Mafia Daughter

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Gianna Tyler lives a normal, simple life as a Freelance Accountant. She has a basic apartment, quiet roommate and a stable income. The most exciting thing she's had happen in her life is meeting Marina, her bombshell beauty of a girlfriend and a financial executive with a dominant personality. However, that all changes when a young girl crosses her path on a cold winter night. Soon after, Gia's world becomes a whirlwind of action and excitement as she's faced with many unexpected dangers. This seemingly innocent girl introduces her to a notorious world of crime and violence and Gia will find that there's more to this girl than meets the eye. Despite this however, she finds a new purpose for her life, and she's determined to care for the girl no matter what it takes or what she may lose along the way. Explore the world of the Mafia from a unique perspective. Three parts, three voices, and one young girl at the center of it all as their fates intertwine into one thrilling conclusion.

Thriller / Mystery
Tanique Adams
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

She appeared before me in a white mink coat. A lily-white face is all that emerged from the top, the rest of her head from her ears back was covered by a furry hood. The coat reached down past her feet, dragging along the ground, leaving a shallow path in the snow that covered the quiet city streets. Not even her hands were visible, as the sleeves of her coat far extended their length to a considerable degree. She appeared as a white tiger cub, in the fur of an adult tiger who had previously shed their skin. As I stood there staring at this cub in my heavy parka and boots, I felt my maternal instinct claw its way from my core and expose itself to the surface. I decided to take this cub home with me, promising to take her to the nearest police station in the morning. I never considered that such an exotic creature, would have already been claimed.

“Really? No one’s claimed her even after a month?” Marina removes the band from her hair and shakes down her dark auburn curls. She leans against the dresser and lifts her slender legs one at a time to unfasten the straps on my favorite red heels that she wears. In her short hem black skirt and red dress blouse, she embodies the spirit of a hardworking executive who’d have any man eating out the palm of her hand. That’s how I saw her the first time we met five years ago, but never did I imagine that such an in-demand woman would become exclusively mine.

“I can hardly believe it myself. I thought for sure that someone would come claim her the moment I reported her missing at the precinct, but even after days of searching, no missing persons reports for her could be found.” I see her struggling with the clasp of her necklace, so I walk behind her and gently assist her in removing it from her neck. “You’re so hopeless babe.” She smiles like she’s already gotten what she wants and is simply playing the game she’ll win.

She begins removing her earrings as she turns to me and says, “Well, I suppose I must have at least one shortcoming every so often, otherwise I’d be far too perfect for you to bear.” She grins like she knows she’s the most alluring woman in all of New York City. Well, she is.

“Admit it, you like it when I dote on you. Just be honest.” I tap her nose and lean in beside her ear. “You might have to lie to a room full of corporate big wigs every day at the office, but you don’t have to lie when you come home to me.” I peck her on the lips, surprising her. “Anyway, back to the girl, the weirdest thing of all is that she’s not in any official records.”

I sit in the armchair beside the bed, falling deep into thought. It’s not until I feel the gradual spreading of my legs do I become aware of my prowling lioness, ready to pounce.

“How cruel of you to do something so sneaky and then go off into your own little world without me.” She has her right knee propped up on the edge of the chair between my legs and her left arm is gripping the back of the chair as she leans over me, her bountiful breasts threatening to spill from her bra as they peek from inside her unbuttoned blouse. “Gia, you naughty girl.”

I swallow hard. Whatever I might have been thinking about quickly leaves my mind, as my thoughts are now only filled with her, and how much I want to get her out of that blouse. I slowly begin to slide it off her, pulling down one side at a time and caressing her arms as I do.

She helps me along by unhooking her bra and allowing the straps to slide down her arms, until the lace bra falls into my lap. She stands to remove her skirt but stops there once it’s hit the floor. She sits on the bed now and leans back with her weight balancing on her elbows. “I think I’ll have you work for it tonight.” She smiles seductively, knowing just how to entice me to act.

I take the bait and fall to my knees before her. I kiss her up from her ankles to her inner thighs, stopping just before her sanctuary. I slowly slip my fingers beneath the fabric and pull.

“I find it hard to believe that a five-year-old girl would be wondering the streets of New York with no identity.” She continues our discussion even when in such a position as this. Spontaneous as ever. “If the police have no record of her, then there can only be two options.”

I slide her matching lace panties from around her ankle and kiss the tender flesh they concealed. I’m not one to hold a conversation while I work usually, but if the lady is in a talking mood, I’d be wise to oblige her. “And what two options would those be my dear Marina?”

