sure about that? Because it wasn't easy pulling this off" I informed him. "This was only possible because Troy loves me way too much to turn down my offers" He chuckled.

"He's a fool! " He spoke up sarcastically as I shot him a glare feeling slightly offended at his choice of words.

"Hey, calm down...what I mean is the guy literally worships and adores you so it is pretty obvious that whatever you request for will be granted. We need to use it to our advantage" He nudged his eyes towards where Troy stood laughing as I followed his trail.

Once my gaze fell on him, I shuddered lightly and took in a deep breath bringing my eyes back to Alex who was staring at my face like a bomb went off. I was forced to ask "What?"

"Are you okay? Because you seemed off just now"

"I feel guilty about everything"

"Come on, you don't have to. We're family, remember....."

"And Troy is also my family, remember" I frowned at his comment as he gave me an apologetic look.

"I'm not disputing that fact but I'm still your first family" he smiled annoyingly whilst I just rolled my eyes at him before we were suddenly startled by Adrian.

"Uhmmm" He cleared his throat and immediately I rearranged myself. "There you are. Been looking everywhere for you"

Okay. What was it with everyone searching for me today?

"Lord Adrian. Your majesty" Alex nodded grimly with an abrupt change to his body language. No other words necessary.

"Sir Alex" Adrian sneered as Alex walked away giving me a small smile.

I helped myself to another glass of champagne as Adrian chuckled behind me and I turned around to stare at me.

"What's funny?"

"You are" he quickly replied giving me a lopsided grin

"How so? I really don't see anything causing your amusement Lord Adrian" I tried to make it look formal.

"I'm just curious Aris. What's your deal with that Alex guy by the way. Its funny how you were even able to confer him with the knight title in a land where he'sa stranger" he cocked his head to the side probably to get a better glimpse of my face.

I stared at him searching for any sign of humor but found nothing except he now wore a serious questioning look like a detective.

"Rian I have told you before there's nothing going on. Need I remind you that this is what I've always wanted my reign to look like. A government where even commoners can be made top officials. Besides Alex wasn't the only one conferred with such title" I shrugged.

He took in a deep breath rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand.

"I understand all of that but you two seem to be getting so close and very soon talks will begin to emanate"

"Really. Do I sense a form of jealousy ?" I eyed him as he looked at me bewildered before shaking his head.

"That's not the point Aris. It's not about my feelings. Troy is watching and so is everyone. I think you should be more concerned about producing a heir for Doxa rather than flirting with -"

"And you think am not trying to?" I whisper- yelled fuming with anger. Adrian was starting to provoke me with his incessant attitude.

"Well, you tell me. Are you? Or are you practically - "

"Dont Rian" I raised my palms to hush him. Fully aware of what he wanted to spew from his mouth.

Does everyone really think I'm the one to be blamed here?

"I'm sorry....not intentend to get you upset. I'm not just comfortable with that guy around. There seem to be something missing in his story - How he went from being a leader of the terrorist group to a complete stranger to them. I don't get"

"Adrian please stop with your obsession with Alex. He is not and was never a terrorist. He's even proved to us that he's worthy of being a knight of Doxa kingdom. I would suggest you channel your energy into something positive and beneficial"

I believed my last words really hit him hard because he suddenly went quiet and there was a moment of awkward silence between us - neither of us saying anything.

A hot rush of guilt also swept through me causing a cold shiver within. I knew it was all a lie but here I was defending this aspersion with everything I hold.

I knew I must have gotten him upset but honestly Adrian's obsession with Alex was unbecoming and unbearable.

Its been three weeks since Alexander's appearance and even when everyone has accepted him, Adrian was still skeptical.

Despite all, there was no way I was letting my guard down for him to find out what was going on.

Couple of minutes later, the whole room turned upside down with an uproar when a magnificent being suddenly walked in making loud noises.

Her entrance had everyone peering at her. She was gorgeously dressed in black tights and a black top combined with black boots. She had long straight purple hair and a couple of piercings on her skin.

She was tall and curvy in the right places and it took me less than a second to recognize her. Princess Katherine. She looked more like the former king but was very beautiful even with her crazy look.

"Your majesty" she spoke grinning widely as Troy hugged her so tightly....

"Oh my God Kat, what a huge surprise" he pulled away to look at her as everyone's attention was now turned to the siblings.

"Wow....Katherine is -" Adrian muttered.

"Gorgeous" I completed his statement and he nodded adding.


"How long has it been?"

"Thirteen years" He answered as Troy's voice brought me closer to where they stood.

"This must be the queen?" She beamed roving her eyes over him before she curtsied. "Your majesty. You're beutiful" she complimented me gaining a wide blush from me.

After our little introduction, I hugged her whilst she exchanged pleasantries with Adrian, Charles and Ofcourse the rest of the royal family that were present.

While some persons were excited to have her back, others expressions were readable. They weren't so happy about her return. No doubt they were the queen mother's loyalists.

The party continued into the late night but I excused myself to return back to the Diamondsite giving room for catching up. Besides I was tired and angry.

Dont get me wrong, I was happy that the princess was back, atleast the former king will be reunited with her and probably find fulfilment.

Yet he had the audacity of ending another man's lineage and leaving his children in everlasting sorrow while he ends his with joy.

What an irony of life. Would he get his happy ending? That I can't assure him....

Oh Aris! What's happened to you? You're really not thinking straight. Seems you've been brainwashed.

Well if joining forces with my brother to take revenge on all who caused us this pains was being brainwashed, then I accept it.

The truth was two weeks ago when I saw the names of persons Alex planned on retaliating, I was shocked and declined to be a part of it.

These were the names of persons I respected so much - I meant they were literally all nobility. I was therefore forced to ask him what role they played in the massacre

After carefully explaining them to me, I was more than furious, angry and became determined, consenting to whatever it was he had planned.


"Hey princess" Troy kissed my hair pulling me into him once he climbed into the bed. His arms wrapped around me. "Sorry for keeping you waiting"

At first I squirmed at his touch and closeness but later pressed my back snugly into him closing every gap that was between us as his grip around me tightened.

He kissed my neck burying his face into them and inhaling all of the scent and endearing a moan from me.

After few minutes of silence I spoke up. "Its okay. How was the catching up?"

"Awesome but we had to call it a night to continue tomorrow. Can't wait for the little reunion between she and dad"

Ofcourse the reunion, I muttered under my breath slightly annoyed.

"And your mum?"

"Well can't wait to also see how shocked she will be. You know she never knew we were searching for Katherine all this while" I hummed at his remark trying to imagine the his mothers face when she find out the child she exiled years ago was back and under her nose.

"Adrian said she looks different"

"That's true. She's changed and grown up alot. I almost couldn't recognize her" He whispered with an excited tone.

"I'm happy for you my love....I turned to face him as he cupped my cheeks in his hands.

"Thank you baby. Couldn't have also done it without you" he whispered biting into his lower lip before crashing them on mine, kissing me hungrily with so much desire, want and need as we went through a euphoria of pleasure.

At exactly 4am, I woke up and couldn't go back to bed. There was so much going on in my mind as my thoughts drifted to hours ago.

I knew Troy would never come out plain to me concerning getting pregnant but I knew it worried him just as it was of great concern to me.

The reason why he never let any opportunity to make love past us by. It was far more than a month and yet no sign whatsoever.

Sitting in the living room curled up like a baby on one of the couches, I'd sent Ana to get me a cup of coffee, before allowing my thoughts engulf me.

There was so many problems than could meet the eyes.


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