Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Trilogy

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Rough Draft Book 1: Men and women in three separate states are being murdered. Their bodies, found in disturbing ways. There is no age range, no body type, or appearance. The only thing any of them have in common is that they are all sexual predators. With a killer who leaves no evidence behind, not even dust. The local police have nothing to go on. So a team of highly trained agents are sent in to solve the case. Will they even want to? If they do solve it. Will they throw away the key or help a serial killer escape?

Thriller / Horror
OmaSue Johnson
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Author's Statement
This book is a work of fiction. Though, the subject matter could trigger someone with PTSD. Please, be warned. If you have issues with sexual abuse and/or violence. This book is not for you.
However, if you enjoy reading about sex offenders being brutally tortured and killed. You have come to the right place.
I am not now nor have I ever been a member of law enforcement.
While the places named in the story are real. I do not personally know anything about them. (*)This symbol means that a place is not real. Some places require a higher level of trust. To maintain their business.
None of the characters are named for or based on real people. So any similarities are purely coincidental.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy the story.
June 5, 2002

The child's screams filled the otherwise silent room. Begging the man to stop "It hurts." the small voice said. This had been happening for two weeks now. The man was an employee of the child's parents.
He had been watching the child for well over a year before deciding to just take the little one. In his mind, the child wanted this, had asked for this. He found a perfect hiding place for them. A small abandoned building in the oldest part of town. It had turned out to be such a good hiding spot that after more than a week they still hadn't been found.
He finished as the child strapped to the bed passed out. Most likely from the pain. He stood from the bed pulling his pants up, lowering the bloody knife as he zipped them. As he looked over his work he smiled. It was beautiful. Suddenly a noise outside caught his attention. He hated the idea of having to cover his work. Preferring, to watch the blood air dry. However, the noise was getting louder. Huffing like a frustrated child. He threw a blanket over the little body. Then walked to the only window in the room.
As soon as he saw the lights flashing through the window he crouched down. Now out of sight, he looked back at the bed. He wanted to take his prize with him. However, the need to escape was more pressing. He would just have to find another plaything later anyway. The man grabbed his jacket. Making his way to the trap door that led to the tunnels. He snuck away as the police were surrounding the building.
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