Her answer is sure to be detailed, and so I decide now is the best time to go silent and put my tongue to work in other ways. She doesn’t respond to my action directly, but her thighs do grip my head in place with more pressure than they did previously. She’s clearly enjoying it.

“Well, the most sensible option is that she’s an undocumented foreigner. Perhaps she was brought abroad in an exploitive or trafficking scheme and was never properly registered into the international database. She must have wandered away from her captors and into your path.”

I briefly depart from her slightly quivering lips to reply, “I guess that might be reasonable, but it also seems a bit far-fetched. What are the odds that would happen for real?”

I guess I strayed too long, for she pushes my head down and returns my face to its previous position, silently commanding me to return to my duty. She doesn’t miss a beat however in our conversation. “Yes, I suppose that might be a bit outlandish, even if reasonable. So then, let me propose option two.” She pauses for dramatic effect, or perhaps because she’s close, but either way, it’s only for a moment. “The most probable option is that she does exist and is indeed missing. However…there’s someone out there who doesn’t want her found.”

“Are you saying she’s part of some big cover-up scheme?!” I respond with more excitement than I intended and some of her freshly released nectar dips down my chin.

She grips my jaw and pulls my face towards her mouth. She glides her tongue from the tip of my chin up to my lips and slips it into my mouth as she parts them, kissing me deeply. She releases my jaw and allows me to catch my breath before finally saying, “How else do you think a regular woman like you who works as a freelance accountant and lives in a cheap two-bedroom apartment with a roommate vacancy would be allowed to keep her so easily? It’s quite unusual.”

I show her a mildly annoyed frown before crawling up on to bed and pushing her down. “I thought my boring work and modest living is what you found most attractive about me? If I recall, at the end of our second date you said, “Gia Tyler, you have an utterly boring job and live simply, but my god do I love you dearly.” Then you asked to go steady as you took me home.”

The prowling lioness becomes submissive as her cheeks fill with color. “Did I really say something so unrefined?” She starts to unravel, as her dominant spirit becomes contained.

The tide has changed, and now I have the upper hand. I don’t plan on wasting it. My fingers quickly find her saturated honey pot, still warm and sticky, and plunge deep inside. They are quickly clenched, but they are not rejected as they find their coordinated rhythm. “You did.”

“How embarrassing. Certainly not befitting of the Vice President of a Global Financial company.” She tries to sound boastful, but it comes out more like a whimper, as she succumbs to my seduction. I give some attention to her breasts as my fingers work, and her breathing picks up in pace. “In any case…uh…there must be something going on…mhm…behind the scenes…ah!”

The room goes silent outside her labored breathing and moans. There’s nothing more to talk about for the moment, as we’re already too far gone in this game of wills. I admit that in my daily life I’m meek and timid and anything but alluring. However, when I have my prey in my sights, I become a deadly viper and swallow it whole. However, I’ll always heel to my lioness.

I wake up to the sensation of someone nuzzling into my chest. Thinking it’s Marina I pull her into my arms, but then I realize the body I’m holding is far too tiny to be her. Opening my eyes fully, I see a pair of green eyes staring back at me. They warm my heart. “Mia? Why a-.”

“The bad men are here, and I didn’t want you to be alone.” She speaks to me calmly.

“The bad men?” I sit up slightly and reach for the light, but she grabs my arm. “Mia?”

“You don’t want to turn on the lights Gia, you’ll be really scared if you do.”

“What?” I feel my skin begin to tingle with anxiety and my unease begins to rise. “What do you mean Mia? What will I see if I turn on the lights? Why would I be scared?”

“I told you! You’ll see the bad men! You don’t want to see the bad men. They’re scary.”

The emptiness of the bed tells me that Marina already went home. She doesn’t stay the night as often anymore, ever since Mia became a part of my life. For the past month I’ve been taking care of her and seeing as my previous roommate had to leave in a hurry the same day I brought her home, it worked out that I had a spare room to keep her in while I sorted it out. It was only supposed to last a week or two, but here we are. She hasn’t openly said anything, but I’m sure Marina doesn’t like that she’s here. But she doesn’t like kids, so it’s to be expected. However, there’s a more pressing issue at hand here I’d say. Enough with these games.

“Mia, I understand that sometimes dreams can feel real and be scary, but you can’t allow those fears to manifest in reality once you’ve woken up. I’ll show you there’s no bad men.”

“No, don’t!” Mia shouts in opposition as I reach up to turn on the lights. I prepare to confidently show her I was right, but I can’t. Not with the ten eyes that stare back at me.

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